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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Hotels



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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Hotels

  1. 1. SEO For Hotels
  2. 2. ● Keywords need to be defined before making any changes in the website ● Using “Google Adwords” Keyword Tool to identify the terms that consist of high searches and a less number of competitors ● Identify target keywords ● Once identified you must optimize your site for them to rank Research Keywords
  3. 3. Structure Of The Website ● Needs to be organized ● Browsing for the user needs to be simple ● Neat and informative site will enable the user to be able to understand and improve the chances of comebacks ● Analyze the content of your website in order to understand how to keep the structure simple
  4. 4. Quality Content ● Content is everything when it comes to website SEO ● User will decide whether to stay on the site or leave on the basis of the content impression ● The content needs to be informational, needs to contain infographics ● It should allow keywords to be more applicable while searching for a good hotel
  5. 5. Information And Titles ● The first noticeable thing in the search is a relevant title ● It will let the target user decide whether to visit your hotel website or not ● Title tags in blue are one of the most important components of on page optimization ● There is a need to ignore duplicate title tags across your original site title
  6. 6. The URL Needs To Be Arranged Properly ● Content management systems like Wordpress typically generate URLs ● Your URL needs to be noticeable and really easy to remember ● The keywords need to be rich ● The URL name should be kept close to the theme or category of the domain
  7. 7. Strategizing Keywords ● It means focusing on highest search and conversion rate has to be best ● Strategize keywords according to your content ● A hotel website content should be relevant with keywords. Ex “Best Thai food in Pune” ● Many competitors can use the same keywords. It is must to have more relevant and close to content keywords
  8. 8. Social Media ● Social media is the driving factor when it comes to customer behaviour for hotel industry ● The whole idea behind this is to provide world class digital marketing over social media for hotels ● It capitalizes your hotels presence on social media and on other fronts as well
  9. 9. Online Popularity ● Online promotion of hotel website and establishing linking relations with the other related websites is essential ● Natural search is an excellent of method of increasing the visibility of your brand ● Ranking for your hotel’s brand name terms is essential as it is recommended to navigate traffic through to your official website
  10. 10. Analysing The Competition ● Keeping an eye on competitors move ● Understanding the trends of market for Hotel industry ● Introducing new strategies and course of action to sustain
  11. 11. Paid Advertisements For Hotels ● Pay Per click is a great way to boost your advertisements on search engines ● Enables you to focus on a larger set of keywords ● These ads could be season specific to target tourists also ● It is chargeable so being specific with investments is a smart thing to do
  12. 12. Google Hotel Finder ● A similar portal like Trip Advisor or Make My Trip ● Google Hotel Finder Scans the websites for information and ranks the hotel websites on basis of reviews ● Beneficial to hotel websites depending on organic seo to rank them on top in search
  13. 13. Conclusion ● Keywords and Content needs to be well aligned with each other ● Hotel industry is recognizing the need of online marketing so keeping track of competition is must ● Making most of the online portals like Google Hotel Finder will help in organic search ● Pay Per Click needs to be utilized if required
  14. 14. OmnePresent Helps HOTELS To Grow Exponentially
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