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Hr information system report

  1. 1. HR INFORMATION SYSTEM REPORT Presented to: Ma’am Saman Naz Submitted by: Group 3 Anjum Fayaz Omer Shahzad Zeeshan Ahmad Sehrish Shafi Qaisar Abbas Mudassar Sultan Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll # # # # # # 07 08 09 61 62 63
  2. 2. BAHAUDDIN ZAKARIYA UNIVERSITY, MULTAN LIST OF CONTENTS Sr. No. Title 1 Introduction To The Organization 2 Organization Structure of The Human Resources Management Department 3 Human Resource Management Process In The Organization Conclusions 4
  3. 3. Introduction tothe Organization: Pak Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO) was established in Pakistan in May, 1974 as a Public Limited Company. Initially this project was transformed into pipe line operation from refinery and then in year 2000 this project came into its actual shape of refinery . PARCO is known as the back bone in Oil and Gas sector as its location is in the mid of the country. That is why is called MCR (Mid Country Refinery). PARCO is a (60:40) joint venture between Governments of Pakistan (GOP) and Abu Dhabi, having paid up capital of Rs.12 billion and total equity of Rs.36 billion. Since the commencement of commercial operations 24 years ago, the company has expanded a phenomenal 53
  4. 4. times, achieving an asset base approaching Rs. 100 billion. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s shareholding is represented by Abu Dhabi Petroleum Investment (ADPI), whose shareholders are International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), Abu Dhabi and OMV. The company currently owns and operates Pakistan’s longest pipeline network and the largest oil refinery, the Mid Country Refinery (MCR). PARCO’s refined petroleum products transport logistics is based on road and the existing pipeline network. The surface transport mode is potentially hazardous to other traffic, human lives and the environment besides wear and tear of road surfaces. PARCO's pipeline network is more effective, safer and more cost effective alternative for both crude and product transportation. This is the basic reason that PARCO continued to maintain increasing profitability, liquidity and growth trends from its day of construction to today. PARCO’s MCR is the largest Refinery currently operating in the Pakistan and accounts for 35.6% of total
  5. 5. refined oil production in the country and working under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources with broader policies, mission and clearly defined vision. PARCO is presently engaged in the transportation of petroleum product on behalf of oil marketing companies OMC’s from Karachi to Mahmoodkot near Multan to Faisalabad and Machike near Lahore through its 1,228 kilometers Pipeline. PARCO’s pipeline system includes a network of highly sophisticated telecommunication facilities and a comprehensive supervisory control and data acquisition system. Board of Directors: Dr. Asim Hussain Chairman Mr. Mohammad Nasser Director/Vice Chairman Muhammad Rasheed Jung Managing Director (PARCO) Mr. Mehmood Akhter Director Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Chaudry Director Mr. Shafeeq AK Hussain Director Dr. Hans-Heinz Horrak Director Mr. Sabar Hussain Director
  6. 6. Mr. Ahmad Ghalab Director Main Offices:  Corporate Office: Corporate Headquarters, Korangi Creek Road, Karachi - 75190, Sindh, Pakistan.  Registered Office: Avari Plaza, Adjacent to Hilton Hotel, 87, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.  Refinery Office (MCR): Qasba Gujrat, Distt. Muzaffargarh, Teh. Kot Addu, Punjab, Pakistan .  Marketing & Commercial Office: Mohammad Arcade, 1 st floor, Khanewal Road, Near Choungi # 9, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.
  7. 7. Organization Structure of the Human Resources Management Department: The department is headed by the General Manager (Corporate Affairs). Then this department is divided into three groups.  Department Head Human Resource.  Department Head Administration.  Department Head Personnel & Admin (MCR). Department Head (MCR) has following two sections :  Chief Administration Section.  Chief Personnel & Industrial Relation Section. At PARCO, Human Resource Department is working to incorporate and prefer better quality of its people in every field of life. The valuable Human Resource planning helps to control surprising market position. The main mission of Human Resource department is to calculate, evaluate and formulate long run Human Resource policies to meet new demanding & diversifying market around the globe in time.
