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September 2011 etpa

  1. 1. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth September 2011 Issue #27Egyptian thE World travElHeritage aWards africa and indian ocEan 2011Music Sharm El Sheikh – Sept. 16, 2011 Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the World Travel Awards Africa and Indian Ocean 2011 will take place at the Savoy International Sharm El Sheikh resort on the RedSea. The awards are regarded as the pinnacle of achievement that a travel product could hope to receive and serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. For several days, the travel professionals who promote Egyptian tourism in Europe, Russia, Ukraine will be focusing on Egypt’s tourism and experiencing its benefits in the Sharm El Sheikh resort. The WTA’s decision to hold this prestigious event in Sharm El Sheikh is a demonstration of their faith in the swift recovery of Egypt’s tourist industry. Also, the WTA is urging the travel trade and holidaymakers to follow suit by supporting Egypt’s tourism industry and Sharm El Sheikh in particular. Folk music in Egypt is composed of many varied types of In choosing Sharm El Sheikh, the WTA says Egypt’smusical expressions and specialized instruments, stemming from remarkable resilience ensures it will bounce back. Thethe multitude of the different peoples that call Egypt home. As WTA points to Egypt’s “incredible array of attractionssuch, it is impossible to generalize Egyptian folk music, as the from the Pyramids of Giza and the temples of Luxor toidentity changes drastically from the south to the north, and the the spectacular diving and beaches of the Red Sea.east to the west. The beautiful tribal music of the Bedouins of Sinai The decision to support Egypt by continuing with theis worlds away from the harmonious and string-instrument heavy scheduled World Travel Awards event will contributesounds of the North Coast, as are the Nubian influenced melodies to a fast tourism recovery and Sharm El Sheikh will prove an excellent host for the event. Live Colors Egyptof Southern Egypt and the traditional beats of the Delta region.The wide diversity of folk music that is original to Egypt is a powerfultestament to the country’s widespread cultural richness. The Savoy is spread over 200,000 m² of lush tropical foliage, waterfalls and serene surroundings, and lies Folk music is a vital backbone to the Egyptian identity, as the at the heart of the spectacular White Knight Beach.various instruments and performers carry with them a wealth of The area is renowned for its natural beauty, with aheritage that has been passed on through generations. The music, rich variety of flora and fauna, desert and majesticwhile also pleasing to listen and dance along to, is a unique link mountains. The hotel is 8 km from Sharm El Sheikhto old traditions and cultural beliefs and practices. Beginning International Airport and a few minutes’ drive to thein the 1950’s and 1960’s, with the introduction of pop music to center of Sharm and Naama Bay, which are servedthe Egyptian musical scene, folk music became increasingly by shuttle buses, limousines and taxis. Mount Sinai,marginalized and forgotten to the point where many urbanized St. Catherine’s Monastery, Dahab, the ColouredEgyptians were completely unfamiliar with the traditional sounds Canyon and Pharaoh’s Island are within easy reach.of their roots. September . 2011 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter The center was officially founded in 2000 and since then, Tannoura show The Egyptian Flute (Mezmar) has been actively supporting a large and varied number of bands. The most famous of these is El Tanbura, who perform a mix of old folk songs that are native to their hometown of Port Said. The members consist of an eccentric array of men, both young and old, from different backgrounds. The veteran singers and musicians dance and sing along to the beat of traditional percussion instruments and the melodious simsimiyya, a string instrument that resembles a lyre. The infectious and entertaining songs performed by El Tanbura date back to the early 1930’s, when the simsimiyya was first introduced to musicians in Port Said. Rango music with traditional instruments In recent years however, Cairo has become the epicenter for a folk music revival, as part of a growing trend to preserve Egyptian musical heritage and ensure its continued presence in the future. With many cultural centers now playing host to folk music singers and performers, there is a steady stream of nightly shows throughout the year; bringing Wekalet El Ghouri shows together the various sounds of Egypt for an increasingly larger following. a collective of musicians, poets and storytellers from the is accomplished by joining traditional songs and vocal With so many types of folk music performances to choose Sinai desert. The band blends together the sounds of the elements with modern instruments such as saxophones from, it can be a little overwhelming to decide what shows simsimiyya, traditional drums like the tabla, desert flutes, and guitars. to see! Luckily, there are certain music centers and troupes and their namesake: salvaged jerry-cans that were left in that have come to the forefront of the revival movement the desert after the 1967 war. Together with their songs that