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Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter                                                                          ...
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Ramadan marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the exact beginning and end of the month varies depending on astronomical calculations. There is a lot beyond the word fasting (abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset); it is also a break that one gives the body, as well as a means of feeling the state of hunger the poor and deprived people experience. Moreover, it’s a time for charity work, assisting needy people and learning how to be thankful for what God has provided us with and cement one’s relation with God.

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August 2011 etpa_

  1. 1. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onthAugust 2011 Issue #26 Live Colors EgyptA tAste of RAmAdAn In egypt Ramadan marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the exact beginning and end of the month varies depending on astronomical calculations. There is a lot beyond the word fasting (abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset); it is also a break that one gives the body, as well as a means of feeling the state of hunger the poor and deprived people experience. Moreover, it’s a time for charity work, assisting needy people and learning how to be thankful for what God has provided us with and cement one’s relation with God. August . 2011 1
  2. 2. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Sufi saint El Mursi Abul Abbas, whose tomb is located in the in lower income areas, where houses are closer to each other, by a wealth of cultural and historical landmarks, including the El-Moez Street mosque. The mosque is situated in the Anfoushi neighborhood and people can still hear him. Sultan Qalawun mosque. Beit El Oud is also another location, of Alexandria; another delightful area to visit during Ramadan. established by the famous Oud player Naseer Shamma. Family gatherings during Ramadan offer the perfect chance Here people can enjoy wonderful concerts, especially when The Lantern or Fanoos is one of the significant features of to strengthen ties through exchanging visits or inviting one Shamma himself is featured, alongside other oud players. Ramadan. The ‘fanoos’ is a must-have for every child, and another over the main meal, El Iftar, or the pre-fasting meal, many homes are decorated with them, hanging or sitting near El Sohour. Guests usually come laden with their favorite dish Wekalet El Ghouri, right behind the Azhar Mosque in the entrance. These are traditionally made lanterns of tin and or desserts, either homemade or store-bought. Gamaliya, hosts orchestras, singers and dancers from all over colored glass, with a candle inside. More modern examples the Islamic world, offering some of the best performances are battery-operated, though lack the traditional spirit (each Certain types of desserts and drinks are only consumed during the month. Last but not least, the Citadel is all lit up year there seems to be a trend to see who can produce the during Ramadan. The most popular are ‘Konafa’, a shredded during Ramadan, and in various parts of the grounds around most creative ‘fanoos’). wheat-based pastry baked with sugar, honey syrup, nuts the Citadel, there are many cultural activities, ranging from and raisins. ‘Qatayef’, an oval shaped pastry stuffed with folkloric dances, to dervishes and famous Egyptian and Arabic The invention of the lantern goes back to the Fatimid era, different types of nuts and raisins or ricotta cheese, is also singers performing. when the Fatimid caliph used to check for the new moon a popular choice. ‘Om Ali’, a bread and milk pudding dish indicating the commencement of Ramadan. The children and lokomades (honey balls). On the table there is usually a Most hotels and coffee shops have special activities, usually would accompany him on this mission each carrying a Hibiscus (Karkade) drink, served cold, ‘Kamar El Din’ a dried in a tent erected on the grounds, where music, folkloric apricot juice, and a liquorice drink ‘Erk Sous’, which are all the dances, live singers and traditional Ramadan foods are most popular during the month. offered. Finally, riding in a felucca boat and enjoying the El Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque enchanting lights of Cairo by night is a popular Ramadan The Charm of El Azhar and El Hussein areas: There is a special pastime. Taking a Nile cruise on one of the many boats that charm in the atmosphere during Ramadan, especially in local offer Iftar or Sohour is also enjoyable. cafes in Khan El Khalili, like the popular and traditional Fishawy. The 200-year-old café is one of the most popular oriental cafes Ramadan tends to make Egyptian nightlife more within the market area. Open 24 hours and frequented by entertaining, certainly more festive, and nowhere else is this tourists and locals, it is considered to be an