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Media ppt

  2. 2. CONTENTS • Media in UAE • • • • • • • Abu Dhabi Media Company Dubai Media City (DMC) Tecom Business Parks Radio Stations Print Media Television Channels City Of Life (movie) • UAE’S Information Technology • Dubai Internet City (DIC) • Strengths & Weaknesses in IT
  3. 3. MEDIA IN UAE • The UAE is the commercial heart of the Middle East’s media sector, serving as both a regional hub for a rapidly growing list of international media companies. • Nevertheless, because the local industry saw the most growth in the region during the boom that preceded the global economic downturn, it has been the hardest hit by the fall in advertising revenues that followed.
  4. 4. ABU DHABI MEDIA COMPANY • Abu Dhabi Media is one of the fastest growing, multiplatform media organizations in the Middle East. The company manages more than 20 market-leading brands. • The company is committed to leading the development of the region’s media industry by cultivating local talent and by managing market-leading brands that inform, educate and entertain. • Abu Dhabi Media is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with offices in Beirut, Cairo, Dubai and Jeddah.
  6. 6. DUBAI MEDIA CITY (DMC) • Dubai Media City (DMC) was launched in January 2001 in line with the vision to establish Dubai as a centre for communications and a media hub for the region. • Since its opening, DMC has evolved with businesses in segments such as Publishing and Printing, Music, New Media, Leisure and Entertainment, Broadcasting, Film, Information Agencies and Media and Marketing Services. Milestones • • • 2010 Supports Music Rights Workshop organized by the International Confederation of Music Publishers. 2010 Organizes 'Explore Creativity' an event offering independent creative media professionals the opportunity to showcase their skills and work. 2011 Launches ‘Thought Incubator’ workshop series.
  7. 7. DMC’S MISSION • DMC’s mission is to offer superior growth opportunities for the media sector by providing platforms for learning and innovation through cluster-based initiatives imparted with commitment, flexibility, and responsibility.
  8. 8. TECOM BUSINESS PARKS • As 1 of 3 parks under the Media Cluster, Dubai Media City (DMC) works closely with the other two sister parks; • Dubai Studio City (DSC) • International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)
  9. 9. • DUBAI STUDIO CITY (DSS) Dubai Studio City (DSC) was launched in February 2005 in response to the phenomenal success of the broadcasting segment of Dubai Media City; a growth, which necessitated a complete technical and community infrastructure catering to the film, TV, radio production and broadcast industries • INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTION ZONE (IMPZ) The strong success of the publishing segment in Dubai Media City, led to the launch the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) in July 2003 as a specialized media production zone.
  11. 11. RADIO STATIONS • There are many radiostations in the UAE. Here’s a list of them that the people of UAE listen to: • Asianet radio - 657 AM • Virgin Radio Dubai - 104.4 • City - 101.6 FM • RADIO 4 - 89.1FM • CHANNEL 4 - 104.8FM • COAST - 103.2 FM • GOLD - 101.3 FM • Sawa - 90.5FM
  12. 12. Virgin Radio 104.4: Dubai • Launched in 2008. • Joint venture between Virgin International & Arab Media Company (UAE’s largest media organisation). City 101.6 FM • First contemporary Hindi music channel in the UAE on the ARN network connecting with the youth like nothing else.
  13. 13. 89.1 RADIO 4FM: • Has over 2 million listeners since 1999. • UAE’s premium Bollywood music station. 104.8 CHANNEL 4 FM: • Channel 4 FM is the group's flagship station. • Channel 4FM is hugely personal, giving listeners the best in English CHR Hits from the UK & US.
  14. 14. COAST 103.2 FM: • Is the group’s second English Radio station. • The music programming policy of Feel-Good songs with More Music, Less Talk has helped the station give the listeners more of what they want. GOLD 101.3 FM • Launched on 9th May, 2010. • Gold 101.3 FM will target upper and middle-class Malayalis with a package of hit contemporary Malayalam and Tamil music.
  15. 15. Asianet radio 657 AM: • Launched on 6th Feburary, 2000. • Broadcast from Abu Dhabi, Asianet Radio reaches the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Iran Sawa 90.5FM: • Launched on 23rd March, 2002. • Radio Sawa is also available on Arabsat, Eutelsat and Nilesat.
