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Egyptian tourism promotion authority                                  E gypt          this        M onth  December 2010   ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                     EGYPTAIR Express                     launches        ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                      Tuesday 28th        ...
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December newsletter 2010


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Year-round, you can enjoy outdoor activities in Egypt, anywhere
and anytime. If the weather is too hot during the day, you can still
play tennis in floodlit courts, in the evenings, all the way till midnight in
some resorts, or a game of squash in some of the clubs that allow visi-
tors in with a fee. Or if it is a bit nippy, most four and five star resorts and hotels have state-of-the-art gymnasiums and international spas such as the Six Senses in Port Ghalib or the Banyan Tree in El Gouna resorts. That is the beauty of Egypt.

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December newsletter 2010

  1. 1. Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth December 2010 Issue #19Pump Up The Adrenalin II Fly directly from Marsa Alam to Luxor & Abu Simbel Sylvia Tours Egypt in collaboration with Egypt Air started, on exclusive basis, weekly direct flights from Marsa Alam to Luxor and back every Monday and from Marsa Alam to Abu Simbel and back every Friday. With these flights, it is now possible for visitors of Marsa Alam to enjoy the archeological sites in Luxor and Abu Simbel. In addition, the flight of Abu Simbel / Marsa Alam is an excellent Hot Air Balloons opportunity for the cruises of Aswan and Abu Simbel that disembark on Fridays to fly to Marsa Alam and enjoy some relaxation. Year-round, you can enjoy outdoor activities in Egypt, anywhere The Luxor / Marsa Alam flight will be ideal forand anytime. If the weather is too hot during the day, you can still the Luxor cruises that disembark on Mondaysplay tennis in floodlit courts, in the evenings, all the way till midnight in to fly to Marsa Alam.some resorts, or a game of squash in some of the clubs that allow visi-tors in with a fee. Or if it is a bit nippy, most four and five star resorts and Flights Operationhotels have state-of-the-art gymnasiums and international spas suchas the Six Senses in Port Ghalib or the Banyan Tree in El Gouna resorts. Marsa Alam / Luxor / Marsa Alam everyThat is the beauty of Egypt. Monday RMF LXR MS 370 0855 0945 LXR RMF MS 369 2025 2115Here are some suggestions for your pleasure: Marsa Alam / Abu Simbel / Marsa Alam everyHot Air Balloons Friday Live Colors Egypt Floating over Luxor in the early hours of the morning to watch the RMF ABU MS 421 1055 1215dawn light on the mountains and monuments, is an experience not ABU RMF MS 422 1445 1605to be missed. Introduced in the last decade, sailing over Egypt’s mostcelebrated ancient sites, has become a classic excursion. With world- For information:class safety standards, it’s one of the best places to both enjoy this Cairo Officepastime and take in some of the planet’s most striking vistas. Clear Email: Sherin.wafik@sylviatours.comskies are ideal but high winds could postpone journeys, though thatshouldn’t deter one from seeking out this adventure. For Reservation: Marsa Alam Office Email: INSIDE Mobile: +20 101688658 Pump Up The Adrenalin 2 Highlights|Calendar December . 2010 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter The Siwa Oasis Hot Springs Wadi Degla and Petrified Forest Wadi Degla There are a number of hot springs located throughout Outside of the suburb of Maadi lies the Wadi Degla, a pro- Egypt’s many oases. Siwa Oasis has several small springs on tected environmental zone that encompasses an ancient its own, the largest being Cleopatra’s Bath which is named canyon that is millions of years old. Visitors are free to pick after the famous Egyptian Queen, and flows up into a large from a slew of activities in the Wadi Degla, ranging from hik- stone pool that is highly popular with both locals and visi- ing, to off-roading, to animal and bird watching, or simply, tors alike. Also near Siwa is the freshwater desert Lake of a quiet picnic in pure serenity. The silence that envelops this Bir Wahed, which you can visit with a local guide with a 4x4 desert canyon is a welcome break from the hectic lifestyle car, as well as its own sulphurous hot spring – you might wish of urban Cairo. to swim and soak alternately. Bahariya Oasis also has more Further in the direction of Ain Sukhna is an extension of than one hot spring. The sulphurous Bir al Ramla is very hot at the Wadi Degla, known as the Petrified Forest. This world- 45°C, while Bir al Ghaba is quite a bit further out in the