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On9 Systems - Web Solutions


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On9 Systems - Web Solutions

Published in: Business, Technology
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On9 Systems - Web Solutions

  1. 1. <ul><li>Michael Ong On9 Systems </li></ul>
  2. 2. Is 8 hours a day for sales enough ?
  3. 4. Would you like to sell your products & services 24 hours daily?
  4. 6. provides You with cost effective Web CMS/Blogs to promote your Business 24/7
  5. 7. How do we do this? Step 1 Establish an Online Presence with a domain name that describes your company e.g.
  6. 8. Let’s find a home Step 2 Rent a server that provides you space to put up information about your company 24/7
  7. 9. Learn how to renovate your online home and spend less $$$ in the long run!! Step 3 Choose a design and use a Content Management System (CMS) that allows YOU to update your site
  8. 10. Benefits of a Content Management System or Blog for your Business?
  9. 11. Start off with a simple design and …
  10. 12. Switch the look easily. No need to migrate your data!
  11. 13. Extend your website to bring more business Sell products online with shopping carts Conduct seminars or events with online booking systems and more!
  12. 14. Search Engine Friendly URLs helps customers find your business faster!
  13. 15. Enjoy a website that brings business and is simple to update!
  14. 16. We use open source software that offers flexibility to your needs without breaking your budget
  15. 17. Making IT work for our customers
  16. 22. + Events Registration System
  17. 23. + Events Registration System
  18. 24. We manage dedicated servers with user-friendly control panels at a secure & reliable data-centre
  19. 25. Making IT work for You
  20. 26. <ul><li>Michael Ong On9 Systems </li></ul>