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Light 4 Axis CNC Router - Omni CNC


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Omni CNC provides the 4 Axis CNC routers at very reasonable prices. Check out the technical features and specifications of light 4 Axis CNC routers.

Contact Us:
OMNI CNC Technology Co. Ltd.
No.8-10, Advanced Business Center 1st Phase,
No.15 Lanxiang Rd. Tianqiao, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250032
Phone: +86-531-89003210, +86-13505312820

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Light 4 Axis CNC Router - Omni CNC

  1. 1. 3 CNC Router & Laser Machine & CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Light 4 Axis cnc router ITEM X Y Z axis working area: C Aixs: Table size: XYZ repositioning positioning accuracy: Table surface: Frame: Drive system X-Y axis: Drive system Z axis: Max power consumption: Max working speed: Spindle speed: Working mode: Working voltage: Command language: Interface: Operating system: Software: DESCRIPTION 1300*2500*500mm, more size +-135° 1420*3040mm ±0.05mm Vacuum combined with T-slot Steel tube structure Rack and pinion Ball screw 4.2KW(without spindle) 20000mm/min 0-24000rpm servo AC380V (220V) 3 phase G code, M code USB, Ethernet Syntec/ Siemens UG, Alpha Cam,Type3, Ucancam