desert. renowned protectorate is more than 30 million years old, and Bir al Mattar is also near the oasis but is a cold, rather than is a sanctuary for the remains of whales and other pre-historic hot, spring with a high mineral content. Finally Farafra Oasis’ beings. Most notably, however, the forest has a massive col- sulphurous hot spring at Bir Sitta, about 6 km from the town, lection of petrified trees. This is an excellent exploration spot is another option, if you’re in the area. Moonlit nighttime for the aspiring geologist or even a family excursion. bathing promises to be memorable with wondrous desert star-gazing. Golf In recent years, the popularity of golf has shot up expo- Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides nentially throughout all of Egypt. Golf courses are many Taking a leisurely ride along the corniche of Cairo, and varied, and can be found in every major city. Hotels Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan or Minya is a relaxing and breath- own most of the courses, but there are also private ones taking way to enjoy the city. Summer sunsets are especially belonging to clubs – in any case it is usually very easy to get Taba Heights Golf Course romantic and some drivers would be happy to escort you to a temporary or day pass to use the golf facilities. Quite often, tourist sites as well. Egypt’s waterways are certainly special in you can make a day of it, and request meals and drinks to be this desert country, and the vintage carriages almost make provided, or opt to use any of the available restaurants that you forget you’re in the heart of a hectic city. usually accompany the golf courses. Although some may find the concept of large expanses of green to be contrary Paintball to the dry, desert environment, you will be surprised to see While Paintball is still a relatively rare sport in Cairo, it has how excellent and well cared the gold courses are. been gaining more attention over the years, as an off-beat way to have fun or de-stress. The large, still relatively undevel- Mena House Oberoi Golf Course: Pyramids Rd., Giza, Tel: 33 77 3222 oped desert areas surrounding the city of Cairo provide an Kattameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort: Kattameya, Cairo, Tel: 27 excellent space for extensive paintball courts. So not only do 58 0512 you get the adrenaline rush of a fun-filled paintball match, The Golf Club: El Gouna, Red Sea. Tel: 0120 746 4712 but the breathtaking views of the surrounding desert areas Porto Marina Golf Resort: Km 107, Matrouh Alexandria Desert Rd. will provide an even greater sense of exhilaration. One of Tel: 19106 Cairo’s premier paintball courses, Xmania Paintball has two Alexandria Sporting Club Golf Course: Omar Lotfy St., Alexandria. large fields – one in New Cairo and the other on the Alex- Tel: 543 3627 Paintball Desert road. Another notable course is the Strike Force, in the Sodfa Pacha Country Club in Saqqara. Tennis Xmania: Tel: 016 155 3582, E-mail: Tennis is a popular sport in Egypt, and coming across tennis facilities is very easy to do. Any major sporting club Desert Excursions will have several tennis courts, and select hotels will as well. The Western Desert A unique way to explore the desert is by dune buggy or Many sporting clubs also provide private tennis lessons for horse excursion. These day long trips are best for groups a fee. Be sure to check rates and entrance requirements. and families, and offer an up-close and personal tour of what the desert has to offer. What better way is there to Kattameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort: Kattameya, Cairo, Tel: 27 explore the desert than to glide over dunes with a buggy Live Colors Egypt 58 051Live Colors Egypt or prance gracefully across the flat plains with a horse? Alexandria Sporting Club: Omar Lotfy St., Alexandria. Tel: 543 3627 There are many facilities that offer these services, just be Jolie Ville Golf & Resort: Um Marikha Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, South sure to pick whichever one you are most comfortable with. Sinai, Tel: 69 360 3200 A particularly well-known horse and dune-buggy ranch, known as Prestige Tours, is located in Saqqara, and has excellently cared for horses and imported dune buggies. Spas Because of the Red Sea and desert’s natural minerals, Tel: 016 692 66 02 Egypt’s health treatments have sprouted up everywhere. E-mail:, Many visitors come for health and beauty treatments in the Website: resorts here. There are also a number of desert trip organized by travel Some of the most popular are: agents and tour operators in Siwa, Bahareya and Sinai. For information on rates and reservations, refer to the following information: 2 December . 2010 December . 