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The next 50 million Virtual Reality experiences are coming from a device already in your pocket!


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We are on the cusp of a media transition of epic proportions. If historic trends hold, in 1.5 years 50 million people will have their first Virtual Reality experience. This is the most significant green field developer / content opportunity since the inception of the internet.

DODOcase Mobile VR kits available at

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The next 50 million Virtual Reality experiences are coming from a device already in your pocket!

  1. 1. Patrick Buckley & Craig Dalton Co-Founders, DODOcase
  2. 2. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles 1.75 Billion people own a VR device. They just don’t know it yet. (photo courtesy wikipedia)
  3. 3. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles They are figuring it out fast. (photo courtesy
  4. 4. How fast? History Suggests… Exponentially Fast @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles #VRLA
  5. 5. ~1920 first Radio ‘kits’ 38 years, $300-$4000 @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles (photo courtesy Circular No. 120 – US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Standards)
  6. 6. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles 1939 worlds fair 14 years, $10,000
  7. 7. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles 1991 August 6 4 years, $1700-$2600 (photo courtesy wikipedia)
  8. 8. Virtual Reality 2014 July, $25 + smartphone @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles
  9. 9. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles
  10. 10. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles By the end of 2015… 50,000,000 Virtual Reality Users
  11. 11. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles We think it will happen with these devices… “The future is already here- it’s just not evenly distributed.” –William Gibson
  12. 12. In just over 6 weeks DODOcase has… • Shipped almost 15,000 VR viewers • 100,000 VR viewers in Production • Built the worlds first smartphone VR App store • Received Holiday Orders from Mass Market Retailers Why you should care… • VR film-makers finally have an audience • Mobile developers have a green field app store • This is the gateway drug to the entire VR market @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles
  13. 13. @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles Virtual Reality is about Experience You are the world’s best at Experience.
  14. 14. Attention
  15. 15. Intention
  16. 16. Experience ???
  17. 17. We make hardware. Its nothing without software. We are looking to connect with: • Android VR or mobile developers • iOS VR or mobile developers • 360/3D immersive filmmakers • Anyone committed to moving the VR market forward @DODOsays #DODOcaseVR @vrlosangeles #VRLA
  18. 18. Patrick Buckley & Craig Dalton Co-Founders, DODOcase, @one1speed @prbuckley