Evaluation of Wearable Devices


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Evaluation of Wearable Devices

  1. 1. Evaluation of Wearable Devices FROM SMART PHONES TO SMART JEWELRY…..
  2. 2. Introduction A decade back smartphone was a raze and we all though nothing could blow our mind away. We all were amazed with the concept of having a radio as well as camera in our mobile phones. A decade later, our phone is enabled with-  GPS  Wi-Fi  Radio and sensors  Unlimited applications and TV etc…and still it doesn't satisfy us And this is not the end, now we are welcoming phablets as well as wearable devices in our life with open arms
  3. 3. History of Wearable Devices….. The first wearable device was invented in the 16th century….yes it’s true. It was the first necklace which was fitted with abacus module. After that the ring came into the picture. However, back then it was not a raze nor people were ready to accept it. Now in 21st century, Google bought back this device and now we are happy to accept it and more than willing to pay hefty amount for it. Currently, market is full with- Smart glasses Smart watches Smart jewelry
  4. 4. The Concept of Smart Jewelry A decade ago, smart phones were a thing that only the elite could afford but now, every 5th person in USA has a smartphone. Even smartphones are now becoming outdated and smart jewelry is making its way in our day to life. On an average, a smartphone user checks his/her mobile phone 150 times daily. The basic concept of this smart jewelry is to reduce that usage by 60%.
  5. 5. Benefits of Smart Jewelry  It saves your time because you do not have to keep peeping in your mobile phone for the notifications.  They help you perform function in your mobile without even taking it out from your pocket.  They are easy to carry and smart to look  They have amazing privacy settings which you can utilize  They are not just an extension of your phone, these smart jewelry also has amazing features of their own.  The Bluetooth reach of these devices is amazing, you can still be connected to your phone when you are in different room.  These devices are real-time, they give you instant notifications of your calls, e- mails, messages, appointment alerts etc.
  6. 6. Types of Smart Jewelry Available…..  Smarty Ring It is a tiny little stainless steel gadget which is available with the option of either green or blue LED lights. Equipped with features which will keep you abreast with the updates on your cellphones without glancing at the latter, this gadget allows you to control your music, click pictures, chat, e-mail, check time and other social media updates. www. smartyring.com
  7. 7. Continued…  MEMI Bracelet This product uses wireless technology to communicate with your iPhone. You can download the app on your mobile and choose who can communicate with you and at what time. You can create a priority list and this bracket will send you notifications accordingly. It is a smart piece of jewelry which also gives you the notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts. www.hellomemi.com
  8. 8. Continued…  O.R.B Bluetooth Headset This product is a unique combination of a ring and a headset. When the user is wearing it like a ring it will display the calls, text messages, calendar appointments etc. To turn this ring into a headset, the user simply needs to twist it and place it over the ear. It is a unique piece of smart jewelry which serves a dual purpose. http://hybratech.com/products/orb.php
  9. 9. Continued….  Cuff This smart piece of jewelry is specifically meant for women’s who are concerned about their safety. It sends the message to your primary contacts (you can pick them too) when you are in trouble along with the details of your location. The user just have to hold this device for 3 seconds and it will send the alerts. This device is battery free, water resistant and persistent. www.cuff.io
  10. 10. Summary We personally think that this is just the beginning and so many innovative ideas are around the corner which will take our breath away. As for now, let’s enjoy the features of smart jewelry and make a cool fashion statement!! Thank you!! By: Omnie Solutions Website: http://www.omniesolutions.com Contact: info@omniesolutions.com Follow Us: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn