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October 2011 etpa


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Egyptian tourism promotion authority
Egypt this Month

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October 2011 etpa

  1. 1. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth Ocotber 2011 Issue #28 Egypt’s Egypt rEigns in World Ethnic travEl aWards africa & indian ocEans 2011 handicrafts The resilience of Egypt’s travel and tourism industry has been acknowledged at the gala ceremony hosted by the World Travel Awards in SOHO Square, with a number of Egyptian tourist attractions, hotels and organisations emerging victorious at the WTA 2011 Africa & Indian Ocean Ceremony on 16 September 2011. Winners included the Pyramids of Giza, which beat off stiff competition from Victoria Falls, the Serengeti National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro to win “Africa’s Leading Attraction.” Egyptian tourist authority also won “Africa’s leading marketing campaign, while “Sharm El Sheikh was nominated as “Africa’s Leading Beach Destination” and Soho Square as “Africa’s leading Entertainment center.” Additionally, Abercrombie & Kent won “Africa’s leading luxury Tour operator,” Four Season’s Sharm El Sheikh won “Africa’s leading Luxury Resort,” Savoy Sharm El Sheikh won “Africa’s leading Resort”, and finally, Sonesta Nile Cruises won “Africa’s Leading River Cruise Company.” Moreover, Egypt Air won “Africa’s Leading Live Colors Egypt The different regions in Egypt are each characterized by Business Class Airline.”handicrafts that are unique to the communities in which they are Other blue ribbon winners included Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna, as “Africa’s Leadingproduced. These are appealing and unique products for buyers Beach Hotel,” Kempinski Nile as “Africa’s leadingand make great gifts to take back home. City Hotel,” Jolie Ville Golf & Resort as “Africa’s Leading Golf Resort” and Savoy Group asPottery from Al Nazla “Africa’s Leading Hotel & Leisure Management Al Nazla is located about 35 km northwest of Fayoum and is Company.”The industry’s elite, ministers, touristvery famous for its utilitarian, rustic-looking style of pottery that board chiefs and CEOs of blue-chip travelhas been a part of Egyptian life since the beginning of time. At companies, traveled from across Africa andthis potter’s paradise, work is carried out according to very old the Indian Ocean to attend the glittering galaand traditional methods that have remained relatively unchanged ceremony, which was headlined by Lebanesesince the Pharaonic period. music sensation Carole Samaha. October . 2011 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter in Egypt for the weaved scarves produced by the women Embroidery from Siwa there. To commemorate special occasions like marriages and the birth of children, Sudanese women adorn AmerIcAn ActOr themselves with long, flowing scarves traditionally referred to as “ferkas,” and for centuries Egyptian weavers in Al SeAn Penn Naqada were the main source for the beautiful scarves. Originally the “ferka” was woven with a cotton and silk In cAIrO blend of yarn. In the last 50 years, however, artificial fibers have been introduced into the blend in order to increase the brightness of the fabric. The “ferkas” display distinctive geometrical patterns, which set them apart from other traditional motifs and fabrics of nearby towns. They come in different materials and shapes, such as shiny viscose or crisp, matte cotton. Tally from Upper Egypt A few hundred artisans from around 40 families compose the backbone of the Nazla Pottery production, making larger pieces like “zeer” (or amphora), “boukla” and the “hinab,” which is used to keep water, cheese and milk cool in the smoldering sun of the oasis. The pieces are made using clay and either ash or straw shavings, which makes them surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. The molding of the pieces requires skill and patience as the ball of clay has to be manually rolled and shaped with a wide pestle on a bed of sawdust. Each piece takes a couple of days to dry under the sun, and once the artisan has created enough pottery pieces to fill his oven, he bakes them at a temperature of at least 700 °C. H.E. the Egyptian Minister of tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abd El-Nour, invited American actor Sean Penn to visit Cairo. Apart from the larger pieces, the potters also produce Egyptian Actor Khaled El-Nabawy, who convinced him to pots that can be used for cooking. Double duty ovens, like visit Egypt, accompanied Penn in his three days tour. Penn the “shawaya,” with its removable top, can double as a stated that his visit to Egypt aims at showing the world that furnace and a barbecue grill. Some of the more complex Egypt is a safe destination. items that the artisans produce are room heaters, called “men’ad,” which are designed to quickly warm