  16. 16. PRINT MEDIA There are many newspapers printed in the UAE. Here is a list of few of them:• English Newspapers • Gulf News (Dubai) • Khaleej Times (Dubai) • The National (Abu Dhabi) • XPRESS (Dubai) • 7 Days (Dubai) • Arabic Newspapers • Akhbar Al Arab (Abu Dhabi) • Al Bayan (Dubai) • Al-Ittihad (Abu Dhabi) • Al-khaleej (Sharjah)
  17. 17. ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS TIMES:KHALEEJ GULF NEWS:• ESTABLISHMENT: 30th September, 1978 • OWNER:Abdullah Al Rostamani (dead in 2006) now runed by family nominee • ABOUT IT: UAE’s number one best selling english newspaper. Major competitor – Khaleej Times. • ESTABLISHMENT: October 1st, 1978 • OWNER: Galadari Brothers • ABOUT IT: UAE’s number two best selling english newspaper. But has lost most of its readers to daily tabloids like 7Days and The National.
  18. 18. THE NATIONAL:• ESTABLISHMENT: April 17th, 2008 • OWNER:Mubadala Development Company. • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Hassan Fattah • ABOUT IT:The paper is organized in four sections; News, Business, Sports and Arts & Life and a magazine ‘M’ only on Saturday. XPRESS NEWSPAPER:• ESTABLISHMENT: MARCH 15th, 2007 • OWNER: Al Nisr Group • ABOUT IT: as a sister paper to Gulf News, covers news, leisure and entertainment and sports, with an emphasis on the local.
  19. 19. TELEVISIONS CHANNELS • • • There are a few terrestrial television channels but most people choose from the hundreds of regional channels on offer via satellite or cable. The main free to air English television channels are as follows: • Dubai One • MBC 4 • MBC Action • MBC 2 • City 7 TV Pay or subscription television in Dubai is available on cable via EVision or via satellite directly from the providers such as: • OSN • STAR TV • ART
  20. 20. TELEVISION CHANNELS IN THE UAE • • • • • Abu Dhabi TV Dubai TV Dubai One City 7 TV MBC • MBC Max • MBC 4 • MBC Action • MBC 2 • MBC 3 • MBC 1 • Al-Arabiya
  21. 21. CITY OF LIFE (2009) City of Life is a 2009 multilingual Emirati film written, directed, and produced by Ali F. Mostafa. Set in the United Arab Emirates, the film revolves around three parallel lives, amongst many cultures in one city, namely,Dubai. Released on 11th December 2011.
  23. 23. DUBAI INTERNET CITY (DIC) Dubai Internet City is one of the largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business parks in the Middle East and North Africa region. UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced Dubai Internet City at a Gala Ceremony in October 1999. This announcement generated a huge interest from ICT companies, resulting in the Licensing of 100 companies in January 2000. As a knowledge-oriented business model, DIC was the pioneer behind the creation of the business park concept in the region and today, hosts well over 15,000 knowledge workers.
  24. 24. COMPANIES IN DIC • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IBM Microsoft Oracle Corporations Infor Global Solutions Sun Microsystems Cisco HP Nokia Siemens Dell Canon Logica Sony Ericsson Acer
  25. 25. STRENGTH & WEAKNESSES OF IT STRENGTHS WEAKNESS Size of the population ETISALAT is a monopoly company Location between Middle East No local manufacturing plant & Asia Basis computer skills part of Cost of internet was costly lower education institutions Offering courses for 60% of Etisalat telecommunication & IT fields government Huge government support Due to Free Zones, advantage to the IT industry in the UAE Constant growth in Language Packages Arabic owned by
  26. 26. CONCLUSION • Identified as the regional ICT hub in the region, Dubai is a leading city in adopting technology. The Dubai Technology E-Commerce & Media Free Zone (TECOM), which was established in 2000, has a total of 680 companies (from IT and Telecom sectors). TECOM is also home to Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Knowledge Village. • UAE 27th on a world scale in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The technological readiness, which is a subcomponent of the Global Competitiveness Index, measures firmlevel technology absorption, laws relating to ICT, FDI and technology transfer, mobile telephone subscribers, Internet users and personal computer.
  27. 27. REFERENCES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ngths/Weaknesses
  28. 28. Submitted by: Elizer Isabella De Silva Sneha Bhatia