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Mitigtion Plan Presentation


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Mitigtion Plan Presentation

  1. 1. G+4 Resi. / Comm. Building on plot 6183898, Nad Al Sheba Mitigation Plan to Recover Prevailing Delays
  2. 2. Contents • Project Status • Reasons for the delay • Impact of Delays • Mitigation Measures • Mitigation Details • Mitigation Plan • Mitigation Result • Qualifications
  3. 3. Project Details & Status Project Name G+4 Residentail / Commercial Bldg on Plot No. 6183898 Consultant Design and Architecture Bureau (DAR) Contractor Belhasa Engg & Cont. Co. Project Start Date Oct 25, 2015 Project Finish Date April 23, 2017 Total Duration (days) 548 Data Date July 24, 2016 Elapsed Time (days) 273 Remaining Time (days) 275 Expected Finish Date August 13, 2017 (Excluding Potential Delays to the DEWA activities) Planned Progress in % 13.74% Actual Progress in % 8.72% Overall Delay in Days 111 (Including Prevailing Delays to the DEWA activities) Impacted Delay in Days 48 (Excluding Potential Delays to the DEWA activities)
  4. 4. Reason for the delays • PT design approval • Delay in Receipt of DEWA NOC for the electrical loads • Shortage of manpower
  5. 5. Impact of Delays • Delay in the Progress of 1st Floor Slab • Potential Delays in the procurement and installation of Electrical installations including transformers. • Delay in the completion of the structure.
  6. 6. Mitigation Measures • Increase of labor force. • Providing additional form work material to expedite the works. • Provision of additional tower crane operator to enable double shift operations. • Re-sequencing the program to mitigate the prevailing delays.
  7. 7. Mitigation Details. • Labor – A total of 79 labors were increased which increases the carpenters, steel fixers & Helpers from 73, 55 & 55 to 113, 75 & 65 respectively. • Material – A total of 15 more columns sets will be added, which is in addition the existing 30 nos., to support the additional work force and to have a continuous work fronts. • Plant – 2 full time crane operators will be allocated to each of the proposed two shifts to enable the flow of materials to the work fronts. • Program – Schedule compression techniques such as crashing and fast tracking is used to reschedule remaining works in order to mitigate the impact of the prevailing delays. – While crashing techniques is applied to structural activities, fast tracking is applied to civil finishes and installations of other trades.
  8. 8. Mitigation Plan S.No Description Zone 1-Part A Zone 1-Part B Zone 2-Part A Zone 2-Part B Zone 2-Part C 1 1st floor Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed 2 2nd floor Completed Completed 04-Aug-16 30-Jul-16 04-Aug-16 3 3rd floor 10-Aug-16 15-Aug-16 21-Aug-16 18-Aug-16 21-Aug-16 4 4th floor 24-Aug-16 28-Aug-16 03-Sep-16 31-Aug-16 03-Sep-16 5 Roof floor 04-Sep-16 07-Sep-16 15-Sep-16 11-Sep-16 15-Sep-16
  9. 9. Typical Zones Layout
  10. 10. Mitigation Result
  11. 11. Recovery Program(Structure Only) • J222- Structure Mitigation.pdf
  12. 12. Recovery Program (Summary) • J222- Mitigation Summary.pdf
  13. 13. Qualifications • This Mitigation Plan is subject to the following qualifications which are required to be addressed by concerned parties in order for the mitigation measures to be successful. 1. Roof Slab to be completed by 15th September 2016. 2. DEWA NOC to be available by 08th August 2016. 3. Submission of LV Design to DEWA by 24th August 2016. 4. Approval of LV Design by DEWA by 30th October 2016. 5. Procurement of LV Panels, switch gears, DB’s & SMDB’s to be completed within 12 weeks from the DEWA approval of the LV design and load schedules. 6. Transformers to be delivered within 12 weeks from the payment of the estimate. 7. Estimate to be paid within 5 working days from its availability. 8. Testing & Commissioning of Electrical systems to be completed by 6 weeks. 9. Revised procurement plan as per the program AT31 with crashed periods in the procurement process has to be adhered and respected.
  14. 14. End of Presentation