inspiring place more evident than in Egypt. for intellectuals and writers. The Noble Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz used to sit at the café and write his novels. The nearby Naguib Mahfouz café and restaurant named after the famous Egyptian laureate is also found in the bazaar area. Do not miss reading samples from his writings on display while Ramadan is not just special for its religious aspect, but also you are drinking mint tea. for its distinctive customs and traditions that are cherished in Egypt, perhaps more than in many other Muslim countries, as Other places to visit in the area are the famous Kebab and Egyptians are particularly keen on preserving their numerous Kofta house, as well as El Fatatery or the Egyptian pancake, inherited social habits and traditions. ‘fanoos’ with a candle to illuminate the way for their caliph. which are served with cheese and other accompaniments, or as a dessert with powdered sugar, jam or cream. You can also People from all over Egypt make it a point to pay visits to The making of the ‘fanoos’ is quite an important industry have a delicious filling meal of Koshary (lentils, elbow macaroni sacred and religious sites, where holy and pious people are that is brought to light only in Ramadan. ‘Fanoos’ makers can and sautéed onions and a special sauce). buried in shrines. One of the busiest places in Cairo during be found in particular areas such as Khan El Khalili bazaar; Ramadan is the El Hussein area. El Hussein Mosque dates back considered one of the most remarkable markets in Egypt, this There are also a huge number of shops in the area that sell to 1153, covers an area of around 3,500 square meters, and lies bazaar was inspired by the Mamluk Prince Jaharkas El Khalili all kinds of gifts and souvenirs, so visitors can buy anything from on the site of an ancient Fatimid Caliph’s cemetery. Another ,back in 1382 AD. The Khan El Khalili area is also where the El silver to jewelry, to copper and other Egyptian handicrafts. important mosque that Egyptians visit is El Mursi Abul Abbas Hussein Mosque can be found. Mosque. It is dedicated to the 13th century Alexandrine Cultural activities in Ramadan: Furthermore, people like to Another special feature of Ramadan is the canon, which is attend different cultural and folkloric events that take place Khan El-Khalili the signal of breaking the fast. The story goes that in the mid- in historical houses, especially after Iftar. Beit El Harrawi and nineteenth century a worker was cleaning a canon at the Beit Zeinab Khatoun are two popular choices. Beit El Harrawi is site of the citadel and fired it by accident, coinciding with considered to be one of the outstanding examples of Ottoman Live Colors EgyptLive Colors Egypt sunset and the moment of El Iftar. This consequently turned Islamic houses, and dates back to 1731. Its construction is into a ritual during sunset. Though today, this habit has been attributed to Ahmed Ben Youssef El-Serafi. However, it is named substituted by television and radio announcements, the after its last owner, Abd El-Rahman El Harrawi, who was the canon is still fired from the Citadel every day during Ramadan. Hakim (Doctor) of Qasr El-Aini Medical School. The house is located behind El Azhar Mosque next to Beit Zeinab Khatoun. The Mesaharaty or the caller for Sohour time, the second The latter most probably dates back to the end of the 14th meal right before sunrise, strolls down different streets and century and early 15th century – approximately the era of alleys in his neighborhood with a drum, calling for the last Sultan Qaitbay, as noted in the architectural style of the house. meal before sunrise. In the old days when the population The home is named after Zeinab Khatoun, the last to reside was not so large, he would call people by their names. He is in the house. not paid a fixed salary, and relies on individual support and Other places of interest are ‘Beit El Shaer’ (The Poet’s House), contributions. The Mesaharaty still exists until today, especially located in the heart of Moez Eddin Allah Street. It is surrounded Wekalet El-Ghoury 2 August . 2011 August . 2011 3
  3. 3. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter hotEls’ activitiEs during ramadan During the month of Ramadan, most hotels are special cruises can be arranged for groups upon request. well prepared to serve guests; offering enticing Iftars The Four Seasons Hotel in Alexandria is launching and Suhours complete with live entertainment. Sweet a Siwa Night, which is its latest dining creation. Set treats and savory meals can also be provided through on the hotel’s private beach and overlooking the catering, for those who would like to entertain at home. Mediterranean sea, this will surely be an enticing Semiramis InterContinental has numerous buffets option for many guests because of the unique with authentic Egyptian specialities, as well as experience and enchanting atmosphere, all ethnic food from other countries. The Tea Garden complimented by the skilled service of the Four Seasons. will