up a room US star Sean Penn joined protests in Tahrir Square on on chilly winter evenings. Friday, and continued his Cairo tour, visiting the main tourist destinations, the Egyptian museum, the Pyramids in Giza, Scarves from Al Naqada Egyptian Tally is associated with the women of Upper the main Coptic and Islamic sites, the religious complex, Egypt, particularly from the governorates of Assiut and Moez Street and El-Sultan Hassan Mosque. Sohag. The word Tally comes from “tulle,” a sturdy mesh-like fabric made originally with hammered silver or gold strips, Penn expressed his content to visit Tahrir square, the which are embroidered directly into the fabric. Siwa has a long standing tradition of equisite epicenter and iconic landmark of the Egyptian Revolution. embroidered garments and stunning silver jewelry. The Penn called on people from around the world and specially The motifs on the Tally fabric are representative of the Siwan girls learn to embroider from a very young age and Americans to visit Egypt, which he described as having Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt lifestyle and values found in Upper Egypt, and depict events are expected to produce their own wedding trousseau, unique touristic and archaeological value. such as marriage (images of brides and grooms), religion in part as an exhibition of their skills in this revered (Islamic and Christian symbols), folk beliefs (objects such traditional craft. Siwan mothers teach their daughters and The 50-year-old Penn was born in Saint Monaco in as amulets and talismanic symbols), nature (water, stars, granddaughters how to sew, embroider and embellish California and comes from a family of artists. He was palm trees and animals) and other various motifs related many different hand-woven fabrics from Upper Egypt, to nominated five times for the Academy Award as best actor to daily life. produce ornamented garments like gowns, cloaks and and won twice, for the film “Mystic River” and for his role in trousers. Of the dazzling garments that are produced by the film “Milk”. In addition to his contributions as an actor Today, the craft is used in a more commercialized context, the women, are the ones made from white cotton and and a producer, Penn is also known for his social activism. with the embroidered fabric being applied onto household black silk. Each is intricately embroidered with small red, Penn played a role in the relief operation sent after the Haiti accessories. So, in addition to traditional scarves, dresses orange and black designs that radiate from a central disc earthquake and intervened for the release of Americans Al Naqada is a town on the west bank of the Nile in the and shawls, Tally is used with furniture and home decor, such placed over the chest, and embellished with mother-of- arrested in Iran and accused of espionage. Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena. It is widely known as screens, curtains, lamp shades, cushions and bed covers. pearl buttons and amulets. 2 October . 2011 October . 2011 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Jewelry from Siwa decorated with liquid gold and made with brightly colored Nubian basketry today is still incredibly similar to ancient stained glass, making them exceptionally beautiful. Nubian basketry, which dates back to the early Pharaonic era. Using palm leaves, the makers of this craft are able Egypt’s oasEs and Bedouin embroidery from Northern Sinai to create all shapes and sizes of baskets, including more complicated ones with functional lids and tops. The WEstErn dEsErt host predominant colors of the baskets are usually the natural beige, interspersed with shades of dark red and bright blues 29th pharaohs and greens. However, the style and look of the basket is also a personal thing, and some craftsmen may make them rally 2011 more traditional in appearance, or more bright and vibrant, depending on their preference or the market demand. Given the vast range of shapes and sizes of Nubian baskets, they can be used for both decorative and functional purposes in the household. Carved wooden figurines from Upper Egypt Under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Siwan jewelry is equally as striking as its embroidered the 29th World Pharaohs Rally 2011 is scheduled for 3-8 counterpart. It is very Berber in nature and incorporates October. The International Rally will be supervised by the Amazigh designs similar to those of North Africa. Delicate Embroidery made by the Bedouins of Northern Sinai is Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, Automobile and yet robust, Siwan necklaces, headdresses, bracelets and very unique looking and easily identifiable. Composed Touring Club of Egypt “EATCE,” Fédération Internationale rings are fashioned from silver and embroidered leather of geometric patterns and with predominant colors like de l’Automobile (FIA) and Fédération Internationale and accented with