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The trip was organised by Egyptian Tourism Office in Mumbai with their travel partners and the country’s official carrier – Egyptair

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Newsletter april 2011 eto

  1. 1. EGYPT ….Where it all begins The trip was organised by Egyptian Tourism Office in Mumbai with their travel partners and the country’s official carrier – Egyptair.Egypt created history by a popular pro-democracyuprising, the Egyptians now await the return of Egyptian Tourism Minister H.E Mounir Fakry Abdel Noor,tourists, including from India, to help revive the H.E Amr El Ezaby Chairman Egypt Tourism Office & Mr.countrys ailing economy. To boost the tourism Adel El Masry, Director Egypt Tourism Office India with abusiness the Egypt Tourism Office recently invited a delegation of Indian Mediadelegation of senior Indian journalists to familiarisethem with the fast normalising situation in thecountry and bring the true picture of Egypt in frontof the world. From the Desk of Mr. Adel El Masry, Director, Egypt Tourism Office, Mumbai Dear Friends, We are pleased to welcome you all to our country and exhort you to experience our warm hospitality and friendship, which is very similar to the traditional warmth and courtesy accorded to visitors in India. I am extremely happy to convey to the readers that Egyptian Tourism is gaining confidence from its tourists about their safety and wellbeing in the country post the political democratic movement. The tourism office conducted a FAM trip of a delegation of 8 Senior Media Professionals to experience the Egyptian hospitality, see for themselves the as to how fast the country is coming back on its feet and portray to the World that Egypt has recovered from the crisis in every possible way. Our current issue will impel the voyagers to travel here and enjoy places like Luxor, land of the greatest temples, Sharm El Sheikh , Red Sea, Sinai, Cairo and many more. Wishing you a great trip!!
  2. 2. Media Familiarization Trip - A glimpse ……. April 10- April 16, 2011Egypt Tourism Office in India organized a FAM trip It is clearly evident that Tourism to Egypt is comingfor 8 Senior Media Professionals from India to back to stability after a three week long politicalassure that tourism in the Country is on the path of democratic movement. The FAM trip initiated by therecovery. Egypt Tourism Office was a successful event to bring the true picture of Egypt tourism industry & theMedia professionals met Egyptian Tourism Minister political scenario. The Media delegation had a face toH.E Mounir Fakry Abdel Noor and Chairman of the face meeting with several dignitaries during the tripTourism Authority to understand the current political were able to understand how the tourism sector wasand Tourism situation in the country. impacted during the crisis and how the situation is nowH.E Mounir Fakry Abdel Noor is an Egyptian taking its normal shape.politician who is the Secretary-General of the WafdParty and has been Minister of Tourism since Some of the quotes by the dignitaries:February 2011. “Egypt is safe and extremists represent a minuscule proportion of the movement,” "What happened is unique. Youth, who believed in a cause defeated armoured vehicles. They have gained admiration of the world," Mr Mounir Fakhry Abdelnour, Minister for Tourism. “It is in the mind. Egypt is secure and the sun is continuously shining here.” H.E. Mounir Fakry Abdel Noor addressing the media “Come and see for yourself” Capt. Ayman Nasser, A VISIT TO EGYPT AIR Chairman of Egyptair “We are confident that tourism in Egypt will be much better in the medium-term and in the long-term, its potential will be realised to the maximum. The country is in a good position today and with democracy; it is the beginning of good things to come” H.E Amr El Ezaby Chairman Egypt Tourism Office Flag hosted outside EgyptAir officeThe Media Delegation was invited at the EgyptAiroffice where they met Capt. Aymen Nasr Chairmanof The EgyptAir Airline. Egypt Air hosted high teasession for the media delegation and in honour of theirvisit they hosted the Indian Flag at the office premises.The organisation has been operating most of its flightthrough out during the upheaval period and rendered H.E Amr El Ezaby Chairman Egypt Tourism Officegreat support system to the Egypt Tourism Industry. addressing the media
  3. 3. A glimpse …….The trip was planned with the consent of Ministry ofTourism and EgyptAir as travel partners by theefforts of Mr Adel El Masry, Director, EgyptianTourism Office, Mumbai, India The team of Journalist in the EgyptAir office“Egyptian Tourism is gaining confidence from itstourists about their safety and wellbeing in the countrypost political democratic movement. Tourists havestarted coming to Egypt as they are confident that theywill not have any problems pertaining to their securityand safety” Mr. Adel El Masry, Director EgyptTourism OfficeThe senior journalist had an interaction with H.E.Mr. R. Swaminathan, Indian Ambassador to Egypt,he joined as the Ambassador of India in Cairo in March The media delegation at the Pyramids in Giza2009. He highlighted that Indian tourism to Egypt hadbeen growing 30 per cent year-on-year for the last two-three years Mr. Adel El Masry, Director Egypt Tourism Office India withQuotes by Mr. R. Swaminathan the delegation holding Egyptian Flag“1.4 lakh Indians visited last year. And Indian visitorshere have been high value, preferring the moreexpensive cruises and the like to beach tourism.”“Oh the traffic is back. Then things must be back tonormal in Egypt.” H.E. Mr. R. Swaminathan , IndianAmbassador to Egypt
