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Marketing Automation - Annica Digital at Digital Growth Day


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Digital Growth Day: September 18, 2014

Discover how marketing automation software is used for automation and integration of marketing tasks and how it can be successfully used for lead generation and nurturing by B2B companies. Learn the secret of how an anonymous visitor to your site becomes “known.”

Ann Stanley, Managing Director, Annica Digital

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Marketing Automation - Annica Digital at Digital Growth Day

  1. 1. Introduction to Marketing Automation by Ann Stanley Managing Director
  2. 2. @AnnStanley
  3. 3. @AnnStanley
  4. 4. @AnnStanley Background to Marketing Automation Software (MAS)
  5. 5. @AnnStanley What is Marketing Automation? • A software platform used for automation and integration of marketing tasks • Mainly used for lead generation and nurturing by B2B companies, particularly where there is a long buying cycle Source:
  6. 6. @AnnStanley How the buying cycle has changed Marketing needs to spend more time interacting with anonymous visitors and nurturing leads, before sales become involved!
  7. 7. @AnnStanley Nurturing prospects and clients
  8. 8. @AnnStanley How marketing automation aids this process Source - uploads/2010/02/MarketingAutomation.png
  9. 9. @AnnStanley Choosing a Supplier
  10. 10. @AnnStanley Who are the main suppliers? Source - uploads/2014/01/marketing_technology_jan2014.png
  11. 11. @AnnStanley Most popular systems
  12. 12. @AnnStanley Choosing a supplier • Your business objectives • Third party reviews • Feature lists • Deal breaking criteria e.g. integration with existing CRM • Price per user/month • Scaleability • Demos
  13. 13. @AnnStanley Forrester Report on suppliers for small businesses
  14. 14. @AnnStanley SiriusDecisions
  15. 15. @AnnStanley G2 Crowd Grid
  16. 16. @AnnStanley Matrix of suppliers vs features
  17. 17. @AnnStanley How much does it cost? <£500/month: • InfusionSoft • Act-on • Constant Contact Toolkit £500-£1000/month • Salesfusion • Hubspot (lite versions) £1000+ • Marketo • Pardot • eTrigue • Eloqua Alternative pricing info at : marketing-automation-software-pricing- guide/ Source: Third Door Media
  18. 18. @AnnStanley Cheapest package - Infusionsoft
  19. 19. @AnnStanley Our selection criteria Deal breakers • Price for Anicca and clients had to be less than £250/month per company • Integrated CRM and contact management • CRM connectors – e.g. integration with Salesforce • AdWords integration • Clients have full access to system • Unlimited users per client • >5000 contacts per company • >5000 emails per month per user • Blog hosted on our/clients site not through MAS Nice to have • API to connect with other software • UK office?
  20. 20. @AnnStanley Features of our Marketing Automation Software
  21. 21. @AnnStanley What are the main features?
  22. 22. @AnnStanley Naming convention Anonymous users Known contacts Leads New opportunity Opportunity Pipeline Won Opportunity Lost Opportunity
  23. 23. @AnnStanley How does an anonymous visitor become a “known” contact or lead? • Completed a form on your website • Visited a page on your website after receiving an email • Click a link from an email you have sent out • Click a link from a social media post you have created • Note: Not all software uses the same methods
  24. 24. @AnnStanley Initial set-up of MAS All packages • Customise account settings e.g. for location • Tag website with relevant tracking code • Set-up staff users and profiles • Use API Connectors to link to other software eg CRM, AdWords, WordPress • Upload your logos and branding • Create website forms • Import lists (via CSV), map field names, add unsubscribes Some packages • Create Opportunity stages (for the sales process) • Set up campaigns (where did you hear about us?) • Use Social Connectors eg Twitter, LinkedIn (if applicable) • Set-up competitors’ websites and social profiles
  25. 25. @AnnStanley Settings profile and settings menus
  26. 26. @AnnStanley Set-up tracking code Add to your site (ideally via Google Tag Manager)
  27. 27. @AnnStanley Set-up unlimited users
  28. 28. @AnnStanley Set-up logos and media
  29. 29. @AnnStanley Set-up Custom fields for use in forms and contact database (CRM)
  30. 30. @AnnStanley Opportunity stages for sales process
  31. 31. @AnnStanley Menus
  32. 32. @AnnStanley Create (or edit) contact form using pre-existing fields
  33. 33. @AnnStanley Contact form added via an i-frame onto your website
  34. 34. @AnnStanley Forms data – who has completed the form
  35. 35. @AnnStanley Importing a CSV list of contacts
  36. 36. @AnnStanley Importing lists using CSV and mapping field names
  37. 37. @AnnStanley Lead scoring rules - basic
  38. 38. @AnnStanley Lead scoring rules - customised
  39. 39. @AnnStanley Anonymous and known visitor tracking
  40. 40. @AnnStanley Contact manager
  41. 41. @AnnStanley Contact record
  42. 42. @AnnStanley Life of a lead