2010 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Swiss Wellness Spa Resort - Hurghada Thirty comfortably furnished en-suite rooms. The steam room and sauna are available as well as recognized treatments and therapies including professional massages and a fitness room. A menu for vegetarians and diabetics is available. Tel: +2 065 344 94 78 , +2 065 344 94 79 Egypt recovers 200 artifacts Karlovy Vary Spa Travelers seeking relaxation, and effective natural rem- from the Al-Ahly Bank edies for different physical diseases have come to the right place! Safaga’s Karlovy Vary Spa, located at the Menaville The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) received 200 artifacts from Al-Ahly National Bank and have stored them in is an accredited branch of Czech Republic’s health clinic the Egyptian Museum, Cairo for restoration and documentation. and spa. However, it is even more favored by international The recovered collection was stored in the bank’s treasury since the early 20th century and it included objects from travelers, due to Safaga’s year round warm weather. Visitors the ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. Among the objects are limestone statuary heads of can chose from a wide variety of therapies and treatment ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman deities such as Horus, Hathor and Ptah, as well as Roman terracotta statues and methods available; hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, wax ther- twenty coins from the Islamic and Modern period. Two archaeological and legal committees inspected the collection apy etc. Visitors can enjoy plunging in Karlovy Vary’s mineral and confirmed the objects’ authenticity. pools, spas and enjoy a relaxing massage while overlooking the tranquil beach. Chairman of the Al-Ahly Bank stated that these objects were in the possession of foreigners who lived in Egypt during Tel: +2 065 3260064 / 65 / 66 / 67 the late 19th and 20th centuries. The foreigners were obviously antiquities collectors and had stored their collection inside two treasuries of the bank. Since the early 20th century nobody had asked about the objects and they remained InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib under the bank’s care until the executive board of the bank decided to offer the pieces to the SCA. Originally built as a symbol of Ghalib’s love for his beautiful The committee that inspected the objects, said that all of the objects, which were stored in three boxes in the bank’s wife, the hotel artfully integrates lavish landscaping, water vaults, are totally genuine and most of them are very well preserved. features and cascading greenery that transports guests into another world for a true taste of paradise. A refined feel of the Orient marries gracefully with Arabic gardens and water pavilions. The uniquely designed Six Senses Spa comprises Jaz Hotels, Resorts & sixteen treatment areas including three couples rooms and two Thai treatment rooms. The spa includes a sauna, steam Al Tarfa Cruises room, and traditional Hammams. Six Senses: Tel: ++20-065-336 0000 wins TUI Environmental El Gouna Champion Angsana Spa Steigenberger Golf Club and Movenpick Resort Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises announced The Angsana Spa has two single treatment suites, four single recently that three of its properties have won facial therapy suites, six double treatment suites and two the TUI Environmental Champion with the TUI Eco deluxe double treatment suites. It is well equipped with sepa- Resort 2010 award presented by the German lead- rate male and female locker rooms, manicure and pedicure ing tour operator TUI. TUI Environmental Champion areas, and an array of specially designed whirlpool hot- Award given to the 100 most eco-friendly hotels Lighting the Western Bank in Luxor. baths. The spa has an Angsana Gallery that offers a wide worldwide cooperating with TUI, based on the range of lifestyle products and spa mementoes to replicate assessment of environmental aspects in hotel The High Council of Antiquities has announced the com- your Angsana Spa experience in your own home. management and customer satisfaction world- pletion of the LE56-million project to light up the western Tel: +20 65 354 4501 (Ext: 78100) wide. The awarded hotels are Iberotel Makadi bank of Luxor. The project was in association of Lumiere Beach, Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort and Jaz Architecture, a leading French company that was chosen Stella di Mare Resort – Ain Sukhna Makadi Star & Spa among a long list of renowned lighting companies, and The centre has a multitude of à la carte treatments on the Sound & Light Company.The project aims to preserve offer. Basic or Sublime massage options, using 100% naturally perfumed oils. The only thing left for you to decide is whether the archaeological tombs located on the western bank, you’d like to try one of the other types of massage on the menu, be it of the relaxing, anti-stress, slimming or toning. as the number of visitors will be spread out from 7 am to 8 pm in order to minimize the humidity exposure that dam- Live Colors Egypt Tel: +20-62-3250100Live Colors Egypt ages the tombs.After careful consideration, 922 lighting Al Tarfa units were installed in specific locations on the western Scattered between ancient date trees half buried in sand, farm plots, and low rocky hills dotted with fox dens and bank; all cables have been carefully selected using GPS potsherds attesting to millennia of human settlement, Al Tarfa’s 20 free-standing villas reference the geometric motifs of to make sure they withstand the hot climate of the area. Dakhla Oasis’s eleventh-century mud-brick and palm-wood architecture. The place is especially romantic at night, with The project has recently completed lighting the area of paths lit by cut-out clay vases, straw bird cages, and other traditional objects repurposed as lanterns. There’s a central El Nakheel farms, situated in front of the Bal El Karna with lounge bar, a pool, a riding stable, and a small but exquisite spa to satisfy guests who want to chill out between desert the help of the residents.The new-lit areas of the western camping and pharaonic sightseeing excursions. It is fully equipped with a sauna, steam room, indoor heated pool and bank include Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, the massages are offered indoor or outdoor. Additionally, a relaxing terrace with an outdoor plunge pool allows you to mountains, The Noble Tombs, the Temple of Hatshepsut, unwind and enjoy the sun while gazing at an open-ended oasis landscape. There is also a gymnasium. north of El Karna.This project is the latest effort to promote Al-Mansoura, Dakhla Oasis. tourism in the area. Tel: +2 092 910 5007 4 December . 2010 December . 2010 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter EGYPTAIR Express launches first flight to Al Arish In line with the policy of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, headed by Air Marshall Ahmed Shafiq, to develop the Sinai Peninsula com- munity and encourage more tourism in the area, the first flight of EGYPTAIR Express plane has arrived to the area of Al Arish arriving from Cairo. The domestic route operates through a financing partnership between the North of Sinai governorate and Sama Al Arish Group of Companies. These efforts are also supported by EGYPTAIR Holding Company’s strategic plans in cooperation with the private sector and the investors to develop this sector. The direct flight (scheduled once a week at the moment) between Cairo and Al Arish, will boost flights to North Sinai which is considered to be one of the country’s most attractive touristic areas. Engineer Hussein Massoud, Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR Holding Company said that EGYPTAIR endeavors to cooperate with the private sectors in pro- moting domestic travel and link the internal flights to the international network and Star Alliance program. Part of the land next to the airport, will be allocated to establish new premises for the Academy, for Aviation stud- ies in Al Arish. Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Voted World’s #1 The Savoy Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, has won three top trophies at the World Travel Awards – the travel industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. The awards were: • Royal Savoy: World’s Leading Dive Resort 2010. • Royal Savoy: World’s Leading Leisure Resort 2010. • SOHO Square: World’s Leading Entertainment Resort 2010. Mr. Emad Aziz, Chairman of the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh, said “To win one international award is great. Winning two awards is fantastic. Winning three awards is unprecedented. This is world-class recognition for our staff’s achievement providing the best hospitality for our guests. With so much more happening next year we anticipate even more smiling faces.”Guests consistently vote the Royal Savoy – the luxury wing of the Savoy Hotel resort – the best hotel in SharmLive Colors Egypt El Sheikh. Sixteen new honeymoon suites provide a unique, romantic experience with Jacuzzis in each room, which have four-poster beds and luxury bedding. Royal Savoy guests enjoy a private lounge where breakfast is individually prepared, a terrace, two private pools and a beach. The hotel’s Dive Club supervises scuba diving and snorkelling in the Red Sea to explore the underwater beauty of the world-renowned Ras Mohammed National Park. Divers join a wide range of courses and day trips. SOHO Square, a pedestrianised square mile of restaurants, bars, entertainment and shopping, has become a magnet for holidaymakers. The 14 restaurants embrace fine cuisine from all over the world, including a classical French brasserie, Indian, Chinese and Asian specialities. New for 2011 is Akuna Matata The Food Court, an exciting jungle-themed courtyard with eight food stalls. Food options include pizzas, fish, noodles, falafels, tapas, barbequed chicken and grilled burgers. Seven bars include the Queen Vic British pub. Pangaea is tip-top nightclub and there’s an ice bar. The Arab bazaar feature more than 50 shops offering gifts, fashion and locally produced craft items. 6 December . 2010
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Calendar HIGHLIGHTS Opera Miramar is an adaptation of Naguib Mahfouz’s novel; it was turned into a full-length opera with overture, two acts, numerous well-developed characters and scene changes. The story takes place in the 1960s. The realistic set and characters play a part in breaking down the barrier of a serious opera. The story is about four different charac- The NuTcracker BalleT ters, each giving their own perspective on reality in an Sunday December 26th to intimate monologue that moves between past and present. Wednesday 29th, The monologues build a depressing picture of an ailing, cairo Opera house painfully-fractured society, along with political, economic and social upheavals. Miramar is a well-produced opera, considering that it was hard to adapt the opera to the novel, as placing four actors on stage in succession and letting them do all the talking, while the scenes and charac- ters flit silently on a screen behind is hard to execute. Over and above, Miramar is adapted as a libretto in colloquial The NaTiONal OrcheSTra Of kOrea Egyptian Arabic for a Western-style grand opera. Thursday November 11th – Main hall, cairo Opera house at 8 pm The rOTTWeiler BreeD ShOW Of egypT December 11th at 10 am Sakkara country club The raT pack iS Back December 2nd to 6th, Main hall, The Rottweiler Breed Show will be the first of its kind in Egypt and cairo Opera house the Middle East. The event will be held at Sakkara Country Club. The DaNcepiraTiON event promises to showcase some of the finest Rottweilers in the country December 12th, and will be judged by international judge Gere Tibor, one of the best Relive the days of the Rat Pack with Las Vegas’ most famous enter- Sawi cultural centre, Zamalek Rottweiler experts in the world. This is a great opportunity to spend the tainers, the only Vegas-based show .Four gifted actors/singers/ Every year in December, the Cairo Opera House day outdoors with friends and family. Guests can choose to compete with comedians, who are also impersonators of their respective legends, performs the Nutcracker Ballet, with the Cairo their Rottweiler at the show or simply come as spectators. The event will will take you on an entertaining trip back to the iconic Copa Room Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt Opera Ballet Company and Orchestra. The choreog- also showcase K-9 demonstrations for police/protection and bomb detec- of the Sands hotel. Even for those born after the swinging Las Vegas Dancepiration is a hip-hop show of talented dancers from all raphy and props for the ballet are excellent and it is tion dogs. lounge era ruled by “The Rat Pack” (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., backgrounds and ages. Asaki Imai and Gigi Torres will be coming to a must-see show. Early reservations are preferable as Attending the show are a number of internationally acclaimed Rottweiler Dean Martin, and Joey Bishop), the touring tribute act will be a satis- Cairo to perform their best choreographed arts to the latest beats for the show is quite popular. breeders such as Lidja Zec owner of Alten Festung Kennel and the proud fying trip back in time. A time when men performed in tuxedos, and Cairo’s audience. Imai is from Japan and is quickly gaining popular- owner of 2010 Rottweiler world champion Astor Von Junipera (who will you could actually dance to the songs they sang. The show builds ity in the Los Angeles hip-hop dance community and industry. Torres The Nutcracker is a two-act ballet, based on the story also be competing in the show). Also in attendance will be Branko Lazic momentum gradually, as each singer delivers a solo set; they do is originally from Irvine, California and has been training in all areas “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice” written by owner of Haus of Lazic Kennel, Darko Vaselic owner of Timit-Tor Kennel numbers together; ending with an ensemble act for an upbeat finale. of dance since the age of 3. She is a world-renowned instructor, E. T. A. Hoffmann. In 1891, the legendary choreog- and Ales Lahajnar owner of Rottweiler Slovenia Kennel. This is a high-spirited and laugh-out-loud show. Songs such as “Mr. sharing her knowledge and love for dance from the East Coast to the rapher Marius Petipa commissioned Tchaikovsky to Bojangles” and “The Lady is a Tramp” are interspersed with comedic West Coast and overseas in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Please check write the music for the ballet. acts. These interludes will have the audience erupting in laughter. for change in date. 7 December . 2010 December . 2010 8