coral, mother-of-pearl, amber, shells bright blue and red, this style of embroidery is specific to de Motocylisme (FIM) in cooperation with the Egyptian and other natural materials. the region. Traditionally, the Bedouin women create dresses Federation of Motor Sports “EFMS.” with this pattern in the days preceding their wedding day, In Siwa, the jewelery holds significance beyond its however, they now make numerous crafts using this same As usual, the rally competitions will take place in the beauty. For example, the commercially popular necklaces design for the commercial market; Pillows, throws, frames unique Western Desert of Egypt, known for its variant composed of large flat silver discs encircled with a thick and oven mitts are just some of the many popular products topographic features and loved by desert sports fans for its silver coil in the shape of a sun disc are regarded as fertility that these talented women create. unique combination of flat solid lands, dunes, gravel lands, charms, and are worn only by unwed Siwan girls. depressions, heights, plains and valleys. Woven baskets from Nubia Usually the necklaces are finely decorated with With a total distance of 2,799km, the 2011 Pharaohs Rally geometric and natural patterns that often feature fish, will take place in six phases. Phase 1 (432km) begins from a symbol of fertility. On the night before her wedding, a the Pyramids Panorama to the Rally’s actual start point at Siwan bride-to-be passes the necklace to the next eligible Kilometer 98, on 6th of October Road, Bahareya Oasis. female of her family, transmitting a piece of family history and Siwan culture. Made from a wood known as “sersewa” in Arabic, This year, 25 countries will be taking part in the rally, with traditionally handmade wooden figurines are of a warm around 610 racers, technicians and administrators from Blown glass from Cairo light brown color, with streaks of honey shading. Primarily Italy, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt The Romans introduced glass blowing to Egypt during produced in select villages across Upper Egypt, these Republic, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, UK, Denmark, the New Kingdom period. Following figurines are hand carved and smoothed to perfection Holland, USA, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, this, Egypt became the predominant before they are put on the market for buyers. Typically New Zealand, Bahrain, KSA and Egypt. glass blowing producer in the region depicting animals such as ducks or fish, the figurines are and remnants of Egyptian made glass primarily for a decorative purpose. Since the establishment of the Egyptian Federation vessels have been discovered in the of Motor Sports, the Pharaohs Rally is considered one of areas that now compose modern Syria However, the makers of this unique Egyptian craft have Egypt’s largest rally championships, which includes Egyptian and Palestine. Glass blowing is still alive also started producing serving platters, dishes, nut bowls, Rally Cup, Desert Challenge Rally and the Pharaohs Rally. and well in Cairo today, and Egypt is and several other similar objects that can function as In all tournaments, points are awarded to the participating still revered for its beautiful glass blown household items. The fish shaped serving platters and duck Egyptian teams, which will be recognized in a celebration products, particularly the per fume nut bowls are particularly popular items among buyers, and and award ceremony at the end of the rally this year. bottles. Per fume bottles are often can be found in craft stores throughout Egypt’s major cities. 4 October . 2011 October . 2011 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Other Handicraft items produced in Egypt remIx 2011 Copper plates and ornaments hOStS twO cOncertS In ASwAn To support tourism in Egypt, the Aga Khan Cultural Foundation and Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Cultural Resource) launched the Remix music workshop 2011 from September 18th to 30th, under the leadership of Egyptian music director Fathy Salama and Lebanese composer and Oud player Charbel Rouhana. Two concerts were held in Aswan and Cairo Copper goods are found in abundance in Egypt and the featuring 17 musicians from Egypt, the Arab making of them is a fascinating process to watch while you countries and Central Asia. Over and above, are visiting one of the many touristic bazaars. With a small daily workshops and creative exchange sessions chisel, the artisan labors for hours, etching designs on small took place in Aswan until September 28th. round plates and serving trays, producing admirable and Since 1952, two generations of weavers have developed The event was launched to support talented intricate works with Pharaonic or floral designs. in the Art Center, located in Harrania, near Giza. The musicians and music educators to preserve, tapestry is a unique creation of art produced in wool and