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Rationale document gm

  2. 2. Objectives Raise TOMA for the Globe Motors brand by 40% Stimulate action/usage and increasing sales volume by 50% Bring brand experience to the target group thereby creating bond Creatively be in the face of TG on any platform they patronize to remain in their consciousness
  3. 3. Overview The dynamism of the automobile industry has made it an ever vibrant one as new models and functionalities are introduced into the market almost on a quarterly basis by brands. Fuel efficient and green cars are beginning to attract the attention of industry watchers and regulators. Increased number of purchase of brand new cars despite the economic downturn. The influx of other Asian brands of automobile in the market, jostling for the same market as the established brands The deplorable state of roads which now makes people give preference to durability of products, how rugged is it.
  4. 4. Channel Strategy MatrixCONSUMER BRANDHigh profile  Globe Motors positionsprofessional Consumer Brand itself as a brand that stands for qualityReasonable income  Very strong customer relations and after salesClassy services  Project the added value itsInformed customers gain by Channel associating with itEducated CHANNELS  Flexible payment plansUnderstand brands TV: Visual impact and credit facilities Radio: Reach Press: Pass on value, Details Outdoor: In the face Digital: Strategic engagement
  5. 5. A day in the life of Daniel He breezes through newspaper Daniel is a middle age professional headline online to know which of his within the age 30 – 60 who works with favorite dailies to buy for the day. a blue chip company . He resides in the urban/semi-urban parts of the country.He starts his day early, his iPad /clock He buys the newspaper based onalarm wakes him up @ 5:30am to the online headlines he lookedprepare for the day through In the office, he alternatesAfter listening to the new update on his between CNN and Aljazeera .favorite station Wazobia/Cool fm @ Relax at Ikoyi club briefly for hisabout 7:15 am, he locks on to his iPad lunch break. He takes some timewhere he gets the latest business out to relax with friend @ the clubreports, exchange rates, Stock before going home. He settles formarket reports etc. local news, Channels News @ 10pm in the evening With the understanding of his life style, we now know how and where /channel to
  6. 6. Channel deliverablesPRESS Press allows for the inclusion of details and instruction on products The visual impact of creative can not be ignoredRADIO Radio helps achieve reach Radio is cheapTV TV has audio-visual impact which helps messages register faster in the minds of the TG ReachDigital The online platform has no restriction as far as location is concerned, it can be accessed from anywhere. ReachOut of Home (OOH) The Outdoor approach to brand exposure is all about “ The EYES BALLS”. Strategic positioning of hoarding will help deliver brand objectives
  7. 7. Interactions Consumer-Brand Interaction Consumer Brand Channel Consumer- Brand-Channel Channel Interaction Interaction
  8. 8. Relationship between elements Consumer Vs Brand:  What draws the consumers to the brand and how does the average consumer perceive the brand Consumer Vs Channel:  How does the consumer consume the various channels available to it. i.e. media consumption habits Brand Vs Channel:  Which of all the available channels best delivers brand message and communications
  9. 9. Competitive ResearchThe likes of Elizade, Coscharis, Todays cars, Elim Motors are some of the major players in the market Reasons for preference: Quality Customer service  Receive and make customers feel comfortable  Customized after sales service e.g.. Periodic reminders to customers for maintenance  Flexible payment plans and credit facilities  Corporate acquisition packages for corporate bodies  Free car servicing and lubricant change Quality and reliability of products Branch network and availability Opportunity to experience brand (media): precision targeting/strategic placements  TV, Radio, Press, Online and Outdoor
  10. 10. Insights Our target audience are people of class who want to identify with quality and reliability  He is in search of a dealer who will provide convenient and quality services. They expect and appreciate premium service  Give me after sales services  Call to remind me my servicing in near  Provide Flexible payment plans They have a very busy schedule and require careful study to reach  We can target them at their most vulnerable moments. They are information savvy  They want to be up to date, they don’t miss major news They take time to associate in select locations  They congregate and want to associate with themselves, choose choice spots and clubs
  11. 11. Media Strategy Outline Parameter Media platformsCommunication • Create awareness of the brandobjectives • Generate buzz, talk value and action amongst TG.Focus of Effort Reach Frequency ↑↑Awareness (initial burst) Sustain Awareness levelTarget Audience Target Priority • A,B,C 1 SEC, 30 - 60 years • Male middle age professionals •Urban and semi-urban areasKey Markets • Pan NigeriaMedia Choice TV , Radio, Press, Digital & Outdoor
  12. 12. ExecutionTV & Radio, Press, Digital
  13. 13. TV Deployment Strategy  Strategic placement On TV, mid news business and stock market report segment  Deploy 30 seconds materials  Buy into automobile specific programmes.  Auto wheels etc.  Sponsorship and strategic placements on programmes with high viewership amongst TG.  Major Network news  IPS spots on Kakkaki  IPS spots on One on One NTA Network  Sunrise Daily  Face – off on Channels TV
  14. 14. Radio Deployment Strategy Radio to achieve frequency  Automobile programme segment sponsorships ; “brought to you by Globe Motors”  Time checks  Safety reminders Create and sponsor a 15 minutes radio program.  An interactive magazine show that creates the platform for participants to call in and answer questions relating to automobiles and win prizes
  15. 15. Press Deployment Strategy Placements in national and regional dallies  Strategic Intrusive placements within editorials in newspapers  Target days for automobile industry specific publication.  Weekly FAQ segment within the dallies to improve brand experience.  Strategic Corporate campaigns for brand affinity e.g.. Easter, Christmas, Childrens day, Mothers day etc Automobile Magazines.  Partnership with auto magazines e.g.. Motor shoppers, Motion wheels on regular editorials and mention of the brand and its values  Regular Loose inserts arrangements with magazines with more details on the possible benefits the customers stand to gain from patronizing GLOBE MOTORS
  16. 16. Online Deployment Strategy Target the professional/executives with their gargets; Smart phones: Blackberry, Androids, Windows OS Tablets : iPads, Galaxy tabs etc .Their computers too in the office since they always want to be in touch  Stock market reports sites.  Political discussion sites.  Exchange rate calculation sites.  Economy news sites  Real estate sites  News streaming sites  News paper websites
  17. 17. Strategic placements
  18. 18. Out of Home Deployment Strategy Target the executives at their hang outs; Lagos Country Club, Ikoyi Club, Yoruba Tennis Court, AP Club where they relax and connect after the days work and over the weekends  Subtle but strategic branding at the:  Club Entrance  Club/Airport Car park  Branding of the courts  Lawn tennis, squash courts  Branded car foot mats, mud guards, Windscreen shade.  To be distributed amongst club members
  19. 19. Recommendations More creative use of press should be considered as intrusive ad’s, headline proximity messages and editorials should be exploited more Special attention should be given to sponsorship (Radio) where the brand can actually own programmes and build followership around it Strategic placements within Major news for reach For commercial locations like Lagos, PH and Kano, the brand should look at exploring online as the volume of online presence amongst TG in these regions is high. We should endeavor to follow our TG anywhere, even where he hangs out for he is even more relax and receptive to messages at those locations.