  6. 6. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter CALEnDAR December Händel’s “Messiah” - Cairo Choral Society Ewart Memorial Hall, AUC Downtown Tel: (02) 2615 1240 • Piano Recital John O’Conor (Ireland) Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, Manial Tel: (02) 2363 1467 Time: 8 pm • Christmas Concerts Osiris Choir Wednesday 1st 9th. Time varies according to day. to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Sammy Davis Jr. from Las Vegas. Tel: (02) 2739 0132 • Arts • Music Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Thursday 9th • Guitar Recital Time: 8 pm Tribute to Abdallah Gohar - on his Gala Concert - Cairo Opera Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Emad Hamdy Jesus heart choir 94th birthday, showing 35 oil paint- Orchestra Time: Two shows, 6 & 9.30 pm. Also on • Jazz Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Gomhouria Theatre, Abdeen Square ings, water colors and drawings. Alexandria Opera House the 5th & 6th Yehia khalil - Oriental jazz concert Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Khan El Maghrabi, 18 El Mansour Tel: (03) 480 0138 Alexandria Opera House, 22 Horreya St. Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm. Also on the 19thTel: (02) 2576 Mohamed St. Zamalek. Time: 8 pm. Sunday 5th Alexandria 8086 Tel: (02) 2735 5349 Tel: (03) 480 0138 • Film Screening Time: Exhibition continues until Saturday 4th • Art Time: 8 pm Freedom to Create - The event was December 11th “Video Stills” - By Susan Hefuna. established to harness the power of Sunday 19th • Christmas Bazaar Edgeware Road@Cairo. arts and culture, to build a more cre- • Music European charity bazaar - Many In public space around Townhouse friday 10th ative society. Each event will consist • Music Omar khairat piano concert - European countries will participate Gallery, 10 Nabrawy St. off Champollion. of one short and one long film. Symphonic Concert - Mozart, works presented for the first time with selling their national products. Raf- Downtown. • Christmas Concert Rawabet Theatre, 3 Hussein El Me’amar Beethoven. Soloists: Ines Abdel Daim BA Orchestra, conducted by Sherif fle tickets will be on sale and prizes Tel: (02) 2576 8086 Händel’s “Messiah” - Cairo Choral St. Downtown (flute) Carol Mclaugh (harp). Conduc- Mohie Eldin include airline tickets, Nile cruises and Time: Until December 19th Society Tel: (02) 017 507 0727 tor: Marcello Mottadelli Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, hotel stays. British International School, Beverly Hills Time: 7 pm Alexandria Opera House Shatby. Conrad Ballroom, Conrad hotel, 1119 • Lecture Tel: (02) 2615 1240 Time: 8 pm Tel: (03) 483 9999 Corniche El Nile St. A virtual Tour -The Egyptian Time: 7 pm Time: 8 pm For more information contact: Museum. By Ahmed Seddik Tuesday 14th or faridaman- The Egyptology Academy St. Mark’s choir Monday 20th Thursday 2nd For reservations call: 010 676 8269 Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, • Opera Time: 9.30 am to 2 pm Time: 7 pm Shatby Miramar - with Cairo Opera House • Music • Arts Tel: (03) 483 9999 and Cairo Opera Company Piano - Lebanese musician Guy Paintings - Souad Mardam Bey. • Music Monday 6th Time: 8 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Manoukian Each painting is a story; each collec- East meets west - Nathan Fischer, Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House tion is another affirmation of her web guitar and oud • Music Saturday 11th Time: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 of differing ideas and cultures, which Oriental Hall, AUC Downtown Campus Egyptian philharmonic society - Wednesday 15th Time: 8 pm captures emotions so vividly. Tel: (02) 2615 1221 Hommage a Gustav Maher. Conductor: • Music Safarkhan Gallery, 6 Brazil St. Zamalek Time: 8 pm Ahmed El Saedi Symphonic Concert - Mussorg- Thursday 16th Tel: 010 544 6611 Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, Manial sky, Resanovic, Mendelssohn. Soloist: Tuesday 21st Time: Exhibition until December 31st Time: 8 pm Ashraf Attalah (clarinet) Conductor: • Music Recitals • Christmas Concert Maarcello Mottadelli Flute & Harp - Ines Abdel Daim • Christmas Concerts • Entertainment Show Oum El Nour Orchestra - Orthodox Tuesday 7th Main Hall, Cairo Opera House (Flute), Carol Mclaugh (harp) Neveen allouba - with Cairo Sym- “The Rat Pack Show” - A tribute Choir Group, comprised of 65 members Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Small Hall, Cairo Opera