The Top 8 Things Tourists Pay Too Much For


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You love to travel - you love seeing the most popular attractions and shows...but are you spending too much money?

OnBoard Sightseeing Tours team of highly trained OnBoard Travel Concierges know how to save you money. Become an OnBoard Insider and discover how to travel like a pro!

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The Top 8 Things Tourists Pay Too Much For

  1. 1. The 8 Things Tourists Pay TOO MUCH For (and how you can get the best deals on your next vacation)
  2. 2. Low Quality Food we’re not knocking the taco salads at your favorite fast- food joint. but do you really want to spend $15.00 for a sub-par hamburger while on vacation (don’t forget...the cheese is an extra $3.50)? think about it...
  3. 3. Waterit’s important to stay hydratedwhile on vacation...but buyingexpensive bottled water fromstreet vendors isn’t the way togo.there’s another option.
  4. 4. Cab Rides you want to see all the sites but those cab rides are going to add up quick. how can you save money and still see the site?
  5. 5. Parking you can pay as much as $40/ hour to park in major cities like NYC and San Francisco. there is a better way.
  6. 6. Souvenir Shop Rip Offs who wants to pay $35.00 for a $5.00 t-shirt? what about paying for knock-offs of designer brands. do you really know if you’re getting the best deal? what if you had the inside scoop?
  7. 7. Expensive Retail Shops we all love to shop. especially on vacation...but some retail shops are better than others. how do you know if you’re getting the best deal?
  8. 8. Full PriceAttractions there is so much to see and do - and you don’t want to miss out on a thing! but why pay double the going rate for that popular broadway show, or boat cruise when you could save money instead? lots of people save money on the most popular attractions everyday - how can you be one of them?
  9. 9. Sightseeing ToursThat Don’t Enhance Your Experience you bought a day pass for that popular hop-on/hop- off tour only to find that you spent most of your day waiting for the buses to arrive, or worse it rained while you were stuck on the top of the double- decker. you could have been touring your favorite city in climate-controlled’s how!
  10. 10. Experience OnBoard Tours find out what you’ve been missing n i ng a be com y ou’l l free bottled water s for now T hank id e r - t ravel Ins s ider d climate-controlled transportation B oard t o in r tifieOn cess a ce t have ac r om . Ge let us handle the parking for you i on f cierge nfo rmat vel Con the i a e no waiting for the bus to arrive r d Tr r ienc O nBoa o expe nce! t re re ady d iffe see your favorite attractions, get nBo ard reservations at the best restaurants, O and book tickets to the most popular shows through your personal OnBoard Travel Concierge Call Now To Book! 212-852-4821 or visit: