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Leather bound journal zahra


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Leather bound journal zahra

  1. 1. Journal OfZahra 6S
  2. 2. Even though darkness had rapidly spread through theTuesday atmosphere ,making it look so spooky I felt full of life andOh my days , what a day enjoying my night even more.I’ve had , I still can’t The more the wind blew, thebelieve it actually more the naked trees dancedhappened. back and forth making the crumbly leaves run away. The sun was retreating back from where it rose in the morning and the moon taking Its place.
  3. 3. The more I flew, the more the We flew, and we flew, and wefrogs chased me. Anger, flew but discovered nothing tocuriosity, sadness,-which one do. Gradually, we came to adid I fell the most? I was family of crows, who were justbecoming mood :so moody that relaxing with not a thought inI stayed away from everyone their minds .My “so calledin order to prevent them friends” were planning to scareannoying or hurting me. Some them away. I thought for afrogs were happy ;some just moment or two whether I shouldwanted to get back to their be part of this conspiracy ornormal routine.” Wee” not. I decided to take part. Wescreamed the frogs. put our plan into action and gave them the fright of their lives.
  4. 4. I was exhausted: so exhausted I saw other frogs as well asthat I longed to be at home myself levitating on our lily pad.sleeping on my cosy lily pad The frogs ,who were on the(Leafy) Now I was sick of other side of the pond, saidstaring at my reflection in the that they felt ecstatic ! A largewater. All of a sudden… percentage of frogs were out looking for mischief whereas I was just wondering what I was going to do? I asked my self. Some frogs were thinking what to do to pass time; others had a plan ready. I felt a bit scared up here, I might fall.
  5. 5. Afterwards, we had even morefun and kept no track of time.My days, what a day I’ve had aI most certainly don’t wantanother one like thisBy Zahra Iqbal 6S
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