House phony Orchestra to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Alexandria Opera House, Alexandria • Christmas Concert Time: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Sammy Davis Jr. from Las Vegas. Tel: (03) 480 4145 Händel’s “Messiah” - Cairo Choral Time: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm. Society. John Baboukis, conductor. Sunday 12th Time: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 All Saint’s Cathedral, Zamalek, Cairo Time: 8 pm. Also same time on Friday 3rd. • Film Screening Tel: (02) 2615 1240 • Music friday 17th El Refak Choir “Arab Shorts” - Independent Arab Time: 8 pm Guitar Ensemble Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, friday 3rd Films. An initiative of the Institute to Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC New Cairo • Christmas Concert Shatby. Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt support independent Arab film and • Music Campus Bells ensemble Tel: (03) 483 9999 • Theatre media art. Besides the screenings, the Cairo conservatoire orchestra - Tel: (02) 2615 1221 Gomhouria Theatre, Abdeen Square Time: 8 pm “Three Sisters “ - Traces the lives, event will include a panel discussion Cello Soloist: Mohamed Saleh, Con- Time: 5.30 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 aspirations and disappointments of and talks with film experts from film ductor: Sherif Mohie El Din. Works by Time: 8 pm the Prozorov family over a three-year festivals in Germany Forer, Saint Saens, Beethoven • Christmas Concert Wednesday 22nd period during which their entire life Goethe Institute, 5 El Bustan St. Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Egyptian Philharmonic Chamber Saturday 18th disappears. Chekhov’s masterpiece Downtown Tel: (02) 2739 01132 Orchestra. Works by Torelli, Schubert, • Christmas Concert on stage. Tel: (02) 2574 8261 Time: 8 pm Bach, Corelli and Haydn. Soloist: • Music Gala el Hadidi - with Cairo Sym- Malak Gabr Theatre, AUC Centre for Arts, Time: 7 pm. Also on Dec. 5th & 6th Judith Halasz. Conductor: Ahmed El Symphonic Concert - Mozart, phony Orchestra New Cairo Campus. Wednesday 8th Saedi Beethoven Small Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 2615 4108 • Entertainment Show German Church, Boulak Main Hall, Cairo Opera House Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Time: The play continues until December “The Rat Pack Show” - A tribute • Christmas Concert Time: 7 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Time: 8 pm 9 December . 2010 December . 2010 10
  7. 7. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Tuesday 28th Saturday 1st January Thursday 23rd • Ballet • Music The Nutcracker - with Cairo Opera New Year concert - with soloists and• Ballet Ballet and Orchestra ballet program. Choreography Erme-The Nutcracker - with Cairo Opera Main Hall, Cairo Opera House nia Kamel and Conductor: MarcelloBallet and Orchestra Tel: (02) 2739 0132 MottadelliMain Hall, Cairo Opera House Time: 8 pm Alexandria Opera HouseTel: (02) 2739 0132 Tel: (03) 480 0138Time: 8 pm Time: 8 pm• Music Wednesday 29thArts school concert - Piano andOpera Singing • BalletSmall Theatre, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, The Nutcracker - with Cairo OperaShatby. Ballet and OrchestraTel: (03) 483 9999 Main Hall, Cairo Opera HouseTime: 8 pm Tel: (02) 2739 0132 Time: 8 pm Saturday 25th • Music Trumpet & piano recital -• Christmas Concert Mohamed HelmyCairo celebration choir with Soloists Small Hall, Cairo Opera Houseof the Cairo Opera House. Conduc- Tel: (02) 2739 0132tor: Nayer Nagui Time: 8 pmMain Hall, Cairo Opera HouseTel: (02) 2739 0132 Heaven harp choirTime: 8 pm Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Shatby.• Music Tel: (03) 483 9999Cultural palace arabic choir - Con- Time: 8 pmductor Mahmoud Abou ZaidSmall Theatre, Bibliotheca Alexandrina,Shatby. friday 31stTel: (03) 483 9999Time: 8 pm • Music New Year concert - with soloists and ballet program. Choreography Erme- Sunday 26th nia Kamel and Conductor: Marcello Mottadelli• Ballet Main Hall, Cairo Opera HouseThe Nutcracker - with Cairo Opera Tel: (02) 2739 0132Ballet and Orchestra Time: 8 pmMain Hall, Cairo Opera HouseTel: (02) 2739 0132 New Year eve’s gala- Music by VonTime: 8 pm Suppe, Strauss, Lehar. Nicoleta Radu, Live Colors Egypt Soprano, Conductor Ahmed El Saedi• Music Ewart Memorial Hall, AUC, Downtown.Arts school concert - Suzuki Ama- Tel: Time: 8 pmteur and Children OrchestraGreat Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, New year’s BA Concert and choir-Shatby. Soloists: Neveen Allouba (soprano),Tel: (03) 483 9999 Raouf Zidan (Tenor), Ashraf SwelamTime: 8 pmZamalek (Baritone), Conductor: Sherif Mohie El DinTel: (02) 2736 8881 Great Hall, Bibliotheca Alexandrina,Time: 8 pm Shatby. Tel: (03) 483 9999 Time: 8 pm December . 2010 11