  8. 8. To make the right option, in selection of the people, whom can be used to invent the most effective policies which are used to choose the right person for right place? The reason behind this is to achieve the target of quality work and increase the overall effectiveness and yield in not only methodical and sustainable way but also maximizing the quality of work life. Major activities performed by Human Resource Department are as follows:  Manpower Planning and Recruitment: PARCO manpower planning enables a department to project its short to long term needs on the basis of its departmental plans so that manpower requirements can be met as per changing priorities. The number of recruits required in a specified time frame and the availability of talent.  Early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties.  Surpluses or deficiencies in certain ranks or grades.  Availability of suitable qualified and experienced successors.
  9. 9. Human Resource Department takes steps to employ staff as per needs in terms of grades, ranks and the time scale in which the staff is required. The general principles underpinning recruitment within the employee that recruitment should:  Use procedures which are clearly understood by the candidates and which are open to public scrutiny.  Be fair, giving candidates who meet the stipulated minimum requirements and equal opportunity for selection.  Select candidates on the basis of merit and ability.  Recruitment of overseas officers is under taken only when no or insufficient local candidates are available.  PARCO Hiring Policy: PARCO have clear recruitment and selection policy of employees. The overall requirement of the jobs and qualification of the individuals are the determining
  10. 10. factors in the selection and placement of employees. The Company however, endeavors to bring about and maintain, as far as possible, a fair balance among candidates from various provinces. The policy of the company is to develop and promote its employees from within the organization whenever possible. Where there is a deficiency of qualified personnel within the organization, the company recruits from external sources. Recruitments and promotions are carried out to fill vacancies on the basis of the approved career planning. Selection Process:  Job advertisement  Job application  Short listing as per criteria  Reception at employment office  Selection tests  Preliminary interview of successful candidates  Employment interview (Final Interview)  Offer letter
  11. 11.  Medical examination letter  Final medical clearance letter  Appointment letter  Joining report CONDITIONS:  Employment Age: The persons who have completed the 18 year of age and not exceeded the age of 60, which is normal retirement age, are eligible for hiring.  Re-Employment: A person terminated from services on charges of indiscipline, misconduct or unsatisfactory performance shall not be re-employed.  References: PARCO management is authorized to check with previous employers when an offer is made of employment. It is a condition of employment that all successful applicants for any position in PARCO have to
  12. 12. produce references other than previous employer, if required by the company.  Pre-Employment Medical Check-up: Selected candidates must undergo a pre–employment medical examination with a physician authorize by the company at different locations or in the laboratory established in Ibn-e-Sina hospital of PARCO Housing complex in Qasba Gujrat.  Probationary Period: All new employees are employed on an initial probationary periods as indicated in their letter of Appointment. After completion of the probationary period, management informed in writing of either : His confirmation in the employment. The extension of his probationary performance is not satisfactory). The termination of his employment. periods (if
  13. 13.  Organizational Development: Organizational Development is a very important Human Resource Management function. Its objective is to improve overall productivity and effectiveness by maximizing individual performance and potential.  Training and Development: PARCO Human Resource Departments manage in-house and outsource trainings for its employees. PARCO impart on the job trainings to its new inductees. Training need analysis of all the employee s are carried out effectively and impart the required trainings to the employees.  Employee Relations: In PARCO the purpose of staff relations is to ensure effective communication between management and staff to secure maximum cooperation from staff and to motivate staff to give their best by ensuring that they feel fairly treated, understand the overall directionand values of the employees and those of their departments and how decisions that affect them, have been made.
  14. 14. The principles that govern staff relations are: – Staff should be consulted on matters that affect them. – Problems and disputes should be resolved through discussion and consultation. – The Government should uphold the resolutions of the International Labor Organization conventions. – Management should devise and encourage activities that contribute to staff's well-being.  HR Share Services: It includes compensations and benefits, pay rolls, loans and Time Management System. These are services which are interlinked with sections which sometimes not related to HR department directly. e.g. sometime payroll section belongs to Finance department and feedback is provided by HR. Also loans are treated in this way.