  4. 4. EGYPT TOURISM BACK IN ACTIONThe trip covered all the magnificent destinations of Egypt has always been known for its exotic pyramids,Egypt which showcased the modern Egypt that has colourful markets and the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-created a distinct identity, keeping intact its rich ancient Sheikh. But the recent upheaval had put everything oncultural heritage. The FAM trip covered places such a halt that hit the country in Jan 2011. The Egyptianas Cairo, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, the historic authorities are also counting on tourists from India toTahrir Square, Nile cruise and rich culture was help revive the economy which earned USD 12.5showcased through various functions held for the billion in 2010 from tourism.delegation by the Tourism Authority. Tahrir Sqaure was the major attraction of the FAMThe trip started with a beautiful sight seeing of the trip where the journalist visited the historic place wherepyramids in Cairo followed by the meeting with the political democratic movement began. The place isMinister of Tourism & chairman of Egypt tourism now back in the normal mode and things have settledAuthority down Pyramids in CairoThe FAM Trip media were taken all around Luxor Journalist having a good time on a cruisewhich is considered the greatest outdoor museum in theworld and contains nearly one third of the world’santiquities. View from Glass Boat The Karnak Temple in LuxorAnother beautiful destination covered was Sharm The journalists were taken to enjoy an intimateel-Sheikh, a city situated on the southern tip of the encounter with the exotic life in the coral reef while inSinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, on a glass bottomed boat on their trip to Hurghada.the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Most people head toSharm el Sheikh for sun, sea, blue skies and waterfront A sail over vivid coral reefs and the beautiful fishes andtourist attractions. Sharm el Sheikh is largely a resort other fascinating underwater life that inhabits them is acity catering to tourist needs, with top-class hotels and experience in itself. One must go for a glass bottomedfine restaurants. boat ride which will leave you with many wonderful memories of your visit to Hurghada.
  5. 5. Pictures from the Journey Egyptian flag flying high on a boat Traditional Tanura Dance Mr. Adel El Masry with Ms. Kiran Yadav at Tahrir Sqaure holding The team having a good time high the Egyptian FlagThe Beautiful view of Giza pyramids at night Mr. Bhupendra Chaubey from CNN IBN at Sharm El Sheikh Natural stones in shape of Allah in Arabic Mr. Shreevatsa Nevatia enjoying traditional Egyptian food
  6. 6. Pictures from the Journey Hoarding outside the Airport Enjoying the Horse cart ride A visit to the valley of Kings Majestic view of Nile RiverA shot of the beautiful valley of Queens Shopping for artefacts at local street bazaars- Ms. Kiran Yadav with a Shopkeeper
  7. 7. TIME TO SHOP!! FOOD, DANCE & MUSICShopping in Egypt is a wonderful experience with the There is so much to do in Egypt, enjoying nightlife inwide variety of shops and shopping malls in the different Egypt is among one of the best things to there. TheEgyptian cities. While Egypt Shopping, tourists can find most vibrant nightlife of Egypt is of capital city-quality antique items as well as modern ones in the Cairo. Several hotel nightclubs offer dinner programEgyptian shops and markets. There are many modern-day with a Russian Show and a belly dance program. Theshopping malls, which can be found in the Tahrir Square best ones are in the Helnan Palestine and thearea. The most famous area of shopping is the Khan el- Montazah Sheraton.Khalili in Cairo where one can find the best antiqueitems. The area specializes in spices, jewelry, spices,utensils and Coptic cloth items. It is also the ideal placeto buy brassware and copper items. The famous Whirling Dervish Dance View outside The hotel Khan el- Khalili market in Cairo EATING OUT!! Shops at Khan El- Khalili market Mr. Adel El Masry, Director Egypt Tourism office with media delegation at Mena House Hotel Oberoi The media delegation was taken to all round trip of several places where they enjoyed different variety of food items in Egypt. Egyptian cuisine is largely connected to Arabic and Middle-Eastern foods. The best places to eat in Egypt, if you are looking for good value, are in cafés but the Evening market in Sharm el Sheikh choice of food isn’t as good as in restaurants whose target clientele are tourists and the local middle class.The bazaars of Luxor are some of the best places to buy Street stalls are found in most big towns and citiesperfumes, bedsheets, wall hangings, embroidered cushion and are the cheapest place to get a snack. During thecovers, carpets and other exquisite items and Aswan is trip the delegation stayed at Hotel City Stars inthe best place to buy gold jewelry and spices. Cairo & Hotel Sonesta in Luxor.
