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INFO Lacombe - June 3 2011


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Published in: Spiritual
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INFO Lacombe - June 3 2011

  1. 1. Albert Lacombe, OMI1827 – 1916 Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 OBLATE ASSOCIATES MOVING AHEAD In this issue... OBLATE ASSOCIATES MOVING AHEAD……...….………………..….....…..1 PRAYER OF SPRING…………………….2 VISIT THE MAZENOD COMMUNITY.….3 BOB HAGERTY OMI………...……..…..5 ANNOUNCEMENT………………..……...7 NEXT ISSUE OF INFO LACOMBE WILL BE JUNE 10, 2011. Eleanor Rabnett appointed Oblate Associate Saskatoon Office- Communications project director. TEL: 306 244 1556 FAX: 306 242 8916 CELL: 306 370 7581 By Nestor Gregoire OMI.
  2. 2. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● PRAYER OF SPRING from the same place. This was manifested in the possibility statements that we worked on Brian Jayawardhana OMI May 6, 1998. Edmonton last August. There is a vibrant desire to connect with each other. We have a strong Energize me, Lord, sense that we are working into something with the energy of Springtime much bigger than just ourselves at the local level.” Open my ears and mind like the tender buds of Spring to the voices around me She has reviewed the statements that have evolved from the Oblate General Chapters Paint my heart with the colors of Spring over the past fifteen years. “The sense of so that I could reach out associate identity has been building up.” and enrich those who surround me The Commission sees that we want to come to the point where there is a commonly agreed and shared identity. If an associateWorking quietly in the background the moves from one part of the country they willAssociates Commission of OMI Lacombe fit into the associates in the new Oblatehas moved from being the working group to community.appointing a project manger who will seek tobring together the different district associategroups and explore how we can build a Eleanor hopes that a web page for OblateLacombe Province associate identity. associates can be established with regular monthly communication. Once again she reinterates, “How can we share with eachSeveral times in this conversation Eleanor other? This is such a huge country.” Emaillamented how difficult it is to develop a and the telephone are very helpful but arecommonly accepted understanding when our limited. The distance of this country is part ofpeople are scattered from coast to coast to the hard reality.coast. The distance must be crossed as wehope to build a shared sense of mission andidentity. She hopes to travel and meet the Oblates and associates in the districts and find out what the signs of our common identities actuallyThe development of the role of associates has are. “What are our hopes and fears? Whatbeen shaped by each district. Some districts brings us together?”have their own prayer and commitmentrituals. Other districts do not have any formof ritual commitment. At the moment each There is a strong sense of wisdom in thisdistrict is operating on its own. work. “If all we have is our own little districts we will peter out. It is in the community, where we need each other, that we will growEleanor took a step back in her description ofthis new work. “We all seem to be coming Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caand sustain this gift of being called to be an The interview concluded: “It has not beenOblate associate.” easy but it was the truth as we live it out and see it progress along the path.”The associates need to be connected. Sherelated how the shared prayer that she has VISIT THE MAZENODbegun with the Ottawa associates has been COMMUNITYvery helpful and bringing and keeping theassociates together.When asked to speak about her ownparticipation as an Oblate associate Eleanor’svoice moves markedly faster. “God calls meto life in the community. This gives me life!God has given me you Oblates and this call ispure gift!” There was a slight break in thewords. “With you and other lay people we areon the same path. Being on the same path hasgiven me life.” The Missionary Oblates of St. Mary’s Province planned and then saw to theEleanor is very frank in admitting that this construction of Mazenod Residence as acall was most unexpected. “My call is tied facility with two wings: one for theinto the love of God and me becoming members of the Provincialfaithful to what God created me to be. Administration, the other with twelve suites for retiring Oblates. The first six residents moved into the just completed“The charism of St. Eugene has really played building on January 31, 1983. For thea part in this call. It was his value of most of these twenty-eight years,introducing people to a better life and Mazenod has operated at near fullbringing God into that work and then capacity.teaching them of the love of God. He wasbringing them to God.” In fact, due to the demand for more space for the retired, the Provincial Administration moved into other quartersThere is a strong identification with St. in 1999, thereby permitting the entireEugene’s conversion experience. “I am drawn facility to become a home of retirementto that!” and nursing care. In recent years, due to a diminishing number of Oblate candidates, we have extended welcome to diocesan“I am still growing in my sense of being clergy. Presently we have twentymissionary. It is in this call to be missionarythat I am going live out this call. My wholebeing responds!” Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caOscar Delange OMI joined the Mazenod Joe Zoller OMI , teacher, pastor and librarian hasCommunity fourteen years ago. Everyone always been a good friend to all. He is alwaysappreciates the fresh produce from his large remembered for his mischievous smile!garden.residents, five of whom are diocesan more walking trails than the sidewalks,priests. there is the Meewasin Valley trail along the river for approximately tenFour of our residents require level four or kilometers. Each resident enjoys atotal nursing care. Another four receive completely furnished suite which includeslevel three care. The remainder of the a large living room, a bedroom, a fulleighteen residents are at the first and bath, a kitchenette, a small fridge and ansecond level care. air conditioner. In addition, each resident has the use of the common air-Mazenod offers its residents around-the- conditioned areas: dining room, chapel,clock nursing and palliative care. Our recreation room and TV room. A libraryemployees number sixteen, which include with exercising/fitness equipment is alsonurses, care-aides, cooks, housekeepers, well as one secretary-receptionist. Weshare with Queen’s House Retreat and Our family physician makes a weeklyRenewal Center a picturesque seven acre visit and is also on call when needed. Weplot of land on the banks of the are a faith community, daily celebratingSaskatchewan River, only fifteen minutes the Eucharist and the liturgy of the hoursfrom the airport. (morning and evening). The full