  15. 15. Human Resource Management Process inthe Organization: Factors That Determine HR Plans Employment or personnel planning is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill them. Personnel planning cover all future positions, from maintenance clerk to CEO. That is why it is called manpower planning.
  16. 16. It involves many interrelated activities. Employment planning should be an integral part of a firm’s strategic and HR planning processes. Plans to enter new business, build new plants, or reduce costs all influence , the types of positions, the firm will need to fill.  Job Analysis: A job analysis is a systematic exploration of the activities within a job. It is a technical procedure that is used to define duties, responsibilities and accountabilities of a job.  Job Specification: The minimum acceptable qualification that a job incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully is called as Job Specification.  Job Description: A written statement of what job holder does, how it is done and why it is done is called Job Description.  Job Evaluation and Compensation; Jobs ranked in terms of their overall worth to an organization or compared with jobs in other firms for
  17. 17. purpose of equity.  Recruitment: Recruiting is the discovering of potential for actual or anticipating vacancies. HRP Process: HR Planning Process
  18. 18. Forecasting HR Requirements: It is the strength of mind for the demand of people of types and skills for given period in the future (may be up to five years. The estimate also requires some calculation work for the supply of people whom will be available for the selected periods. The supply is composed of two parts. Step-1 It is estimation of number and type of employees presently on the payroll, who will be available at the end of the chosen period? Step-2 It is that portion which must be recruited extremely. Employee Recruitment and Selection: The employee recruitment process begins with an apparent need to obtain a person performing some job. Commonly Department Heads submit a written request to the HR department stating the need and requirements of the job. The position should be defined in term of its jobs
  19. 19. description and job specification. This process should be integrated with the Human Resource plan of the organization. Sources of Recruitments: Recruitment is the development and maintenance of adequate manpower resource. It involves the creation of a pool of available labour from which the organization can draw, when it needs additional employees. One convenient way of classifying the source of supply is to divide the source into two categories. Internal Sources: When a particular job vacancy is generated then it can be filled by transferring or promoting one of the employees available within the company to that post. If management wants to fill the vacancy from existing work force, then it can be done through one of the following three procedures: Informal Search Skill Inventory Job Posting
  20. 20. External Sources: If there is to be a net addition to the size of the work force then, of course someone will have to be employed from outside of the organization i.e. from open market work force place. Depending upon management policy, the type of jobs involves and the nature of labour market, management have options available for obtaining people from outside of the organization. Employment Agencies Unsolicited Applicants Labour Unions School, Colleges and Universities Advertisement Employee Referrals Training and Development: PARCO Human Resource Departments manage their own training function and have varying levels of responsibility to do this effectively. Management formulates departmental training policies and draws up
  21. 21. training and development plans to support departmental missions, objectives and values. Future HR Planning: PARCO is an organization that is always ahead of its time and environment. The leadership of PARCO is aware of the fact that real power lies in continuous improvement. Using this philosophy they have cha lked out a road map for PARCO to success. Conclusions: Conclusions are often the most difficult part of any report to write. It is your chance to have the last word on the subject. In short, one can say that Human Resource Department (Services Department) is meant to:  Assist and hold up in all matters related to services of employee’s starting from the induction process in the company to his last day in service and still afar.  This department is also accountable for maintenance of service records of employees. i.e. Transfers, postings, maintain seniority, handling grievances, etc.
  22. 22.  It is the responsibility of this department to facilitate all employees up to best level as per company policy.  The significance of the Human Resource can be narrated by the reality that the developments in human performance and awareness during beginning of last century have forced business enterprises worldwide for penetrating and development in human resource management.  Today there is no company in the world, big or small, which can prosper without good HR setup. It is HR department, who facilitate and guide for quality difference from place to place. It is the creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of PARCO Management to develop their employees. Their skills are continually getting better due to their on the job, off job exposure and practical experience, PARCO can really superb in its field. Other important feature to make public here is the conscientiousness share of Corporate Head Quarter in strengthening of PARCO.