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Beyond the Basics of Website Migration: Tried, Tested & Successful - BrightonSEO Conference

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Omi sido-beyond-the-basics-of-website-migration.pptx

  1. 1. Omi Sido @OmiSido Beyond the basics of website migration
  2. 2. Beyond the Basics of Website Migration @OmiSido #BrightonSEO
  3. 3. The Way People Normally Think about Website Migration This website is burning down!
  4. 4. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The Way I Think about Website Migration
  5. 5. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Website migration is your best opportunity to significantly improve your SEO in one go. Beyond the Basics of Website Migration
  6. 6. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Beyond the Basics of Website Migration Website migration is your best chance to educate your SEO team on all aspects of SEO.
  7. 7. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Beyond the Basics of Website Migration Website migration is also your best chance to show other departments what SEO is.
  8. 8. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO You need a (Cross-Functional) migration team. The SEO guyDeveloper Content
  9. 9. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Website Migration - Clear Overview •SEO migration plan (checklist). •Content migration plan. •Development. •Timelines. First, you need a plan. As you gonna be in charge of this plan you should have 4 sections.
  10. 10. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Website Migration - Clear Overview For an e-commerce store - is 2 months before Christmas the best time to migrate your website? Consider when the migration will take place.
  11. 11. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The SEO Plan Pre-Migration Launch Post-Launch Diagnostics and Monitoring
  12. 12. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The SEO plan - Pre-Migration The more time you spent on your pre- migration stage, the more you increase your chances of a successful migration.
  13. 13. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The SEO plan - Pre-Migration 99% of the SEO checks you do when in pre-migration stage should be done at least once on a monthly basis even when not migrating your website.
  14. 14. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The SEO plan - Pre-Migration Know your website before migrating it to a new platform.
  15. 15. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO The SEO plan - Pre-Migration Full Crawl
  16. 16. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Orphan pages 23 % are bringing only 3% or organic visits. Is it worth keeping them?
  17. 17. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 404 pages 404 pages - if no inbound links are pointing at them please discard.
  18. 18. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Things to pay attention to Check and benchmark your rankings! Rankings will almost certainly fluctuate after you transfer a website and it’s common for rankings to decrease, so having a before and after record of ranking positions is invaluable.
  19. 19. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Content 90% of the cases, there is a content migration running in parallel. Can you make similar pages more succinct by combining them into a single asset? Are there opportunities for improvement?
  20. 20. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Staging Environment Prevent search engines from indexing your dev site! • Requesting search engines ignore your site by adding it to your robots.txt file • Adding a noindex meta tag to the site • Password protecting the site • Only allowing access to certain IP addresses The way to do it (in order from least to most desirable methods).
  21. 21. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Staging “Important! For the noindex meta tag to be effective, the page must not be blocked by a robots.txt file. If the page is blocked by a robots.txt file, the crawler will never see the noindex tag, and the page can still appear in search results, for example, if other pages link to it.” - Google
  22. 22. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 301 Mapping 301 mapping of old URL’s to their equivalent is the most important task to get right during a website migration. Period.
  23. 23. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 301 Mapping (Soft 404) The best time to clean up your product offering. 301 301 301 301 No Yes 301 Soft 404 Soft 404 Soft 404
  24. 24. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 301 Mapping (Soft 404) Migrating from to
  25. 25. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 301 Mapping (Soft 404) Migrating from to
  26. 26. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - 301 Mapping - Chains Redirects Page A Page B Page C301 301 Page A and Page B exist on the old website. Page A redirects to Page B. Page C is the equivalent page on the new website. Page A should redirect directly to Page C as should Page B, rather than Page A redirecting to Page B which then redirects to Page C. 301
  27. 27. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Pre-Migration - Tracking Ensure tracking code is included on all ‘new’ pages. Double, triple check on this one. To check all your pages on staging use
  28. 28. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Website Migration - Press The Button
  29. 29. @OmiSido #BrightonSEO Website Migration - Immediate Post-Migration Actions • Check GA tracking is implemented and collecting data on all pages. • Check that all redirects are working properly and 301 Moved Permanently • Crawl URLs from the old site to check 301 redirects match up as expected. • Check robots.txt is up-to-date • If the domain has changed, notify search engines. • ‘Fetch as Google’ in Google Search Console and ‘Submit URLs’ in Bing Webmaster Tools. • Run a crawl of the new website and check for errors. • Keep existing XML sitemaps online for at least 2-3 weeks. • Compare the load speed of top 1 000 key pages from old website.
  30. 30. Omi Sido @OmiSido Brighton SEO 2017 Thank You