Finally, perhaps one of the most commonly recognized in Cairo, as they have proven to be popular among recount old Arabian tribes and mystical Bedouin folklore, forms of Egyptian folk music is the Sufi, or whirling dervishes. audiences for their authentic – and often very lively – shows. the metallic ringing of the jerry-cans produces a one-of- El Mastaba supports the Abou El Gheit whirling dervishes, a-kind sound that audiences love. NobaNoor, which was who combine Sudanese and Egyptian music to create One of the most well known centers leading the folk music founded in 1962, offers a nearly unchanged repertoire of the tantalizing sounds that they whirl to. Used as a tool to revival is El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music. classic Nubian songs. Revolving around topics such as love induce spiritual awakening, Sufi music is unlike any of the and cultivation and harvesting, the beautifully sung songs other folk music in Egypt, as it combines dance with song, of NobaNoor are always accompanied by the traditional with the goal of achieving a state of spiritual meditation. Aboul Gheit Troupe Nubain drum, the ‘duff,’ which is made from goatskin and The Sama’Khana, or the Sufi Theatre, provides a venue for wood. weekly whirling dervish shows. Set in an old 19th century building, the Sufi Theatre is an excellent choice for authentic Another respected center that supports folk music Sufi music acts. The golf courses in El Gouna performers is the Egyptian Center for Culture and Art (ECCA). The ECCA successfully coordinated the efforts For further information on the locations and times of Another El Mastaba supported band with an immense and talents of several musicians from the Nile Delta region performances, please refer to the following contact following are Rango. Rango is actually the name of an to form the band known as Mawawil. The name of the information: instrument that is very similar to a xylophone and originates band stems from the word mawwal, which is a narrative Live Colors Egypt from Sudan. Following the conquest of Sudan by Egypt ballad. Performing classic peasant songs from the Egyptian El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk MusicLive Colors Egypt in the early 19th century, Southern Sudanese slaves and countryside, Mawawil provides an outlet for some of the Telephone: +(202) 2 3926768 laborers were brought to Egypt in large numbers, bringing most familiar and well-known folk songs in Egyptian society. Website: their culture with them. One of the lasting influences of Accompanied by very traditional instruments such as the Email: this era is the Rango and its addictive rhythmic beats. ‘arghoul,’ a double clarinet, Mawawil has proven to be a Customarily played at weddings, the Rango is typically hugely successful heritage endeavor. Egyptian Center for Culture and Art accompanied by singing and other traditional instruments. Telephone: +(202) 7920878 The band contains a total of three Rangos, and has almost The ECCA has also introduced their latest collaborative Website: single-handedly been responsible for keeping the art alive. efforts in the form of a group known as Nass Makan. Email: Musicians representing several types of folk music, from the Two other unique bands that are supported by El countryside to Sudanese influenced, compose this unique Sama’Khana – Sufi Theatre Mastaba are the Nubian band, NobaNoor, and the Bedouin performing group. Perhaps what is most unique about the Telephone: +(202) 5107806 band, known as the Bedouin Jerry-Can Band. The latter is group is their combining of the new and the old, which Address: 31 El Siyuifiah Street, Helmiyya Gedida. 2 September . 2011 September . 2011 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter hilton hotEls & rEsorts fridays at pEtEr andrE opEns rEsort ovErlooking dusit thani to hold a concErt rEd sEa in marsa alam lakEviEW in sharm El shEikh Dusit Thani LakeView is launching Hilton Hotels & Resorts has opened its first resort in Egypt’s Marsa Alam the new “Dusit Friday Brunch” for the region. Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort, a 370-room resort overlooking entire family. The hotel is offering an entire special program, as well as a September 2nd, at 9 pm the Red Sea, is the seventeenth Hilton Hotels & Resorts property in Egypt. buffet that includes a wide variety in Soho Square The resort is part of an integrated mixed-use development, which includes of different dishes, barbecues and an entertainment village, a congress center and a residential town. Hilton other food corners like a Thai Corner, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt’s leading Red Sea des- Marsa Alam Nubian Resort is specifically designed to reflect the ancient a Pasta Corner, a Fresh Fruit Corner tination, will play host to singer-songwriter Peter history and heritage of the Nubian culture, which dominated this area of and a Sushi Bar, to name a few. Andre. This will be one of his first concerts to Egypt for centuries. promote the release of his new single Perfect A program for kids is also available Nile. Andre will perform at the award-winning Marsa Alam is emerging as a key leisure destination in Egypt. The 2001 and includes face painting, dancing, Soho Square, a venue voted ‘World Leading opening of Marsa Alam Airport has seen tourism become increasingly important