  43. 43. @AnnStanley List membership and activities
  44. 44. @AnnStanley Lead score
  45. 45. @AnnStanley Tracking devices
  46. 46. @AnnStanley Editing a record or adding a task
  47. 47. @AnnStanley Task or meeting sent as email and can update user’s calendar
  48. 48. @AnnStanley Imported lists and dynamic filters
  49. 49. @AnnStanley Imported list = known contacts
  50. 50. @AnnStanley Unsubscribes (Exclusions)
  51. 51. @AnnStanley Creating a new list
  52. 52. @AnnStanley Creating a Dynamic filter (List = high scores)
  53. 53. @AnnStanley Website analytics
  54. 54. @AnnStanley Landing page statistics
  55. 55. @AnnStanley Creating an opportunity
  56. 56. @AnnStanley Linking an opportunity with all contacts
  57. 57. @AnnStanley Opportunity pipeline
  58. 58. @AnnStanley Won Opportunities (live projects)
  59. 59. @AnnStanley Campaigns reports
  60. 60. @AnnStanley Email management
  61. 61. @AnnStanley Editing an existing email
  62. 62. @AnnStanley Broadcast email to lists
  63. 63. @AnnStanley Email history (lists)
  64. 64. @AnnStanley Email stats
  65. 65. @AnnStanley Send email to lead
  66. 66. @AnnStanley AdWords integration – Campaigns and ad groups
  67. 67. @AnnStanley Ad groups and keywords
  68. 68. @AnnStanley Planning a drip or automated email campaign 1. Requires a trigger or filter – to select segment 2. Followed by a task or workflow
  69. 69. @AnnStanley Tasks – filter, workflow and actions
  70. 70. @AnnStanley Coming soon • Social publishing and other social features • UK currency and addresses • Gmail integration (possible through Zapier integration tool)
  71. 71. @AnnStanley Examples of Social publishing functionality
  72. 72. @AnnStanley Reporting on social publishing
  73. 73. @AnnStanley Tracking competitor activity
  74. 74. @AnnStanley Other features not covered today • Landing page tests – link with Unbounce • Events and webinars – link with GotoMeeting or WebEx • Integration with other CRM systems such as Salesforce • Shopping cart integration – using different tracking code to link sales with contacts
  75. 75. @AnnStanley Marketing Automation Training and Software Rental
  76. 76. @AnnStanley MAS boot camp - training and set-up Monday - Software set-up, tracking and customisation • Overview of tracking and Analytics functionality • Set-up of tracking on your website (including the use of Google tag manager) • Creation of custom fields relating to contacts and forms • Creation of contact forms for your website • Other customisation (lead scores, ''how did you hear about us'' etc) • Practical session to set-up tracking code, customised fields, create a contact form and other customisation Tuesday - Contact management and CRM • How to import contacts and an overview of contact management • Uploading contacts from a CSV and mapping standard and custom lead fields • Creating lists and filters • Using the in-built CRM and contact management functionality • Understanding who has been to your site (anonymous vs. known users) • Practical session to import your contacts database from a pre-prepared CSV file, create lists and familiarise yourself with the contacts manager module
  77. 77. @AnnStanley MAS boot camp - training and set-up Wednesday - Email broadcasting • Use of email templates and creation of emails • Sending and scheduling of emails • Understanding the reporting • Practical session to create and send emails using the platform Thursday - Opportunities and task management • What are Opportunities and how can you use them for tracking potential enquiries/projects for a product or service • Customising Opportunity stages and custom fields • Creating an Opportunity • Using the Pipeline functionality • Using the Opportunities Won functionality • Introduction to client management, tasks and calendar integration • Practical session to set-up Opportunities Friday - Advanced features and integration 3rd party software • Introduction to advanced features • Work flows for drip and automated tasks or campaigns • Integration with AdWords • Integration with other CRM systems • Practical session to work with our team on any other aspects of the software
  78. 78. @AnnStanley MAS boot camp dates and details • Leicester (Anicca's office on King Street) – • £1000 including VAT • 24-28th November • London (venue Oxford Street) – £1,500 including VAT* • 15-19th December • Followed by 1 months free trial of the software *Note that due to increased venue and running costs the fee for the London course will be higher than the Leicester course
  79. 79. @AnnStanley Use of software (MAS Membership) • Non-member use of the software - £250/month • Full membership - £200/month for boot camp attendees and previous Anicca clients (with or without attending the boot camp) • Agency licence for use with their own clients – price on application (as we will refer you to our supplier)
  80. 80. @AnnStanley Useful resources • • 2014/Forrester • s/Forrester-Wave-L2R-Platform-Vendors-Q1-2014.pdf • Automation-Platforms-2014.pdf?20140602173145 • • es/MIR_1303_MarketAuto.pdf • • •
  81. 81. @AnnStanley Thank You! Ann Stanley 07930 384443