VOLUME 1 NO. 4 “ST.                      NEWSLETTER DATE: AUGUST 2011                OUR MOTHER OF MERCY NEWSLETTER       ...
OUR MOTHER OF MERCY NEWSLETTER      Page 2                                       KPC State of Texas has a new chaplain– Do...
VOLUME 1 NO. 4 “ST. JOSEPH, HEAR OUR PRAYER!”                                                                             ...
PAGE 4 AUGUST 2011 “OUR MOTHER OF MERCY, PRAY FOR US!”      Our Mother of Mercy Church celebrates its 75th Anniversary.   ...
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Our Mother of Mercy Newsletter - August 2011


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Our Mother of Mercy Newsletter - August 2011

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 NO. 4 “ST. NEWSLETTER DATE: AUGUST 2011 OUR MOTHER OF MERCY NEWSLETTER EDITOR: VERY REV. HENRY DAVIS, SSJ “God Wild About Us” Summer Camp at OMOM! Special points of in- What do you call a reflected hearts of the little camp- terest: group of children those ers. The psalm theme —Junior Counselor who come together attributes — was great and the kids  Our youth of our par-skating the time during the hottest in their journeyed to Moody Gar- ish attended two con-away! days of summer, own way. dens for an IMAX Movie ferences this Summer. screaming shouting, The and a day at the Beach. singing, splashing , themes The culmination of the  Reflections from the clapping, reading were camp was brought reality the Bible, and creat- CYM Class of 2011. “God made you.” , as we had our camp closing ing beautiful crafts? You “God listens to you.”, celebration. Many parents,  First African American would call it God watches over grandparents and friends “PANDAMANIA”, where Josephite Superior you.” , “God loves you were treated to a song fest “God is Wild about us” take no matter what.”, “God and a great lunch. Many elected! from Psalm 139. For the fifth gives good gifts.” The thanks to our supporters straight year, Our Mother camp was staffed by the especially the Black and  Our Mother of Mercy of Mercy Catholic Church good people of the par- Indian Fund of the United Church celebrating 75 welcomed 45 youths, 15 ish. Ms. A. Mills was the States with their grant to our years 1937-2011!! counselors and 6 adults director, of Mrs. M. program. to a wonderful event of Denson, Mrs. K. Thomas the Vacation Bible School and other teachers as- Summer Camp. This five sisted with the activities. week program focused on We began the day with five themes which was prayer, songs and dance tied to biblical stories with the campers. The from the Old and New camp was also grateful Testament. Biblical for the junior counselors themes were brought to and this year senior life through African songs counselor Jacoby Ander- and God’s creatures who son, Mary Pickney and Al Lewis Jr. who won the Inside this issue: Good News! New Josephites Priests for Missions! apostolic duties in the Jose- to the priesthood at Holy Ms. Alexis Reado’s spotlight 2 phite Parish community. Comforter—St. Cyprian Rev. Christopher Amadi, Church in Washington, D.C. SSJ, who did his diaconate The church was filled to Very Rev. William Norvel, SSJ 2 year here at OMOM. Rev. capacity as these men took Ugochukwu Jerome Cletus, the step into serving the KPC Texas has a chaplain! 3 SSJ our newly assigned Church as a Josephite Vicar begin late August priest. Let us all bless the Young disciples of Christ. 3 On May 21, 2011, three 2011 and Rev. Michael K Lord and pray for these young men lives changed Okechukwu, SSJ, who as- men and pray for more men New Roman Missal 3 for the good after years of sisted here a summer at from our parish to be Jose- preparation, prayers and OMOM were ordained phite priests or brothers. School News 4
