Leather bound journal humera ppt


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Leather bound journal humera ppt

  1. 1. Journal OfHumera 6s
  2. 2. Tuesday Unfortunate happened. It was shocking our dear diary: lilly-pads were Everyday was levitating in mid-air.like the last,but today was When we got used toextremely weird. the lily-pads the old Today around eight me green turtle Max andand my friend were sleeping the fish were jealous on our thick green lilly- in what we were doing.pad , when...something Next we went high above where the crows
  3. 3. Sat on the electrical wires my friend Laura had angreat idea it was to:scarethe crows away! It washilarious! We found itfunny but the crows didn’t.We were there for hoursand hours scaring thecrows away, morningnearly came but the lilly-pads kept levitating it wasreally hard to stop thembut was still fun. What atiring day.
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