transmit and further develop their musical Clay figurines cotton on a loom, depicting the life of the Egyptian villager. heritage in contemporary forms. Where to find Egyptian crafts: Bedouin Market 15 Rd. 231 FOreIgn Degla, Maadi, Cairo Tel: 25210152, 0122286084 excAvAtIOnS port said airport rEcEivEs Fair Trade Egypt tO reSume first Egyptair In egyPt 27 Yehia Ibrahim St., Apt 8 Zamalek, Cairo Tel: 27365123 ExprEss flight Om El Donia In recent weeks, a large number of foreign 3 Talaat Harb St.,1st Floor archaeological missions have returned to Egypt’s The new project to upgrade the Port Said Airport was inaugurated Found at many craft stores, these small or medium Downtown, Cairo sandy deserts to resume their excavation activities, by Mr. Lotfi Mostafa Kamal, Minister of Civil Aviation. The event sized clay figurines often depict the every day life of an Tel: 23938273 after initially leaving during the post-revolution coincided with the first EGYPTAIR Express flight between Cairo and Egyptian. The figurines are molded, shaped and fired, then security vacuum. Port Said, which took off on 19 September. finely painted with small brushes. Some of the most popular Khan Misr Touloun Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt depictions are that of the fruit sellers, the newspapermen 17 Ahmed Ibn Tulun Square Seventy-five missions so far have been granted A press conference was held to announce the new features and peasant women balancing baskets of goods on their Islamic Cairo permission after filing requests to return to continue of the airport, which include more capacity for the arrival and heads. A set of three or four of the figurines comprises a Tel: 23652227 their projects, according to Mohamed Ismail, departure halls, new comfortable seats for passengers, new central charming gift to take back home. Director of the Permanent Committee and Foreign air-conditioning, as well as improved tarmacs and runways. The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center Missions Affairs at the Supreme Council of Antiquities renovation project cost LE12 million. Weaved Tapestry at Ramses Wissa Wassef Harrania Village, Sakkara Road (SCA). The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center is home to a unique El Haram, Giza Mr. Kamal said, “Launching the new Cairo-Port Said line, which experiment in tapestry weaving that has produced Tel: 33815746, 33815403 Ismail also noted that improvements in security operates twice a week every Thursday and Sunday via EGYPTAIR extraordinary works admired and collected by museums have greatly encouraged foreign missions to return Express, comes in light of a cooperation protocol between EGYPTAIR and galleries around the world. The life work of founder Mounaya to Egypt, and added that an additional 15 requests and the governorate of Port Said. It is also in response to the Ramses Wissa Wassef was dedicated to releasing the 14 Montazah Street, Zamalek from foreign excavation teams from the USA and demands of the locals, as well as to boost tourism and business in innate creativity of young Egyptian villagers. Tel: 0108882686 other countries have been received by the SCA. the area.” 6 October . 2011 October . 2011 7
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter cAlendAr El Tanbura Hall, 30A Al Balaqsa St. Abdeen Dance Theater Maaike Draoer-Albers Tel: +(202) 239 2676 Time: 9 pm Gomhouria Theater, Abdeen Square World of Art Gallery, 6, Road 77c, Golf Area, Maadi Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Tel: +(202) 2359 4362 October Friday 7th Time: 8 pm. Show until October 19th Time: Opening at 7 pm and continues until October 30th Italian Cultural Institute, 3 El Sheikh El Marsafy • Music St. Zamalek Flute & Piano Recital - Rania Yehia Wednesday 12th • Music Greek Music Tel: +(202) 2735 8791 Cairo Symphony Orchestra - enseMble Time: 6 pm Small Hall, Cairo Opera House • Music Mahler, Wagner and Bruckner works. Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Boogie Night - DJ Ramy Conductor: Jiri Petrdlik en chordais Monday 3rd Time: 8 pm Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Main Hall, Cairo Opera House • Documentary Film Electro Night - DJ Carlos Tel: +(202) 3346 1071 Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Al Fagoumy - A discussion between Time: 9 pm Time: 8 pm poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, Sheikh Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Emam and cartoonist Heggazi. Tel: +(202) 3346 1071 Sunday 16th Arabic with English subtitles. Time: 9 pm • Ballet Pyramids and the Revolution Ballet • Film Screening French Institute of Egypt, Madrasset El Huqquq El Salalem Band - Egyptian sarcastic - Cairo Opera Ballet Company and Fiction Film Forum - Asian Cinema. Ferensia St, Mounira. songs Orchestra Tel: +(202) 2791 5871 Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St. Time: 7 pm El Sawy Wheel, end 26 July St. Zamalek. