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Strategic selling process
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What is Selling

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know what is selling, what are the different attributes of a salesperson, why should one not fear of selling job.

What is Selling

  1. 1. World of Selling Presented By: Omkar Phatak MBA – 3 / 1338
  2. 2. Fear of Selling What is Selling??
  3. 3. Selling Defined 1. Selling is a planned communication. 2. Adds utility 3. Helps customers determine needs. 4. Creates desires for products. Selling is persuading your prospects to buy your products and services by firstly analyzing their needs and wants and they by offering them with solution at right time, at right place and at right price.
  4. 4. Why sales profession is a good choice?? It gives you freedom Freedom to be your best self Freedom to run you own life (Own Business) Freedom to impact lives of others A Sales person should have highest integrity
  5. 5. Why should anyone take pride in being just a sales person?? There is nothing like just a sales person. Sales is all about helping others find the best solution for their needs. What should a person do when starting a sales career? Do you homework on companies and try to judge whether the companies that you are representing are ethical in their working.
  6. 6. Principles of Selling 1. Selling is a process, not an event. It’s a planned process. 2. You make more money by solving problem of your customers than selling your product or services. 3. Prospects don’t buy your products and services, they buy what your products and services will do for them.
  7. 7. Believe in your products and services. Try to make customers gain value from your products and services. Be honest in your approach and keep highest integrity. Don’t always go to an existing customer only when you want to upsell. Try to build a long term relationship with the customer Don’t always push customer to purchase which he doesn’t require.
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know what is selling, what are the different attributes of a salesperson, why should one not fear of selling job.


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