to this relatively unspoiled area. A favorite with divers as well as holidaymakers seeking peaceful tranquility, Marsa Alam is rapidly electronic games, dough sculpting, and many more. Egypt to HoSt Entertainment Centre 2010’ by World Travel Awards. becoming a popular destination for travellers. offIcIal World Andre has a successful career in music, achieving four top UK albums and ten top singles. He wrote his first song ‘Dream a tourISm day Little’ when he was 13 years old and by the time he was 16, he had written many songs. He had a top 50 single in the United fEStIvItIES Kingdom which gained success with the song ‘Mysterious Girl’ which reached number 2 in the UK singles chart. His last single was in 1998 before taking a long break from his music career. Egypt has been selected to host the prestigious He returned to the British media with a stint on the British real- final United Nations’ World Tourism Day which takes ity TV series ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’. Capitalising place every year on 27 September. This day on his resurgent popularity, he released his hit song ‘Mysterious is celebrated by the UN as a way to promote Girl’ in 2004, which reached number 1, eight years after it was awareness among the international community of originally released. His career in singing kept escalating with shoW of the significance of tourism and its social, cultural, many singles and albums that were on top of the charts. political and economic values. faWanEEs Peter Andre also ventured in other businesses, where he The Egyptian city of Aswan will host the event released fragrances for men and women. In 2010, he released under the theme, “Tourism – Linking Cultures.” a book, ‘My World: In Pictures and Words”. The book reached ramadan The celebrations will feature a High-Level Think number two on the UK book charts and stayed there for a num- Tank, which will lead discussions revolving around ber of weeks. the theme by leaders from the tourism industry, academia and media. Sharm El Sheikh is a resort with one of the best beaches on fEstival the Red Sea. There are many hotels from budget to five star “We are very honored to be hosting the official ones, promenades with side walk cafes and cocktail bars, as celebrations of World Tourism Day 2011 in Egypt. well as a casino and several venues for family entertainment. 2011 Tourism is one of the most important sectors of Many concerts and events are held there, making this resort an our society, representing 12% of our GDP in 2010 all-year popular one. Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt and responsible for one in every seven jobs. World Tourism Day is an excellent opportunity to raise Sharm El Sheikh is also known for being one of the best water awareness around the world of this vital economic sports destinations. Diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other sector and its contribution to social, economic and water sports, are some of the major activities that it is popular The final Fawanees Festival event will be at E Gezirah environmental well-being worldwide and in Egypt for. Underwater protectorates, where there are unique aquatic gardens in Zamalek, on the second day of the Fitr Feast, in particular,” said the Minister of Tourism of Egypt, life and coral reefs are the best in the world. For those who seek starting from 2 pm. The festival will last until 10 pm and Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour. other activities, tourists will not have a moment’s boredom as the will present Nass Makan and Salalem bands. Winners list is endless, from golfing, horse riding, desert safaris, shopping of “You Are Egypt” competition will be presenting their The event will take place at the Cataract Hotel, and great nearby antiquity attractions. talent to the audience, over and above Folkloric shows which is built in the Nubian Desert on the banks of and a special program for children, plus laser and the Nile. magician shows. 4 September . 2011 September . 2011 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter calEndar Time: 9 pm • Music Concert Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Samaey Band Time: 9 pm. Opera Show until September 29th • Art Exhibition September Paintings by artist Reda Abdel Small Theater, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., Sunday 25th Salam – Known as a painter for that Alexandria. pays strict attention to human and Tel: (03) 483 9999 • Animation Film Forum Un Ballo the preservation of the Egyptian musical and lyrical legacy by aesthetic content when creating his work, Salam has an extensive Time: 8 pm “Persepolis” – Directed by Marjane Satrapi (France). in Maschera presenting this heritage to the public in a traditional setting. Nass Makan experience in field formations of sculpture. Sunday 18th Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., Troupe brings together the greatest • Photographic Exhibition Alexandria. musicians of Egypt and Sudan on Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center, 5 Tahrir St., (In Echoes – “Photographs From the Tel: (03) 483 9999 stage with a new sound. front of the Cairo Opera House). Collection”. A group exhibition by Time: 7 pm 26 photographers from the gallery’s 22-29 Sept. Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St., El Dawaween. Time: Exhibition until September 17th archival collection. Wednesday 28th Tel: (02) 2792 0878 except 24 Time: 9 pm Sunday 11th The Photographic Gallery, American University in • Lecture Main Hall Cairo Cairo. Martial Law in Egypt during the Wednesday 7th • Documentary Film Forum Tel: (02) 2615 5318 Second World War – Eric Schewe, Opera House 9/11: 10 years – “Recycle” (Jordan). Time: Exhibition until October 20th. Gallery hours: ARCE Fellow, University of Michigan • Folklore Music Directed by Mahmoud El Massad Sunday through Thursday, 10 am to 5.30 pm Mazaher Troupe – The Troupe brings American Research Center, 2 Simon Bolivar St., together the greatest musicians in Zar Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., Monday 19th Garden City, downtown Cairo. and other traditional song styles. Alexandria. Tel: (02) 2795 8683 One of the most famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi, the greatest Italian opera Tel: (03) 483 9999 • Music Concerts Time: 6 pm composer of the 19th century. The Opera is in three acts with text by Antonio Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St., El Dawaween. Time: 7 pm Taxi Band Somma. It was completed in 1859 and tells the true story of Swedish King Gustavus Tel: (02) 2792 0878 Thursday 29th III, who was shot in 1792 at a masked ball in Stockholm. As the censor in Naples Time: 9 pm Tuesday 13th Small Theater, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., protested that the assassination of a king could not be shown on stage, Verdi was Alexandria. • Music Concert forced to change the locale from 18th century, Stockholm to 17th century Boston Thursday 8th • Folklore Music Tel: (03) 483 9999 El Masreyeen Group – Iman Younes and also the main character from King Gustavus III to Count Riccardo. Nass Makan Troupe – Nass Makan Time: 7 pm and Hany Shnouda, accompanied • Music Concert Troupe brings together the greatest by the BA Orchestra. A selection of Un Ballo in Maschera is a masterpiece of variety of style; it blends tragedy and Live Music – Wust El Balad Band musicians of Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday 21st the most celebrated songs of the 80s comedy, lightness, drama and humor. The opera’s success lies in its delicate balance stage with a new sound. in addition to some favorite Egyptian of musical personalities. It is notable for the shortness and intensity of its princi- Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St., Agouza. • Lecture songs by veteran singers. pal arias and the absence of grand design. The opera begins with a short Prelude Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St., El Dawaween. Burning of the Opera House – illustrated by ballet dancers. It includes many famous numbers; the tenor-aria “La Time: 9 pm Tel: (02) 2792 0878 Film screening and discussion with Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., rivedrà nell’ estasi” in act I, the baritone-aria “Eri tu che macchiavi quell’anima” Time: 9 pm Cinematographer Kamal Abdel Aziz. Alexandria. in act III and the soprano-aria, “Consentimi, O Signore” one of Verdi’s simple but • Folklore Music Tel: (03) 483 9999 effective melodic arches. NoobaNor – Nubian Music. Wednesday 14th American Research Center, 2 Simon Bolivar St., Time: 8 pm Garden City, downtown Cairo. El Tanbura Hall, 30a El balqsa St., Abdin, • Folklore Music Tel: (02) 2795 8683 • Folklore Music Thursday 1st Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St., Agouza. downtown Cairo. Mazaher Troupe – The Troupe brings Time: 6 pm Rango Music – Egyptian and Tel: (02) 3346 1071 Tel: (2010) 317 1762 together the greatest musicians in Zar Sudanese Zar. • Art Exhibitions Time: 9 pm Time: 9 pm and other traditional song styles. Thursday 22nd Figurative Practices – Showcasing El Tanbura Hall, 30a El Balqsa St., Abdin, both paintings and sculptures that Sunday 4th Saturday 10th Makan, 1 Saad Zaghloul St., El Dawaween. • Folklore Music downtown Cairo. will provide a lively walk through the Tel: (02) 2792 0878 Abul Gheit Dervishes – Sufi music Tel: (0210) 317 1762 cultural interpretations and visions of • Short Film Forum • Music Concerts and Abu El Gheit Zar. Live Colors Egypt Time: 9 pm Time: 9 pmLive Colors Egypt the most imminent Egyptian artists. 9/11: 10 years – 11 films by 11 Sweet Sound and BA Orchestra – directors (France) Conductor Mounir Nasr El Din. Thursday 15th El Tanbura Hall, 30a El Balqsa St., Abdin, Friday 30th Al Masar Gallery, Baehler’s Mansions, 157b, 26 downtown Cairo. July St., Zamalek. Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St., • Folklore Music Tel: (0210) 317 1762 • Music Concert Tel: (02) 2736 8537 Alexandria. Alexandria. El Tanbura – Simsimyya’s songs. Time: 9 pm National Arabic Music Group – Time: Exhibition until September 25th Tel: (03) 483 9999 Tel: (03) 483 9999 Arabic classic music Time: 7 pm Time: 7 pm El Tanbura Hall, 30a El Balqsa St., Abdin, Saturday 24th Alexandria Opera House Saturday 3rd downtown Cairo. Tel: (03) 480 0138 Tuesday 6th Omar Khairat – Soloist piano Tel: (2010) 317 1762 • Music Concert Time: 9 pm • Music Concert Time: 9 pm Cairo Symphony Orchestra Oriental Night – Ashara Gharby • Folklore Music Cairo Opera House - Main Hall Nass Makan Troupe – Makan seeks Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Saturday 17th Cairo Opera House, Main Hall 6 September . 2011 September . 2011 7