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Introduction to Growth Hacking, part 1 – TrueUp at Digital Growth Day


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Digital Growth Day: September 18, 2014

What is growth hacking? Is it an alternative to marketing? Is it just about conversion rate optimisation? What about APIs? Is it completely legal? Is it only for coders? Is it a technique or state of mind?

In this session we'll explore why Growth Hacking has become one of the bigger buzz terms of 2013 and how a number of highly successful startups have used growth hacking techniques to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

We'll look at a variety of different growth hacks, tips and tricks that cleverly utilise data, technology and behavioural science across acquisition, conversion, retention, advocacy and the product.

This session will also teach you how create a structured framework that focus these techniques on the areas that will make the biggest difference to your business.

Liam Reynolds, Founder, True Up

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Introduction to Growth Hacking, part 1 – TrueUp at Digital Growth Day

  1. 1. Introduction to Growth Hacking pt1Digital Growth Day 18.09.2014
  2. 2. Let’s Discuss... ➔ Intro ➔ What is Growth Hacking ➔ Examples (famous and practical) ➔ Tools ➔ Framework
  3. 3. True Up
  4. 4. What is Growth Hacking?
  5. 5. (not so) New kids on the block
  6. 6. David v Goliath
  7. 7. Equation Data + Tech + Psychology + Digital marketing = Growth Hacking
  8. 8. Applied against every part of a business Acquisition - Conversion - Retention - Advocacy/virality - Product
  9. 9. When we talk about Growth Focus on driving efficient, effective & sustainable growth Typical Growth metrics: - DAUs, WAUs, MAUs - No of customers - No of downloads - Revenue - CPA - ROI
  10. 10. When we talk about Hacking Means a number of things Creative & inventive Speed Cutting to the chase Bending rules / swimming against the flow Not being perfect Technical chops (optional extra)
  11. 11. Some famous Growth Hacks
  12. 12. Hotmail achieved 12m users in first 1.5 years PS I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail
  13. 13. AirBnB hack existing distribution channels Also understood the importance of quality photos to conversion
  14. 14. Dropbox super incentivise their users As well as geting customers to recommend friends, Dropbox incentive key user behaviours they know will result in growth
  15. 15. Facebook continuously learn And identified the importance of page load times if you’re going for world domination + the photos tagging wasn’t a bad move
  16. 16. Hailo cracked how to get app onto phones By creating a value added service for taxi drivers
  17. 17. And then Uber came along
  18. 18. Zoverstock cared less about brand & a website
  19. 19. Social integration
  20. 20. Some practical examples
  21. 21. Test ideas with crowdfunding websites And check out this link from Four Hour Week
  22. 22. The soft follow
  23. 23. Personalise emails Hey guys Just wanted to let you know about this amazing Growth Hacking agency I’ve just met called True Up. You should check them out as they could really help you send your growth into orbit. Cheers All @ Growth Digital Day - Sent from my Iphone Use plain ‘Gmail’ type formatting Sign off ‘sent from my Iphone’
  24. 24. Facebook custom targeting creates interesting opportunities
  25. 25. App store optimisation creates quick wins
  26. 26. As does influencing reviews Segment users Avoid - reviews Prompt + reviews
  27. 27. Rank review in your favour Hint: Can only be done from desktop, not mobile
  28. 28. Use Google Adwords for experimenting
  29. 29. Targeted blogger outreach ➔ Shortlist competitors ➔ Drag competiors logos into Google Image search ➔ List blogs where the logo appears ➔ Utilise to estimate web traffic (also good for spying on your competitors!) ➔ Shortlist blogs ➔ Use Gmail Rapportive to find email addresses (tbc) ➔ Find connections via Linkedin / Facebook etc
  30. 30. Put yourself into mindset of user What you say and how you say it are as important as what you do
  31. 31. Headline are THE most important part of a website
  32. 32. Headline are THE most important part of a website
  33. 33. What are my core product values? The very essence of why someone uses your product. Often very different to what the brand stands for.
  34. 34. They’re not easy to identify
  35. 35. But can inform your business KPIs 7 friends in 10 days Follow 5-10 people on first day Provides simple & clear objectives
  36. 36. Ok lets start pulling all this together and switch slides