ITB Berlin 2012


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Egyptian tourism will be witnessing a prime event during 2012, as Egypt has been named Country Partner in the ITB Berlin 2012, which will take place during the period from March 7th to March 11th, 2012. Egypt will be the first Arab Country to be hosted as a Country Partner in the ITB Berlin.

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ITB Berlin 2012

  1. 1. EGYPTIAN TOURISM PROMOTION AUTHORITY EGYPT COUNTRY PARTNER in ITB Berlin 2012 Egyptian tourism will be witnessing a prime been developed to maximize coverageevent during 2012, as Egypt has been named and promotion, before, during and afterCountry Partner in the ITB Berlin 2012, which the event. The marketing approach, inwill take place during the period from March collaboration with German Tour Operators,7th to March 11th, 2012. Egypt will be the includes intensive advertising campaignsfirst Arab Country to be hosted as a Country through non-conventional and conventionalPartner in the ITB Berlin. advertising channels, as well as a public relations strategy that has been launched The ITB Berlin hosts around 170,000 visitors, since the beginning of 2011. The campaignand is considered the largest international focused on wide participation in all majorcongregation for experts in the tourism touristic and cultural events, the launchingindustry.This prime event provides Egypt with of press conferences and ideal platform and a unique opportunityto present its diverse touristic portfolio , which In 2011 and during the first months of 2012,makes it one of the world’s most attractive the Egyptian Tourism Authority has, and willholiday destinations all year round to the promote Egypt as a country partner in theGerman and international markets . ITB Berlin in all exhibitions and international forums, such as the IMEX held in Germany In this respect, a marketing strategy has in May 2011, and the WTM held in London
  2. 2. in November 2011. Besides, a promotional of advertising to support Egypt’s mediacampaign for the event is set on the official presence, starting January of the Egyptian Tourism Authority”” and also through various Also, The Egyptian Tourism Authority willsocial networks. be organizing several events, in Egypt and Germany, to promote this important Furthermore, the Egyptian Tourism Office occasion, which includes a press conferencein Frankfurt has been participating in on the 20th of December to announce theall important events taking place in the event, and will also sponsor a number ofvarious cities of Germany, especially the artistic events such as the concert of Sama3Tutankhamen exhibition in Wiesbaden held Band to be held in January in one of thein June 2011, the World Equestrian Festival churches in Berlin, whereby a message ofheld in August 2011, the Berlin International love and peace will be sent from EgyptEconomics Conference held in September to the whole world. A second press2011, the Global Forum for the Development conference will be held in Berlin in Februaryand Enhancement of Communication 2012 to promote Egypt as a key partner inbetween the air carriers and airports in ITB, besides other cultural and artistic events,October 2011, as well as, the 4th Annual confirming Egypt’s presence as a primeGolf Tournament, initiated in Germany touristic destination.and was ended in Hurghada, Egypt, with aclosing ceremony at Habo Temple in Luxor On another note, Egypt’s Pavillion will bein December 2011, in the presence of a held at Hall No. 23A of the Internationalhuge media coverage. The Egyptian Tourism Congress Center in Berlin in an area coveringOffice in Frankfurt, also exploited all major 2526 m² with the participation of 120 travelevents held by the German Chamber of agencies and hotels. The “Unique FusionCommerce to promote this event , as well “and “All-Round Welcome” will be theas other cultural activities across Germany. main themes further expressed through the design of the Egyptian Hall where the Ankh Over and above, intensive advertising iconic symbol of life, one of the Pharaoniccampaigns, aiming the Trade sector, were icons of ancient Egypt will be the consistentlaunched in major German publications visual cue for Brand Egypt in the ITB, overspecialized in tourism and travel, as well and above exhibiting touristic products inas, organizing a number of trips for major Egypt and a model of an Egyptian bazaarGerman tour operators and travel agents, will be set, displaying handicrafts productsperhaps the most important was a trip and folkloric activities, to reflect the truein cooperation with the Turkish Airlines in Egyptian spirit, offering tourists a unique andGermany and with Sun Express for charter lively experience of an old Egyptian The event will also witness the launch of In terms of advertisement aiming the the new advertising campaign, “We Arepublic, the Egyptian Tourism office in Egypt,” a message of peace and hospitalityFrankfurt prepared an intensive campaign to sent by the people of Egypt to the wholecover the fair before, during and after, using world, inviting them for an unforgettableall traditional and non-traditional means experience.