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Omnitrans at APTA International Roadeo 2013


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The annual APTA International Bus Roadeo took place May 3-7 this year in Indianapolis, Indiana. Transit agencies from across North America participated in this prestigious competition designed to test the skills of both bus operators and mechanics. Awards are given in each area, and there is an overall grand prize for the transit system with the highest combined score for the bus operator and bus maintenance team.

Our maintenance team, Archie Rockwell, Phillip Sanchez and Alex Hernandez earned 6th place in the competition. Coach operator and 14-year veteran Ricardo Alvarez placed 23rd. The combined maintenance team and bus operator scores earned Omnitrans an impressive 10th place overall ranking.

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Omnitrans at APTA International Roadeo 2013

  1. 1. Omnitrans coach operator Ricardo Alvarez on the Roadeo obstacle course.
  2. 2. Omnitrans mechanics team: Alex Hernandez, Phil Sanchez & Archie Rockwell
  3. 3. The Omnitrans mechanics at the judges’ briefing before the event.
  4. 4. Omnitrans coach operator Ricardo Alvarez puts the bus through its paces.
  5. 5. Omnitrans coach operatorRicardo Alvarez ranked #23 inthe 2013 APTA InternationalRoadeo.
  6. 6. Front to back: Omnitransmechanics Archie Rockwell, AlexHernandez and Phil Sanchez.They ranked #6 in the 2013 APTAInternational Roadeo.
  7. 7. Omnitrans mechanics troubleshoot the Cummins/Voith engine package.
  8. 8. Team Omnitrans doing an analysis during the brake board event.
  9. 9. The Omnitrans team at a vehicle inspection briefing with one of the judges.
  10. 10. Mechanic Alex Hernandez doing an on board inspection.
  11. 11. Mechanic Archie Rockwell inspects the front of the bus.
  12. 12. The Omnitrans team goes through the I/O controls.
  13. 13. Archie Rockwell runs a safety check on the tires.
  14. 14. Phil Sanchez checks the bus for defects.
  15. 15. Archie Rockwell and Alex Hernandez troubleshoot the Cummins/Voith engine package.
  16. 16. Omnitrans coach operator Ricardo Alvarez maneuvers the obstacle course.