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Alexandria Tel: +(202) 2736 8881 Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Tel: +(203) 483 9999 30 October • Art Exhibition Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm. Until October 18th Time: 7 pm. Asian Cinema continues until October Small Hall, Cairo Path of Hope - By artists Gamal 19th Opera House Meleka and Alyaa Kamel. Sunday 9th • Folklore El Tanboura El Portsaidya Italian Film Screening - On Safar Khan Art Gallery, 6 Brazil St. Zamalek. • Film Screening Ensemble the occasion of 150 years of En Chordais ensemble is an independent part of the cultural organization based in Tel: +(202) 2735 3314 Italy’s Unity. Film screening of “Ni Thessaloniki. It is active in the domain of multicultural, learned and popular musical Time: Exhibition until Oct. 28th Italian Film Screening - On the Open Air Theater, Cairo Opera House Credevamo”(2010). English subtitles traditions of the Mediterranean, exploring both their creative continuity and their occasion of 150 years of Italy’s Unity. Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 meeting with contemporary musical trends in a fusion mood. Tuesday 4th Film screening of “Allonsanfan” (1973) Time: 8 pm Italian Cultural Institute, 3 El Sheikh El Marsafy English subtitles. St. Zamalek Through an osmotic procedure, the group successfully combines Byzantine and • Jazz Music Abou El Gheit Dervishes Tel:+(202) 2735 8791 art music of the Mediterranean with Greek regional idioms and contemporary music. Funky Tuesday - Michelle Rounds Italian Cultural Institute, 3 El Sheikh El Marsafy Time: 6 pm The ensemble presents a multimedia mosaic dating from the 13th century to today. St. Zamalek El Tanbura Hall, 30A Al Balaqsa St. Abdeen Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Tel: +(202) 2735 8791 Tel: +(202) 239 2676 En Chordais, renowned for extensive research on the musical legacy of the East Tel: +(202) 3346 1071 Time: 6 pm Time: 9 pm. • Art Exhibition .Mediterranean, has entranced audiences in more than 400 concerts all over the world Time: 9 pm New Painting - Yorgos Papageorgiou Monday 10th Friday 14th - Mixed Media on paper. The essence Wednesday 5th of Yorgo’s painting offers some lines, Saturday 1st Time: until November 15th • Music • Music colors and paper, at the same time, • Film Screening AUC Guitar Festival - A week of Virgin Night - DJ KZ the artist is in search of a composition • Art Exhibitions Sunday 2nd Exit Through The Gift Shop - A film concerts and events, including reminiscent of musical composition. Abdel Nasser - The Dream - Works about an amateur French film maker internationally acclaimed classical Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza by distinguished artists who enriched • Film Screening who obsessively tries to document guitar duo, guitar duets and oud, Tel:+(202) 3346 1071 Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Egyptian art. Short Film Forum - Directors from the making of street art by world South American folk-inspired Time: 9 pm 8 Champollion St. Downtown. Syria. renowned graffiti artists. repertory and a dose of the Cairo Live Colors Egypt Tel: +(202) 2578 4494Live Colors Egypt Picasso Gallery. 30 Hassan Assem St. Zamalek. underground band scene. George Kazazian and Sabil Time: 7 pm. Exhibition until November 17th Tel: +(202) 2736 7544 Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St. Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art Ensemble (Switzerland) Time: Exhibition until October 25th Alexandria 10 Nabrawy Street off Champollion Street, Oriental and Ewart Memorial Halls, American Tel: +(203) 483 9999 Downtown - Cairo University Tahrir Square. Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Tuesday 18th Collective Exhibition - Sixty artists Time: 7 pm Tel: +(202) 2576 8086 Tel: +(202) 2615 1221 Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 showing their recent works with Time: 7 pm Time: 8 pm. Also October 12th and 15th Time: 8.30 pm • Music Concert two pioneer artists, pastel painter Italian Film Screening - On the White Lotus Project - George Mohamed Sabry and Portraitist Sabry occasion of 150 years of Italy’s Thursday 6th Saturday 15th Kazzazian. Ragheb. Unity. Film screening of “La Presa di Tuesday 11th Roma”(Black and White 1909) and • Folklore Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St. Duroub Art Gallery, 4 Latin America St. “Viva L’Italia” (1961). English subtitles. Bedouin Jerry-can Band • Modern Dance • Art Exhibition Alexandria Garden City. Desert Gate - Egyptian Modern The Artist Inspired - Paintings by Tel: +(203) 483 9999 Time: 8 pm 8 October . 2011 October . 2011 9