  9. 9. PHOTO EXHIBITION “Egyptians making History as usual”A girl helping father to clean the Tahrir Square The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to India, Mr Khaled El Bakly, explains the photographs from his collection of the Egypt revolution in New Delhi on April 1, 2011 Titled “The 25th January Revolution”. The Embassy of the Arab republic of Egypt in the Capital organized an exhibition of photographs of the revolution that led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak after a three-decade rule. The exhibition titled ‘The 25th January Revolution: Egyptians making history as usual’, comprised of 96 photographs, which had been printed and later framed by the Embassy from the Internet and other sources. The photographs were picked personally by H.E Khaled El Bakly, which showcased both the professionalism of Holding aloft the flag the Egyptian military as well as help the world see the Egyptians who had contributed to the change. The photographs were kept in such a way in the embassy gallery walls that each wall had a different story and a walk through the gallery explains the entire revolution to the viewers A kid in safe hands Muslims & Christians hand in hand
  10. 10. UPCOMING EVENTS/ FESTIVALS NEWS BULLENTIN EGYPT TOURISM OFFICE ORGANISED FAM TRIPALEXANDRINA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL: 2011(Annual) 6- 12 MAY 2011 Egypt Tourism Office in India organized a FAM trip for Indian Media from April 10- 16 2011 to assure that tourism in the Country is on the path of recovery. The trip covered all the magnificent destinations of Egypt.The Festival aims at establishing a “colorful map ofmusic” in the consciousness and taste of the public andparticipating musicians. It would also providepossibilities for musicians to experience the potential ofdeveloping diverse musical trends, free from the moralpressure of official institutions and the financialpressure of commercialism.KITE JAMBOREE: MAY 2011 24 COUNTRIES LIFT TRAVEL ADVISORYKite Jamboree is El Gounas annual event which puts The Egypt tourism office in India recently announcedthe latest kite surfing equipment to the test through that several countries like Finland, Italy, Netherland,displays and competitions at the RedSeaZone centre. Ukraine, Spain etc have withdrawn their travel advisoryLessons introducing visitors to kite surfing, fashion against travelling to Egypt.shows and parties are also on the programme. EGYPT LAUNCHES A NEW AD CAMPAIGN AT ITB At the ITB in Berlin, H.E. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism, unveiled a new international advertising campaign with a series of slogans celebrating Egypt 25th January Revolution. The new slogans include:” Welcome to the Country of Peaceful Revolution”, “ 7000 years of History and New Era” , “Tahrir – a Square Rocks the World” .EGYPTIAN EXPRESSIONISM EXHIBITION: 4- KEMPINSKI THE SPA TO OPEN IN KEMPINSKI12 MAY 2011 NILE HOTEL, GARDEN CITY, CAIRO After the successful launch of Cairo’s first boutiqueAn Exhibition displaying different art works luxury hotel last July, Kempinski Nile Hotel launchedrepresenting the expressionist stylistic school and its new spa in March 2011. Designed especially forpresenting the experiment of Artist Awny Hikel. Kempinski Hotels, the opening welcomes the firstVenue: Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Arts Center Kempinski The Spa to the Middle East & AfricaSINAI LIBERATION DAY: 25 APRIL, 2011Celebrated every year, it honours the withdrawal in1982 of the last Israeli troops from the peninsula. Anational parade and a speech by the Egyptian presidentcommemorate the historic event. Write in with your views on the below mentioned address: Egyptian Tourism Office, 48, 1st Floor, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005 Tel: 91 22 2218 9543/ 9170 • Fax: 91 22 2218 8380/4002 9543 • Website: Email: /