  2. 2. OUR MOTHER OF MERCY NEWSLETTER Page 2 KPC State of Texas has a new chaplain– Do you know him? Very Rev. Henry J. Davis, at each state conferences. accessible to any and all SSJ has been appointed the The Knights and Ladies of councils and courts whoVery Rev. Henry J. new Texas State Confer- St. Peter Claver is a Catho- may be in need of spiritualDavis, SSJ cele- ence Chaplain. He will be lic Organization founded direction and advice on thebrating the mass at the first Fourth Degree the Society of St. Joseph of life of St. Peter Claver. TheDiocesan Youth Knight to hold the position the Sacred Heart of Jesus next big conference for theconference in in the state of Texas. His and four lay men over a Texas State Conference will2010& 2011. main responsibilities will hundred years ago. Fr. be in May 4-6, 2012 in Cor- be to assist with the spiri- Davis belong to Council pus Christi, Texas for Sen- tual enrichment of all mem- #78 in New Orleans and ior members and Junior bers in the state and to ad- works extensively with State Conference will be vise the boards of the Junior both Councils and Courts at March 8-March 11, 2012 at Knights and Daughters and Our Mother of Mercy and the Dallas Forth Worth Senior members Boards Blessed Sacrament Texas. with liturgical celebrations Churches. Fr. Davis will be To the Class of 2011 by Ms. Alexis Reado Throughout my high school ca- became more involved in knowledge on how to be a reer I have been involved in the things that bring me closer to leader and worked my way up CYM ( Catholic Youth Ministry). God. Over the years I have the ladder from being a mem- It has helped me be a leader and had the pleasure to evangel- ber, to being the secretary, take the initiative to be all that ize with a variety of people vice president, and finally the Lord has in store for me. that I probably would have president. It is sad to leave a When I first joined I was appre- never met. On our annual strong group that has became hensive about the organization trips I have friends that I can a family away from home. I because it was something new. speak to by name and relate will take experiences with me Everything at that time in my to them about almost any- as I embark on my new jour- MS. ALEXIS READO & MR. life was new to me, but I am thing, because as a young ney, college! IBRAHIM PAYNE glad to say now that I am glad I Christian we go through the SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS FOR THE CLASS OF 2011 did not give into my fear. By same things. God Bless, ATTENDING THE being a member I have strength- By watching the older mem- Alexis Reado -Class of 2011 DIOCESAN YOUTH ened my faith as a Catholic and bers each year I gained CONFERENCE! Meet Very Rev. William Norvel, SSJ The Very Rev. William Norvel SSJ is the Superior General of the Josephite Society of Priests and Brothers. Father Norvel has been a leader in bringing African American spirituality into liturgy in the United States. “My thrust in ministry has been to bring black culture and black spirituality to the Catholic Church,” Father Norvel told The Josephite Harvest shortly after his election. He is credited with starting the gospel choir movement in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. He opened a Josephite house of spiritual formation in Nigeria, where he served for Very Rev. William Norvel, SSJ five years from 1999 to 2004. A number of Josephite priests Rev. Michael Thompson, SSJ first American American have been ordained as a result of the Nigerian connection. He Superior of the Josephites known to members here at OMOM. He used to visit when Fr. Rev. William Novel, SSJ of Baltimore, Maryland. Wooka was pastor. Rev. Tom Frank, SSJ
  3. 3. VOLUME 1 NO. 4 “ST. JOSEPH, HEAR OUR PRAYER!” Page 3Our Catholic Teens are Disciples of Christ!I am often amazed at how Amen!” . These young ing strong faith witness-society can say that our disciples of Christ wit- ing skills and parish lead-children and teens can ness their faith by attend- ership. This year we arenot focus or get there be- ing religious classes on blessed once again tohavior in check. There Monday evenings and have a member of ourmay be some credit to the attend parish events as CYM group to present usstatement but when you on the Diocese Youthencounter the teens and Board. Mr. Julien Owens,youth at Our Mother of a young servant of theMercy Catholic Church, Lord will bring our teens concerns and experience to the committee. We are also blessed to have to youth members who at- tended the Oracle Summer youth members who are Institute in active in this parish. The Washing- Confirmation class this ton D.C.you can not but contain year had a total of 12 Mr. Jordanthe joy and the excite- teens who wanted to keep Chambersment for the future be- living