be serving a wide range of sweet desserts, and At the beach, guests will be seated in an Arabesque during the Eid there will be famous Egyptian and set-up, with rugs and cushions on the sand,m Arabic superstars performing at Haroun El Rashid. overlooking the sea and dining by candle light. The Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza is ideal for those Guests can also experience the underground cooking who are seeking an oriental setting with spectacular method, “Abou Mardam,” as it is called in Siwa. views of the Nile. While the Pool Grill will be offering The Sheraton Montazah Hotel is offering an delectable dishes for Iftar and Sohour, guests can also opt to enjoy Iftar and Sohour in the privacy of their attractive discount for groups at the Iftar meal in Cafe Coquillage. La Terrace Cafe is another option, fAWAnees RAmAdAn 2011 festIVAL room by using the room service’s special set menu. with entertainment overlooking the Montazah Parks. Celebrate Ramadan the palatial way at the Cairo A must-try at The Holiday Inn Cairo City Stars’ Marriott, where there are delicious buffets offered, and patisserie is their Konafa dessert with mango, which guests can also book one night at a special rate which you can have in the Star Corner Terrace overlooking will include Sohour for two at the Almaz Restaurant. the swimming pool, along with your favorite drink. Under the slogan “Egypt’s Spirit in Ramadan”, The Egyptian efforts by several organizations & governmental bodies will The Grand Nile Tower attractions this year include a The Fairmont Hotel Heliopolis has live band Ministry of Tourism is launching, for the second consecutive be cooperating in making this festival a successful one. This gourmet set menu for Iftar at the Revolving Restaurant and performances from Thursdays to Sundays every year, “Fawanees Ramadan 2011” Festival during the month includes the Cairo governorate, the Giza governorate, the Nubian Village. For those who prefer Nile cruises, Grand week and a daily DJ throughout the week of August. Ministry of Culture, the Egyptian Center for Culture & Arts Nile Tower’s yacht will provide a daily Iftar buffet and at the Egyptian Night and Pizza Bar outlets. Makan, the Culture Resource Centre, the Sawi Cultural “Fawanees Ramadan 2011” Festival brings Egypt’s Centre, and the Cairo Opera House – all whom have unique spirit during the holy month and the Eid El Fitr (the prepared a full agenda of folkloric and religious activities. 3-day holiday following Ramadan) to tourists from all over the world, and especially to those coming from the Arab A huge promotional campaign has also been put together, countries, especially from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, including the airing of a 30-second TV spot since mid-July on Jordan and Qatar. This is the second year that the festival MBC1, Rotana Khalijia, Dubai TV, Saudi TV1, and Al Watan marriott Egypt propErtiEs • A special $ 25 menu per person in designated restaurants. will be held, conveying Ramadan in Egypt with all its folkloric Channel. A special supplement has also been made traditions and habits. available in Haya magazine, with dishes recommended by arE introducing a wholE Above rates are subject to service charge, taxes, prior reservation, availability and are valid until December 31st 2011. top Arab TV stars. Other editorials will be included in a variety Several activities and festivities are on the agenda this year of Pan Arab newspapers and magazines. Lastly, there is an nEw irrEsistiblE bouquEt of ,starting from the eve of Ramadan, where a huge event advertising campaign on the Internet , facebook and other spEcial dEals this yEar will be held at the Gezira Garden in Cairo. Other cities and social media. A competition under the title “You Are Egypt” JW Marriott Hotel Hurghada Marriott towns in Egypt, including Alexandria, Ismailia & Aswan, will for Egyptian youth talent has also been launched on the Cairo Red Sea Resort also share in “Fawanees Ramadan 2011” Festival by offering Internet, and prizes will be given to the best Egyptian talent Tel.: +20(2) 2411 5588 Tel.: +20(65) 344 6950 a variety of activities. at the beginning and end of the festival. Enjoy thE following trEats: Renaissance Sharm El Taba Heights Marriott Sheikh Red Sea Resort The spirit of Ramadan will not only be limited to Egypt, About Fawanees Ramadan Festival • Book your stay 7 days ahead and save 25% off Golden View Beach Tel.: +20(69) 358 0100 but will also be transported to the United Arab Emirates, “Fawanees Ramadan Festival” began in 2009 through a your room or suite rate. Resort with a special set up at the Dubai Mall, in cooperation with website and a promotional campaign on the Internet, and • Pay for 5 nights in any of our superior suites and Tel.: +20(69) 366 4694 Cairo Marriott Hotel & “Emaar Misr “. Egyptian dishes and special Ramadan drinks, in 2010, the Festival was launched officially in the cities of get 2 nights FREE! Omar Khayyam traditional folklore tanoora dances, religious and Sufi songs, Cairo and Alexandria, as well