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Leather bound journal hashim bashir 6 s


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Leather bound journal hashim bashir 6 s

  1. 1. Journal OfHashim Bashir 6S
  2. 2. I was hoping along minding myDear Diary, own business when I saw my frog friends on a lilly padToday was the most weird chatting away. I joined themday ever, I hope I have this when all of a sudden I felt aexperience again. Ill tell vibration in the pond. Then ityou all about it on the next stopped... Petrified, horrified,few pages. frightened I was wondering what would happened next.
  3. 3. Then I also saw my friendsThen I rose all of a sudden rising on there lilly pad,I didnt know what was they were confused as me.going to happen to me. All the fishes rose to the top of the pond staring and talking about us. Me and my friends all saw different frogs flying. Then I come up with an idea!
  4. 4. My idea was to invade We hoped back to thethe local town. All the pond in a grumpy moodfrogs agreed with my but it was an awesomeidea we headed off and day!!.did it. The first thing wedid was chase the crows,they hesitated to flyaway from us, scaredycats!, It was awesomeuntil our flying power By Hashimwarn off. Bashir 6S
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