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a bi-monthly free online magazine on social/cultural commentary through contemporary art and creative design in Tanzania, East Africa. Let's imagine, let’s get talking.

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Dunda culture craft

  1. 1. Dec 2012 Vol 001culture craft
  2. 2. Vol. 001CREATED, WRITTEN, DESIGNEDKwetu InmatesP.O.Box 31338Dar es SalaamOriginally Published OnlineDecember 2012All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. I’m sorry, am not sorry that you have the right to feel offended vua viatu tafadhali a bare soul is a beautiful thing.
  4. 4. re.” ur fi riX to yo end nd next e sta mi H m . Let on e bur nin g de sire Ji only“I have
  5. 5. Co-Me-ToGeTheR -To-GaTheR -To-GeT-HeR She’S-WoRTHY We gather ’round. We feel the warmth. Our world illuminated. We feel safe. We belong. How amazing it all is. Fire. Yours to Mine. Mine to Yours. We stare. We wonder. We burn with questions. Endless questions. The beings we are today were forged in its flames. Eternal flames. So much depends on it. So much turns on it. What a miracle we are in. But Fire is selfish. Fire requires sacrifice. Wood perish keeping the flame alive. It is ferocious. It is volatile. It is violent. It destroys.X It needs to be controlled. It needs to be observed. It needs to be catered for. When sacrifices are down it loses its form. Fire burns out and dies. As it die, conversations die and the community within dies too. We eventually die. Here I am asking you, “Let’s Keep On Living” Keeping the flame burning .Each to Each Other.
  6. 6. kitunguukitunguu so many layers..
  7. 7. Patience is a virtue of great men.It is a virtue that’s immensely employed when it comes to peelingout layer after layer of that irritating, nerve tingling onionskin. A key lesson in the art of preparing great meals and it isa closely guarded secret to all master-chefs in this fast-moving, multi-tasting, confusing world. Remember,the virtue of patience is the hardest to master even for the mosttalented and smartest individuals. It often emerges out of indi-vidual experiences, hardly taught theoretically and understood.To be a great cook you have to do a hell lot of cooking and bravely weather onion cries. ..makes you wanna cry! FOR THE LOVE OF (GREAT) DINNER
  8. 8. Love is a feeling...a feeling that lives in me through you...I’m now swearing before God and man, guaranteeing to bethere forever, irrespective of the feeling.. even though itwas the one that got me to this point. Is that realistic? Can afeeling be commanded by the swing of a brain wave? CanI?...I vow never again to ‘accept’(not acknowledge) a feelinglike the one you gave me since we met (which convinces meto bring you this ring) from anyone else other than you, nomatter what! Can knowledge of a contract succed to blocka feeling to flow? Can I?...Love is a feeling.There are times when loving what we do isn’t enough to keep us going....so, when that defining moment comes calling...
  9. 9. do animals feel? do animals get jealousy? do animals fall in love? do animals get married?
  10. 10. iwantto bean animal
  11. 11. >/ What do the uRBAN bOYS think of the nOT-sO-uRBAN men? fOR nOT-sO-uRBAN-mEN
  12. 12. ar male mo male as fe male ? ! M NED! M B E DA O WISD“Look at those old people..They have lived their long boring old lives for soo long but still they want us to continue living it for them too!Continue their mistakes, their failed attempts, their anger, revenges,their fears and recklessness, their medieval ideas... Still not satisfiedwith their long experiences but they want to own and direct ours too!They want us to prolong their lives in our bodies when they haveexhausted theirs doing what they really wanted to!!!! Its all about .iTS aBOUT mE. iTS aBOUT uS. I keep the conversation about me even after am gone. I captivate you when am aroundthem! Even when they say its for us, its not....Its still about them!!! and I captivate you when am gone. I refuse you a peace of mind. I break your moralDamn it! We know what we want and, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT! code. I invade your moral radar and choke you at your own moral backyard. I provokeIt’s our right! Ooooours!” your comfortable silence and command irate conversation aggressively and its about me and what I represent.“BACK OFF OLD MAN, BACK OFF!!!!!” .iTS aBOUT nOTHING eLSE mATTERS!
  13. 13. “what happens when idiot kids grow up?”
  14. 14. theCUP legacy- quenching a thirsty nation -
  15. 15. What really happened & other stories
  17. 17. Can I Have My Salvation Back? “Sorry, No refunds! It’s a policy”Would religion have the same effect on people if there were no almost-certain promises of eternal hell in to it... Could it be trading just on pure ‘goodnews’ package it has or good news are convicingly good as long as there arebad news to compare with?If you say you are trading/crusading hope, isn‘t it automatically that you arealso trading/crusading fear..because in trading/crusading hope you alsosupply free-of-charge fear attachment into it for those who opt otherwise?
  18. 18. Hey facts aren’teverything seek the context
  19. 19. when murder is celebrated IF YOU DONT TELL YOUR STORY ANY STORY WILL BE YOUR STORY
  20. 20. Question: A lazy inventor invented a machine that resulted in doubling the usual amount of his annual yield in a year. What was his true intentions? A: To double the profit per year? B: To work half the time per year? C: To work and earn the same per year? D: Just experimenting? (Send your answer to zakariwa@gmail.com) every saint has a past every sinner has a futurelive bravely
  21. 21. CREATIVE CONTENT forever unapologetic KWETU INMATES ndani ya vitongoji vya jiji
  22. 22. How Soon Is Too Late?
  23. 23. Is Too Soon Worth The Late?
  24. 24. Well,..did I thank you yet?
  25. 25. Here I am.