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Sight Words

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Sight Words Complete Word List Developing Reading Versatility Öncel Akademi ile AKADEM Kİ NG L ZCEİ İ İ
  2. 2. impudent He was so impudent (disrespectful) to his mother that I would have spanked him if he had talked to me that way.
  3. 3. loquacious He is usually loquacious (noisy or chatty), but tonight he's rather silent.
  4. 4. feigned The boxer feigned (pretended) a punch with his left rather than actually jabbing.
  5. 5. heinous The rebels committed one of the most heinous (horrible) acts of the war. Öncel Akademi ile AKADEM Kİ NG L ZCEİ İ İ
  6. 6. indolent Jerry is so indolent (slow or sluggish)!  He sleeps late, never does chores unless yelled at. Öncel Akademi ile AKADEM Kİ NG L ZCEİ İ İ
  7. 7. malevolence Sherry's ill will or, more accurately, malevolence (cruel) Toward her brother become obvious when she tried to push him down the stairs.
  8. 8. omnivorous Hans Zinsser said, "The rat, like men, has become Practically omnivorous( consuming everything)- it eats anything that lets it." Öncel Akademi ile AKADEM Kİ NG L ZCEİ İ İ
  9. 9. salient The most salient (noticeable) feature on his face is his chin; it's quite prominent. Öncel Akademi ile AKADEM Kİ NG L ZCEİ İ İ
  10. 10. jocose et's jocose (humorous) manner soon had all of us laughing and jokin
  11. 11. overbearing Very strong and powerful, tending to overwhelm, overpowering, decisively important : dominant
  12. 12. pseudo- aristocratic being apparently rather than actually as stated
  13. 13. pompous Characterized by excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity; pretentious: pompous officials who enjoy giving orders.
  14. 14. vociferous Their vociferous (noise or conspicuously and offensively loud) arguing made me wish I had earplugs.
  15. 15. frugal Carnegie was very frugal (prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful).
  16. 16. morose hough the patient is usually morose (unhappy), she seems happy tod .
  17. 17. candidly When asked if she liked her aunt's new hat, she candidly (honestly or sincerely) gave her frank opinion that was ugly.
  18. 18. clemency In order to show clemency (merciful), the judge reduced the fine to one dollar.
  19. 19. enhanced They enhanced (increased) the property by pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and planting trees around the house.
  20. 20. elite hey think of themselves as the elite (best or special) group on campus looking down their noses at everyone else.
  21. 21. rapport always felt that the rapport (relation marked by harmony, conformity between us was good, based on a relationship of thrust.
  22. 22. wrath anger, strong vengeful anger or indignation
  23. 23. obsess was obsessed (become preoccupied with) with the idea or to engage in obsessive thinking
  24. 24. indigent Although his parents were indigent (poor), they somehow managed to provide Tommy with proper food and clothing.
  25. 25. pretentious Showy, the pretentious fraud who assumes a love of culture that is alien to him.
  26. 26. laboriously devoted to labor : industrious
  27. 27. employ A job that employed her skills.
  28. 28. immoral conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles
  29. 29. laggard he is usually a laggard (sluggish) ; however, today she was energetic and did her share.
  30. 30. punctilious y dad is punctilious (strict or precise) that he always corrects my slopp speech and points out my incorrect use of certain words. 
  31. 31. phylacteries What are Tefillin, or phylacteries, that Jews wear during morning prayers?
  32. 32. timid lacking in courage or self-confidence <a timid person>
  33. 33. brusque gruff, rude, bluff
  34. 34. decadence Corruption, deterioration, a period of decline .
  35. 35. eloquent effective in expressing meaning by speech, persuasive, convincing , moving.
  36. 36. exemplary Excellent, Serving as a warning, given an exemplary punishment. .
  37. 37. fledgling Untrained, a fledgling company, a young bird just fledged
  38. 38. heist a robbery or burglary, steal
  39. 39. incessant Ceaseless, endless, continual
  40. 40. incidental Minor, occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation .
  41. 41. indefatigable Untiring, an indefatigable worker
  42. 42. jargon Specialized language
  43. 43. lampoon Spoof, a harsh satire usually directed against an individual
  44. 44. levity Merriness, lack of steadiness, changeableness
  45. 45. misanthrope A hater, a person who hates or distrusts humankind
  46. 46. nonchalance Coolness, unconcern
  47. 47. progeny Descendents, offspring, outcome, product, a body of followers
  48. 48. querulous complaining regularly, peevish, discontented, whining, cross, a querulous voice
  49. 49. reproach condemnation, blame, accuse; reprove, rebuke, discredit, disgrace
  50. 50. respite A vacation , time off, a period of temporary delay
  51. 51. stoic Unflinching, not affected by pain or distress
  52. 52. substantiate To support, confirm, prove, to give a substance, embody, verify, substantiate a charge
  53. 53. supplant eplace, to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially b reason of superior excellence or power
  54. 54. vacillate To waver, hesitate, fluctuate, oscillate
  55. 55. voracious Hungry, a voracious reader
  56. 56. writhe To bend, twist, writhed to the music
  57. 57. affinity Fondness, liking, attraction, likeness based on relationship or causal connection
  58. 58. brevity Shortness of duration or expression, conciseness
  59. 59. coalesce Mix, blend, to cause to unite <sometimes a book coalesces a public into a mass market —
  60. 60. copious Many, a copious talker, copious food and drink, a copious harvest, a copious references to other writers
  61. 61. dearth Shortage, lack, scarcity, a death of evidence, famine
  62. 62. dispassionate Calm, impartial, a dispassionate critic, a dispassionate approach to an issue
  63. 63. effervescent Energetic, high-spirited, bubble, foam as gas escapes, to show liveliness or exhilaration
  64. 64. exuberance abundance, plenty; high spirits, youthful exuberance, An exuberant act or expression
  65. 65. frivolous Silly, a frivolous lawsuit, lacking in seriousness
  66. 66. hackneyed Lacking in freshness or originality, trite, hackneyed slogans. .
  67. 67. insolvent Bankrupt, an insolvent estate
  68. 68. Meander wander
  69. 69. opulence Wealth, abundance, profusion
  70. 70. parsimonious Stingy, sparing, restrained, frugal to the point of stinginess
  71. 71. peripheral Of minor importance or relevance, good peripheral vision, peripheral equipment
  72. 72. prodigal Extravagant, wasteful, profuse, the prodigal prince
  73. 73. proximity Closeness
  74. 74. sagacious Wise, shrewd, sagacious judge of character
  75. 75. surreptitious Sneaking, secret, a surreptitious glance
  76. 76. torpor Dullness, lethargy, apathy, dullness
  77. 77. unassailable Strong, an unassailable argument
  78. 78. unobtrusive Not readily noticeable, inconspicious
  79. 79. unscathed Unharmed, wholly unharmed, not injured
  80. 80. voluminous Large, a voluminous literature on the subject .