  6. 6. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Extempore Ensemble (Colombia) - Mona Rafla (soprano), A Cappella Baroque music (17th & 18th Centuries) Choir, Choir Master: Maya Gveneria. Conductor: Nayer Nagui. Thursday 27th Sunday 30th BallET Small Hall, Cairo Opera House • Opera • Modern Ballet PyraMids & the Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Time: 8 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 The Impresario - Cairo Opera Company Momix Ballet Company (USA) revolution Time: 8 pm Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Wednesday 19th Until October 18th Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Time: 8 pm • Music Concert Saturday 22nd Time: 8 pm. Also October 28th Also October 31st Musical Trio - Richard Galiano (France) • Music • Folklore • Music Concerts Piano Soloist Gianfranco NobaNoor Band En Chordais - Music Ensemble from Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Pappalardo (Italy) - Conductor Sherif Greece Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Mohie Eldin. El Tanbura Hall, 30A Al Balaqsa St. Abdeen 13,14 & 16-18 Oct Film about amateur Time: 8 pm Tel:+(202) 239 2676 Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Main Hall, Cairo film director, Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St. Time: 9 pm Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Opera House Townhouse Gallery Boogie Night - DJ Misty & Hafez Alexandria Time: 8 pm Tel: +(203) 483 9999 Friday 28th Inspired by the great history of Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Time: 8 pm Monday 31st Egypt, Maurice Bejart in 1990, Tel: +(202) 3346 1071 • Choir premiered the ballet, which is Time: 9 pm Sunday 23rd St. Augustinos Choir & Hymned • Music Concert based on Islamic music and Heart - Egyptian Modern Dance Violin Recital - Pavel Sporcl (Czech followed famous characters Thursday 20th • Film Screening Theater Republic) connected with Egypt from ancient Animation Film Forum to modern days. after more than • Music Gomhouria Theater, Abdeen Square Small Hall, Cairo Opera House ten years since the premiere, Mezzotono-Piccola Orchestra (Italy) Auditorium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby St. Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Tel:+(202) 2739 0132 Erminia and abdel Moneim Kamel - Gomhouria Alexandria Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm present a new production for the Tel: +(203) 483 9999 ballet after adding two scenes that Theater, Abdeen Square Time: 7 pm • Music • Folklore reflect the current events in Egypt. Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Time: 6 pm Electro Friday - DJ Junior AUC Folklore Group - Classical and In his new musical arrangement, Time: 8 pm. Show until October 19th popular Arab musical repertory sung, Tarek Sharara selected musical • Special Events Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza played and danced by AUC student excerpts that resemble Bejart’s • Photography Exhibition Sesame Street Show Tel: +(202) 3346 1071 ensembles under the direction of original choreography. Andre Pelle - Photographer and Time: 9 pm Hassan Farouk, Mohamed Faramawi research engineer at the CNRS Main Hall, Cairo Opera House and Wael El Mahallawy. The ballet shows Bejart’s Institute Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Saturday 29th innovative style combining Time: 8 pm. Show until October 28th Malak Gabr Arts Theater, American University New Western and Eastern cultures Film Screening, French Institute of Egypt French Institute of Egypt, Madrasset El Huqquq El • Music Cairo. with philosophic ideas. His music Ferensia St, Mounira. • Art Solo Recital and Egyptian Tel: Tel: +(202) 2615 1221 shows a wide range of tastes, Tel: +(202) 2791 5871 Project RGB - An experiment with Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Time: 5.30 pm from classical to pop to music Time: 7 pm live footage from inside the studios of concrete and electronic, along with those engaged in the production of Oriental and Memorial Halls, AUC, Downtown. oriental folk and traditional music. • Folklore art in Cairo, projected onto the walls Tel:+(202) 2615 1221 El Tanbura Group of Townhouse’s First Floor. Time: 4 pm Group Exhibition at Duroub Art Gallery El Tanbura Hall, 30A Al Balaqsa St. Abdeen Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art Cairo Symphony Orchestra- Tel: +(202) 239 2676 10 Nabrawy Street off Champollion Street, Barberm Haydn and Tchaiskovsky Works. Soloist and conductor: Yasser Live Colors Egypt Time: 9 pm Downtown - CairoLive Colors Egypt Tel: +(202) 2576 8086 El Serafi Friday 21st Time: Opening at 7 pm. Exhibition until November 9th Small Hall, Cairo Opera House • Music Tel: +(202) 2739 0132 Messotono-Piccola Orchestra (Italy) Monday 24th Time: 8 pm Until October 18th Alexandria • Music Opera House Soopar Lox Jakub Urban Trio - Czech Republic Tel: +(203) 480 0138 Time: 8 pm Cairo Jazz Club, 197, 26th July St. Agouza Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Tel:+(202) 3346 1071 Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Cairo Symphony Orchestra- Ravel, Time: 9 pm Time: 8.30 pm Artist Alyaa Kamel at Extempore Music Safar Khan Art Gallery Ensemble - Colombia Faure and Poulenc Works. Soloist 10 October . 2011 October . 2011 11