as the resorts of Marsa Alam Sharm El Sheikh Casino • Book 25 rooms and get either 2 complimentary and other traditional Egyptian customs will be presented to and the North coast area. The Festival was also promoted Live Colors Egypt Marriott Tel.: +20(2) 2728 3000Live Colors Egypt rooms or 5 upgrades to the next higher room type. Red Sea Resort the public. through various activities held in Kuwait, Tunisia and Turkey, • Stay on the 25th of any month and pay $ 125. Tel.: +20(69) 360 0190 which led to a 17.3% surge in Arab tourism to Egypt, and a • Stay over the weekend for $ 125 per room, per Along with Egypt Air, the official carrier of the festival, roughly 25% increase during the El Fitr Eid Holiday. night. • Book your meeting for 25 delegates and get one FREE! • Special coffee break for L.E. 25 per person for a minimum of 25 delegates. • A meeting package, which includes lunch and 2 coffee breaks for L.E. 250 per person, for a mini- mum of 25 delegates. 4 August . 2011 August . 2011 5
  4. 4. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter gcc spEcial offErs during thE month of ramadan and Eid holiday safir hotEl Book 3 consecutive nights to receive an upgrade for a Sea View room Accommodation rates starts from US$115 for a single standard room to US$ 249 for a triple luxury room, all inclusive. For reservations call +(2 065) 336 0000 Rates mentioned include accommodation up to two children under 12 years old sharing a room with parents, an extra bed upon request and Iftar and Suhour meals at the coffee shop. cairo marriott hotEl Book one night and enjoy a special rate of LE 975 including Suhour for two people at Almaz or Layali Restaurants, Other benefits offered during the month include a along free parking at the hotel. The offer includes free welcome drink, check out at 7 pm, usage of the health club accommodation up to two children under the age of 12 (except massage) and 20% discount at the Asian restaurant. residing in the room with parents, and a 50% discount for children under 12 for Suhour. For reservations call: +(202) 3748 2828/3748 2424, Fax: +(202) 3749 8049or email: For Reservation : (+20) 27283000 conrad cairo hotEl four sEasons nilE plaza Great Getaway promotion with 40% discount in room Validity: Holy month of Ramadan. rates starting from $102.00 per double room per night subject Rates: $380 subject to 24.32 % service charge and taxes. to service charge and taxes, promotion includes Suhour Added Value: Sohour included. meal in Solana all day dining restaurant or in room service. Double at Single rate. Rates include Eid Holiday Pay two nights and stay the third night FREE. Guaranteed one step upgrade. For reservations call: (+20) -25808000 / 25808116 Booking procedures: Guest to mention to our reservation four sEasons hotEl at thE office that he is care of Fawanees Ramadan promotion upon booking, so that he gets above mentioned benefits. first rEsidEncE Booking channels: Booking through a local travel agency, a special discount Email: is offeredwhich includes Iftar buffet in Seasons restaurant, Phone: +20 2 2791 6800 25% discount on Tajin tent in the First Mall and all applicable Fax: +20 2 2791 6900 service charge and taxes. intErcontinEntal amErican ExprEss Four special nights in Cairo for US$430 at the Cairo Marriott thE palacE port ghalib Hotel. Add three nights in Sharm for US$375 excluding air fare Cairo/Sharm /Cairo.Rates are per person in double room rEsortLive Colors Egypt based on a minimum of two paying passengers, which Accommodation rate: includes round trip transfers from airport, four nights at the Single room: US$ 160, Double room: US$ 190 hotel in standard room, based on bed and breakfast.Special Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort & Crowne rates are offered on optional tours on Nile cruise with Iftar Plaza Sahara Oasis Port Ghalib Resort or Suhour, Pharaonic Village and Suhour at Novotel El Borg. Single room: US$ 120, Double room: US$ 140 Rates per garden view room per night based on bed and For details call: American Express Travel Services Office, breakfast and inclusive of service charge and taxes. This offer is valid from August 25th till September 10th, 2011 Hotels mentioned above are totally responsibile for the packages 6 August . 2011
  5. 5. Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter song Jerusalem. Composer, music Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 producer and pianist Fathy Salama is RAmAdAn CALendAR of eVents renowned in Egypt and internationally for his numerous musical projects and Saturday 27th tours, and as the first artist in the Arab Nile Troupe for folkloric music world to win a Grammy Award and instruments Monday 1st Beit El Seheimy, Gamalia Time: 9:30 pm the BBC award for his album “Egypt”. Beit El Seheimy, Gamalia Tel: +(202)2591 3391 Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Tel: +(202)2591 3391 National Circus Performance. The Time: 9:30 pm circus will perform all month Monday 8th Saturday 13th Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Ara Musa Honra