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#ITSMYWORLD: Mobilizing Citizens through Social Media


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These slides were used in the Lift Conference workshop in Geneva, Switzerland #ITSMYWORLD, where we discussed some of Mexico's and Latin America's top social media enabled grassroots movements, and some of the lessons learned from them.

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#ITSMYWORLD: Mobilizing Citizens through Social Media

  1. 1. Mobilizing citizens through social media Success (and failure) stories that can save you lots of time and pain. #ITSMY W ORLDviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  2. 2. $ $ $ @OndoreBlue $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  3. 3. @OndoreBlue #Ciudadania20 • NGO’s in Latin America have managed to overcome serious obstacles by using ICTs in their day to day doings • Walking hand in hand with digital activists from the region have helped us understand te power of turning social capital into concrete actionsviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  4. 4. @OndoreBlue “made up of social obligations (connections), which is convertible, in certain conditions, into economic capital and may be institutionalized in the form of a title of nobility”. -Bordieu, 1986viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  5. 5. @OndoreBlue “A resource that actors derive from specific social structures and then use to pursue their interests; it is created by changes in the relationship among actors” -Baker, 1990viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  6. 6. @OndoreBlue “an individuals personal network and elite institutional affiliations” -Belliveau, O’Reilly, Wade, 1996viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  7. 7. @OndoreBlue “the process by which social actors create and mobilize their network connections within and between organizations to gain access to other social actors resources” -Knoke, 1999viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  8. 8. @OndoreBlue #Reality C heckviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  9. 9. @OndoreBlue “The amount of personal wealth you garner through participation, engagement, contributions, and paying it forward as measured by reputation and authority. In a few words, the net value of your personal brand” -Brian Solís, 2010viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  10. 10. @OndoreBlue Social capital has to do with the power within social networks to unite like-minded people and build brindges between those with different mindsets, using reciprocity norms.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  11. 11. @OndoreBlue Social capital • Recognition • Trust • Reciprocity • Popularity • Relationships • Authorityviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  12. 12. @OndoreBlue success depends not only on the quality of the information and interaction we deliver but also on it being taken into ACTIONviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  13. 13. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  14. 14. @OndoreBlue IFE Medios #Cui dem o selVoto #LosQ ue remosViv os IFE Medios SP #CasoAB C #MtyFo ll ow SPviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  15. 15. @OndoreBlue "Politicians and decision makers didn’t know if we were millions and josé saramago’s prophecy would come true (in one of his novels he portrayed an entire town that decided not to vote), or if we were just madmen. They didn’t know how many people were with us. That lack of knowledge in the beginning was definitely an incentive for their to accept our leadership and listen". -Alberto Serdán (#votonulo)viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  16. 16. @OndoreBlue "No real institutional change will come from a RT, or by the fact of you having 40k followers and suddenly start sending information. Change comes when politicians open participation channels to civil society, to formal activists that are chasing legislators all day, lobbying initiatives and trying to come up with the human and monetary resources to generate actions that lead to change". -Genaro Lozano (ITAM)viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  17. 17. @OndoreBlue #ACTA has generated so many followers that politicians use it to self-promote. On march 15, 2011 right wing senator and presidential hopeful Santiago Creel, positioned himself against the agreement and won approval by the twitterati.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  18. 18. #Interne @OndoreBlue RT tNece sario ay oG niRT #Anonymous o AML # im OVE X tr :) xM a m T # #Super vía TW # az nP oe :) icRT ex RT M # RT #ACTA :) #VotoNul o le #OccupyW ro allStreet yP ón So :) ci # ec #LeyDoring el sa :) e zo # R la Ro o co RT er xi c Me RT # CaCa # :) soABC # #SOPA RT :)viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  19. 19. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  20. 20. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  21. 21. @OndoreBlueHistory in the makingviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  22. 22. ELECTORAL @OndoreBlue MONITORINGviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  23. 23. @OndoreBlue Disaster reliefviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  24. 24. @OndoreBlue Human rightsviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  25. 25. @OndoreBlue Offline Promotionviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  26. 26. @OndoreBlue #MexicoRosaviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  27. 27. @OndoreBlue Before Twitter and Facebookviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  28. 28. @OndoreBlue #FAILviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  29. 29. @OndoreBlue The power of ONE • Galvanizing experiences • Take activism out of screens and into the streets • 1 + 1= 1viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  30. 30. @OndoreBlue 1. Define your movement • Where do you want to go? • What do you want to accomplish? • Who do you want to catch? • Why are you doing it?viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  31. 31. @OndoreBlue 2. Create your network • It doesn’t matter where they are • Define meeting points • Choose your tools wiselyviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  32. 32. @OndoreBlue 3. Create a community • Content: Stories that educate, inspire, inform and • Collaboration: Establish cocreation mechanisms so connect. people can share and edit group efforts. • Context: How do people want to interact and what tools they prefer. • Conectivity: What is in it for those who are connected? • Continuity: Constant effort throughout time for health and productivity.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  33. 33. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  34. 34. @OndoreBlue Crowd-based phenomena depends on dimensionviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  35. 35. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  36. 36. @OndoreBlue dimension amounts to the quantity and quality of yielded social capital and its ability to transform and generate action.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  37. 37. @OndoreBlue #FollowMe • Collective actions generate social capital • The more social capital within a community, the more trust and shared purpose it has, resulting in a stronger ties (a more powerful network) • Individuals within the network tend to get involved in other civic actions, generating more positive citizenship dinamics and facilitating the creation of political interactions • A strong network of active citizens that trust your leadership and participate in a positive way= Political capitalviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  38. 38. @OndoreBlue Motive and Alignment of the crowd is KEY.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  39. 39. @OndoreBlue cc: Ankit   Sharmaviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  40. 40. @OndoreBlueviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  41. 41. @OndoreBlue Most of the KPI measures available for crowdsourcing, are related to expressing the size of a crowd based phenomena. But what about conversations?viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  42. 42. @OndoreBlue Although size is definitely a key aspect when using ICTs as a tool for social change, the diversity of the users, the content created and the final use of that content is fundamental to determine the health of your “swarm”.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  43. 43. @OndoreBlue Accomplishing goal vs. growth • Leaders • Ambassadors • Mavens • Punditsviernes 2 de marzo de 12
  44. 44. @OndoreBlue Key issues • Popularity is both a result and a generator of Diversity. Too much diversity could make a movement lose its synergy. • Determining openess (its it niche or massive?) can give you a better outlook on real size. • Rythm and redundancy are crucial factors when determining your social media communication plan. Key messages are very important.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  45. 45. @OndoreBlue #ItsMyWorld • The only real borderline is language and it can be solved. • There is no such thing as private and public spheres. They have merged. • Lobbying is now at your fingertips.viernes 2 de marzo de 12
  46. 46. @OndoreBlue Talk to me @EvaSander esander@ondore.comviernes 2 de marzo de 12