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Omni Grid


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My college-age vision of the future transportation system!
Sustainable. Mathematical. Beautiful. Functional. Reliable. Adaptable.
Phi. Psi. Pi.

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Omni Grid

  1. 1. Capital Competitive Markets, Coordinated Social Transport By Alpha Merica 11/20/2006 Sustaining Omni-Markets Through Optimal iMe Transport
  2. 2. Three Global Revolutions (AIN) 1. Food Surplus of the Agricultural Revolution created human civilization ~10,000 years Ago 2. Mechanical Power of the Industrial Revolution created human cities ~150 years Ago 3. SpoRitual Transport of the Networking Revolution Creates the OmniGrid
  3. 3. Fundamental Assumption 0. Everything Moves. Is The Universe a Perpetual Motion Machine? The existence of the universe contradicts the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which says that you there is no free lunch. Yet this universe is FREE! Change, movement into the future, Is the only constant.
  4. 4. Transport Assumptions 1. Controlling Movement = Transport 2. Social Transport Systems = Civilization 3. Optimal Transport Grid = Optimal Civilization
  5. 5. I believe… All is Everything is No-Thing The Intelligent Transport of God
  6. 6. Who are iMe.U? • You transform these black curves into meaning as an Individual Mind. – A skilled Thinker manifesting mind in Motion. • You MUST be a techno-sapien (human) – Techne means “skill” – And Sapien means “thinking”
  7. 7. What do we Transport? • PEOPLE are the most important riders – on the Omni-Grid • The OmniGrid (iMe) transports – Mindful Information – Bodily Material – SpoRitual Energy
  8. 8. Besides Techno-Sapiens… The All-iMe-Grid transports: 1. Information - Meaning in Motion 2. Energy - God’s Work 3. Clean Air - Oxygen Spark 4. Pure Water - Liquid of Life 5. Material Goods - Earth’s Gifts 6. Freight - Big Social Shipments 7. Omni-Cars - Amazing Cars of the Phuture
  9. 9. And Lastly, the AllGrid Takes • Trash, Waste, and Refuse… • And transports that stuff back into productive inputs through regenerative TRASH TUBES.
  10. 10. OK Madman. I’ve Seen Enough! How do you expect to power all this ultimate Omni- Grid iMe transport thingy? The human world currently uses over 32 TeraJoules of Energy.
  11. 11. Sources of Sponergy/Omnergy 1. Solar Energy = 174 PetaJoules 2. Biomass = Renewable Solar Rays 3. Wind Energy = Solar Cyclone 4. Fossil Fuels = Solar Bio-Energy 5. Water Energy = Tidal and Solar Forces 6. Fission Energy = Galactic Energy 7. Fusion = Solar Hydro-Phusion Process
  12. 12. 8 Principles of SpoRitual Transport 1. Intelligent Coordination 2. Balances the Inputs and Outputs 3. Powerful Abundance 4. Sustainable Systems 5. Integral Architecture 6. Productive EveryWhence 7. Solar Power Omni (SPO) 8. Natural Symbiosis
  13. 13. Who Will Participate? • There are 7 billion people on Earth. Each one of those people, including yourself, has 10 billion electric impulse cells, called neurons. We are each global brains inside the global brain of the Phuture Omni-Grid. • The Internet is the beginning stages of the Networking Revolution, in which the global economy builds sustainable (PIME) networks of people, information, energy, and materials (PIME).
  14. 14. Who Benefits? • 7 Billion Human Individuals and Their Organizations: • Families • Governments • Countries • Businesses • Universities • NGOs • Religions
  15. 15. What are the Benefits? • Sustainable Omni-Grid Transport Systems • Secure and Automatic Production and Transport of Any Good and Service, – Fueled by the Natural Energy Abundance
  16. 16. Why the Omni-Grid is better… No traffic, no accidents, no friction, no weather problems, no parking problems/meters, no wasted lots of parking, no harmful emissions, no drunk/drugged driving, no sleepy driving, no intersections, no mental ill driving, no getting lost, no speeding tickets, no stoplights, no intersections, no flat tires, no one-way streets, no dangerous turns, no one- lane mountain roads, no pedestrian danger, no construction back-ups, no narcoleptic danger, no towing trucks, no teenager screw-ups, no road rage, no fatal mistakes, and no worries.
  17. 17. Thanks for Listening • I need feedback! • Send it my way at • If you read farther, you will find reviews of the unfamiliar (or new) terms I used in this presentation.
  18. 18. Review: The Omni-Grid of iMe Transport? The Omni-Grid Is God’s Transport System of the Universe The Omni-Grid transports: – iMe Information – iMe Material – iMe Energy
  19. 19. Review: Economic Trinity 1. Production (Generation) Make 1. Organize Inputs into Value 2. Transport (Operation) Move 2. Move Through Space-Time 3. ReGeneration (Destruction) Consume 3. Channel Outputs into Production
  20. 20. Review: What is SpoRitual Transport? • I believe ALL is the good movement of GOD. • GOD sustains, preserves, and operates (SPO)… The Universe! Everything is Divine Ritual Motion, designed to produce good information in conscious intelligence.
  21. 21. Review: OmniGOD Who? • GOD The Generator • GOD The Operator • GOD The Destroyer Solar Power Omni = SPO SPO Sustains SPO Preserves SPO Operates
  22. 22. Review: Principles of SpoRitual Transport 1. Intelligent 2. Balanced 3. Powerful 4. Sustainable 5. Integral 6. Productive 7. Solar 8. Natural