Agouza, Tel: +(202)3347 0612 (Spain) Tannoura Performance Tannoura Performance Saturday 20 th Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Tannoura Performance (Whirling Dervishes) (Whirling Dervishes) Friday 19th Time: 9:30 pm (Whirling Dervishes) El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Tannoura Performance El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Tel: +(202)2511 0472 Tel: +(202)2511 0472 (Whirling Dervishes) Tel: +(202)2511 0472 El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Wednesday 10th Jazz Music by Yehia Khalil at Tel: +(202)2511 0472 Calligraphy art exhibition midnight by artist Khodair Mawlaweya Folkloric Performance Darb 1718, El Fakhareen, Old Cairo. Monday 22nd Picasso Gallery for Fine Arts Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum. The Exhibition is available throughout the whole Tel: +(202)2735 1123 Wednesday 17th Egyptian Pop Songs with Resala Karima Nayet month Band (Algeria) Nai El Barghouti (Palestine) Time: Daily from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm Tannoura Performance Fusion music with Fathy Salama Sawi Cultural Centre, Zamalek Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Geneina Theater, Azhar except on Sundays (Whirling Dervishes) Cairo Opera House Grounds. Tel: +(202) 2739 Tel: +(202)27366 178 Friday 19th Park, Salah Salem St. Friday 26th Time: 9:30 pm 30 Hassan Asem St , - Brazil-Zamalek El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar 0114 Time: 9:30 pm Tel: +(202) 27367544 Tel: +(202)2511 0472 Wednesday 24th Folkloric Ballads with Mawaweel Tuesday 2nd Harp Music Troupe Tannoura Performance Sushila Raman Sakia Cultural Wheel, Zamalek Makan Cultural Foundation (Whirling Dervishes) (India / UK) Music and songs from Gaafera Tel: +(202)2736 6178 Tel: +(202)2792 0878 El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Geneina Theater, Azhar Troup of South Egypt Tel: +(202)2511 0472 Park, Salah Salem St. Friday 26th Makan Cultural Centre, Dawaween. Thursday 11th Tannoura Performance Time: 9:30 pm Tel: +(202)2792 0878 (Whirling Dervishes) Thursday 25th Badiaa Boherizi Music and song performance by El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Geneina Theater, Wednesday 3 rd Ara Musa Honra (Spain). Honra Music concert with Nai Azhar Park, began in 2008 with her band to Thursday 18th El-Barghouthi (Palestine). A Friday 18th Time: 9:30 pm Mawlaweya Folkloric Performance perform music and songs that vary composer, singer and flute player. Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum. between many music styles ranging Sufi Music Nai took first prize in two consecutive Tel: +(202)2735 1123 from pop, reggae and flamenco. Saad Zaghloul Center, Sayeda Zeinab rounds of the Palestine National Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Tel: +(202)2795 6864 Competition of Music (formerly the Tannoura Performance Time: 9:30 pm Marcel Khalife Competition) for 2006 (Whirling Dervishes) Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Music Performance with Badiaa and 2008, and ranked second in 2010. El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar Bouhrizi (Tunisia). The career of She has composed six music pieces Tel: +(202)2511 0472 Bazaar Badiaa Bouhrizy “Naissato” has gone for the flute. In addition to playing Crafts Workshops & Bazaars. Open 10 through different phases of modern flute and composing Nai, has her own Friday 5th pm to 1 am until August 25th music of jazz, rock and reggae, distinctive voice as a singer. Darb 1718, El Fakhareen, Old Cairo. before creating her solo project, Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Oud Music Performance with “Nesto,” which represents the original Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Naseer Shamma essence of the North African spirit. Live Colors Egypt Art ExhibitionLive Colors Egypt Sakia Cultural Wheel, Zamalek Friday 12th Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Friday 26th Picasso Gallery Tel: +(202)2736 6178 Tel: +(202) 2362 5057 Songs by Maryam Saleh (Egypt). Song concert with Sushila Raman Tannoura Performance An Egyptian independent singer, Friday 19th (India / UK). Born in Britain in 1973 (Whirling Dervishes) songwriter, and actor who was of Indian parents, Sushila started her El Ghoury Cultural Complex, Azhar raised by her father, the renowned Songs by Karima Nayet (Algeria), career through south Indian classical Tel: +(202)2511 0472 theatre writer/director Saleh Saad. accompanied by Fathy Salama. music and then moved toward blues Maryam has also acted and starred She began her artistic career as music. Her debut album Salt Rain Sunday 7th at independent film productions and a contemporary dancer. In 1998 has been nominated for the British she is working now on different new she moved to Cairo and met Mercury Prize. Nile Troupe for folkloric music projects. Fathy Salama, joining his group Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. instruments Geneina Theater, Azhar Park, Salah Salem St. Sharqeyat and recorded her first Time: 9:30 pm 7 August . 2011 August . 2011 8