meal service of nutritious and tasty food isAll the living space overlooks the done with a focus on the needs of theSaskatchewan River. For those wanting elderly. Every resident is provided with Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.cafull maintenance and housekeeping community on the Siska Reserve. Thisservice. Free cable and internet hook-up Reserve has historical significance becauseis offered, as is parking and winter Chief Crowfoot came from there. This wasplugins. also the place where Chief Crowfoot assured Fr. Lacombe that the Blackfoot would notWe understand our ministry at Mazenodto be a ministry of presence and join in the 1985 rebellion. There was always aaccompaniment to those who have served good relationship between the two peoples.the Church a life-time. It is a ministry In impeccable detail Bob remembers his firstthat intentionally affirms the dignity of Communion on Christmas Eve with thethe elderly, and attempts to do so in a Blackfoot people in 1945.comfortable family atmosphere. He always knew that he wanted to be a priest BOB HAGERTY OMI but began a military career, obtaining a chemical engineering degree in the processBy Nestor Gregoire OMI but after eight years and service in Europe he terminated his military life and went to the Oblate novitiate in 1964. He remembers fondly the many friends from his military life who have become very famous Canadians. The friendship of early military life is still very strong. In 1971 he was ordained in Trochu, Alberta, where his parents had relocated. Bob has served thirty nine of his forty years as a priest in the Diocese of Kamloops. He began his first five years in the Okanagan with the Shuswap peoples. In 1976 he was moved to the Chilcotin people for the next ten years. These are a different people with their own language and culture. From 1986-92 he was moved to the West side of the Diocese to Mount Currie and the building of a church in the small town of Whistler. Then over to the East side to North Thompson until 1996. With Bob Hagerty OMI sharing his analytic thoughts. a brief one year stint at Annunciation Parish in Edmonton he returned to Lillooet in 1997.Our Bob has Oblate connections that go back He has always ministered in the smallerto his very early years. He was born in communities in conjunction with ministry toCalgary but his father took a job as grain First Nations peoples. There is a sense ofbuyer in Cluny, Alberta, and moved his pride when he admits that wherever he hasfamily of four children. It was there that he been, he has always felt at home and isbecame involved with the Catholic Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● food to eat but who also shares the food he finds in the dumpsters with other needy people. He continues: “Some are confirmed alcoholics who really are diamonds in the rough. These are people who are not comfortable with ever going to church and they do not know anything about the Eucharist,” but they have their living relationship with God. Of these people there are those who have been abandoned and people who have fallen prey to drug addictions. “I spend time with them. I will be with these people even if nothing will change in their lives. I have theconnected with the peoples with whom he patience and the will to do so.”lived. In his continuous and quiet manner he adds,There has always been a sensitivity for the “I make myself available and do what I can.disabled adult in the Bob’s life. Looking back There is the occasional homeless person and Ihe can see that he received good preparation try to find them some shelter.” All of thisfor pastoral ministry by his involvement takes time, energy and emotional concerns.before his ordination in the ministry of “This is my way of being an Oblate which isCollins Bay Peniteniary in Ontario. As part beyond the Sunday.” He continues to frameof his training he also worked for several his concern with “the marginalized have beensummers to help pay for his education. His important to me.”work in the prisons alerted him to the numberof young men who were incarcerated and the The Fountain Lake Pilgrimage, held annuallylength of time they were to be in jail. around August 15, the Feast of theHis involvement with the Cursillo movement Assumption of Mary, has been a significantwithin the prison system and later on, taking part of the Bob’s ministry. This pilgrimagepart in the Return to Spirit healing program, was begun in Bishop Exner’s time and is veryhave shaped his attitude and outlook to the much a celebration of the faith of the Firstpeople who are having difficulties coping Nations people along with Caucasian peoples.with life. “I am comfortable with the healing There are many native speakers who shareprocess,” he adds camly. their faith and life stories. Each has a richness to share of where they are in the life of theIn his soft spoken way Bob speaks of his Church. There is adoration throughout thestrong concern for the people who are having weekend. This small pilgrimage is uniquea very hard time getting through life. There within Canada, but it is very rustic. Everyoneare thirteen people whose condition he is very must camp out for the weekend.concerned about. He speaks of the man whois does ‘dumpster diving’ to try to find some Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Volume 8, Number 19 June 03, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caLooking back over his Oblate life Bob level of assisted care is available as needed butsincerely concludes: “I have always been residents must meet established physical andhappy and never refused to move when I was mental criteria for independent living.asked to move to another mission. I alwaysenjoyed the people and made many life-long For further information, contact Marlenefriends in the places I have lived.” Leonard, Residence Administrator; Telephone: 613 567 0371 Fax: 613 567 0967Hospitality has been an integral part of his Email: springhurstadministrator@oblates.calife. When speaking of his involvement inOblate community Bob continued, “But Ihave always made community with thepeople where I lived. So many of these arelife-long friendships.”ANNOUNCEMENT:Visit the website of Bountyfull House(Vancouver). Father Larry Mackey, SisterMonica Guest and the staff at BountyfullHouse in Vancouver, Canada have beenworking for over twenty years with recoveryfrom all forms of addiction and Qu’Appelle House of Prayer. website: www.qhpstillness.caThe Springhurst Residence, an Oblatecommunity of retired and active residents,currently has a vacancy. We are open toapplications from Oblates seeking a fullservice facility in a welcoming, quietenvironment to enjoy retirement, pursue longterm studies or other employment.The Residence is centrally located in Ottawa ina tranquil setting by the Rideau River near StPaul’s University. Springhurst offers a spaciousprivate suite with ensuite bathroom. Monthlyrent includes all meals, housekeeping, laundryfacilities, access to chapel, shared receptionrooms and outdoor patio and garden space. A Page 7 of 7