their faith in the and Ms.cause these teens are Donyastrong examples of what Stagg. Weit means to be a follower are in-of Christ. From “Souper debted toBowl of Caring” drives, to the manycollecting and organizing adults who give of theircan goods, assisting as time for assisting but inministers of hospitality, particular of Ms. Joycelectors, altar servers, Lombard our youth direc-ministers of music, coun- Lord. On May 15, 2011, tor for many years, Mayselors at VBS, drama, Di- we celebrated the Continue to bless ourocesan Youth Graduation Mass for the Youths as they continue toBoard Leaders, and of class of 2011. A total of 33 serve the Lord.course members of the graduates from highCatholic Youth Ministry, school and college were The Roman CatholicCYM. This list can go on honored and due to the Church on November 27, generosity of our parish- 2011 will be using the ioners through the Lenten Third Edition of the Ro- folders and fundraisers, man Missal. In the com- we awarded college ing weeks, we as a parish scholarships to nine to community will begin to our young men and four to sing and pray new words our young ladies totaling to our celebration. There $7000.00. have been many hand- outs in the parish bulle- Our CYM group is well tins and workshops toand on. Our teens of Our known around the Dio- prepare us. The next wor-Mother of Mercy Catholic cese and often times, ship will be in Octoberalways continues to give asked to assist other 2011 in the parish. Youyou and me cause to say, youth groups in develop- are invited to keep re-“Thank You Jesus and viewing to understand your role as we all wor- ship anew.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 AUGUST 2011 “OUR MOTHER OF MERCY, PRAY FOR US!” Our Mother of Mercy Church celebrates its 75th Anniversary. 1937-2012 Our Mother of Mercy Church 3390 Sarah Street Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church joyfully announces its Beaumont Texas 77705 The Josephits Fathers and Brothers 75th Anniversary kickoff celebration on January 21-22, 2012 at all the masses. On that weekend we will pass out the schedule Phone: 409-842-5533 of events. Each ministry organization will sponsor an activity Fax: 409-842-4710 each month and we will have a parish Lenten Revival, 75 hours Web page: www.omomcc.org of adoration before the Holy Eucharist, a 75th Banquet in the Summer of 2012 and the great Evangelization Quest Drive to bring back to our Church 75 members who left and to recruit 75 new parishioners. We will have friends and family day and special masses of remembrances to honor Our Mother of Mercy, patroness of our parish and all departed parishioners of our parish. As members of the parish , you will be also asked to give a special gift to your church to renovate the Church from the front to the back fundraiser. More details will be on the way. Our great theme for our 75th AnniversaryO UR SPIRITS REJOICE represents the discipleship of our patroness, “Our SpiritsI N G O D O U R S AV I O R ! Rejoice in God our Savior!” Our Mother of Mercy School continues to educate God’s most precious little ones. Our Mother of Mercy Catholic dents to succeed in all acade- School continues to be a place mia and they offer the presence to grow little minds with the of Christ to them everyday. Tell knowledge of God’s world. Our your family and friends to send school assists with encounter- their children to the best school ing the lessons of reading, writ- in the Diocese of Beaumont. ing, arithmetic, and computer Tuition is affordable and you skills. Our school encourages can not afford to miss the op- all its youth to engage with ac- portunity to form your child in tivities of the sports, music and the ways of the Lord. You can worship as each student prays register on online at everyday and on Wednesdays www.omomcs.org or contact @ 8:30 a.m. celebrates the Mrs. Wheaton at 409-842-5534 Eucharist as a student body. for more information and quali- You can see the difference in fications for your child to be their little lives as they boldly admitted to the school. Our sing out to the Lord and pro- motto, “Enter to Learn, Leave to claim the readings of the day Serve!” with confidence. Our teachers continue to meet the challenge of drilling and teaching the stu-