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Lets understand the world of www with Internet

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  1. 1. Why To Connect World?
  2. 2. Communication is important!● 60,000 year back - We started to Speak● 5000 year back - We started to Write● 600 year back - We started to Publish● 44 years back - We started internet
  3. 3. “If televisions ababysitter, theInternet is a drunklibrarian who wontshut up.”
  4. 4. ● 1950, Started by Defence(USA)● 1969, ARPAnet (Advanced Research ProjectAgency)formed● TCP/IP implemented on ideation of RobertKahn,Vinton Cerf
  5. 5. ● Network - LAN, WAN, MAN, Intranet● E-mail - SMTP● ISPs● Server, Client● Browsers● HyperText, Data etc● and ??Ingredients
  6. 6. WWWWorld Wide Web
  7. 7. ● Hyper Text Transfer protocol● Hyper Text Markup Language● Why hypertext ???
  8. 8. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol The set of rulesfor exchanging files (text, graphic images,sound, video, and other multimedia files) on theWorld Wide Web. Runs in the application layerof the TCP/IP model. An HTTP session beginswhen a client’s browser requests a web pagefrom remote internet server When the serverresponds by sending the page requested, theHTTP session for that object ends
  9. 9. Tim Berner Leeimplemented the first successfulcommunication between Hypertext TransferProtocol Client and a server via Internet ,Now known as WWW
  10. 10. The Internet… The Internet became a networkof networks, constantly expanding andaccelerating in all dimensions. Now, at least 10million Web pages are added to the Net everyday. Web pages were not invented until TimBerners-Lee came along in 1989. But in littleover 24 years. the number of Web pages haszoomed to nearly 100 billion. exploded.Approximately 24,320,892 million user accessWWW using Browsers
  11. 11. KeywordsHow it works?What Lies beneath?Different browser, Why ?Even on Small device ?Again HyperTEXT, how relevant?
  12. 12. Common Stereotypes !HTML5WEB 2.0WEB 3.0Cloud
  13. 13. - Thanks@aquarius_vishal