Bi Innovation Support Brochure 2011


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Bi Innovation Support Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Technology | Consulting | TrainingInnovationBuild your future with our flexible services
  2. 2. “Successful firms are in the business of harnessing innovation to gain sustained competitive advantage: new and better products that deliver more value to customers, priced to reflect this higher value” James Dyson, Chairman, Dyson Get the innovation support you need, when you need it Successful innovation involves a complex mix This pragmatic approach means that of knowledge, creativity, analysis, skills and organisations of any size in any sector can leadership. While organisations know where use individual services to provide immediate their strengths lie and when they need outside impact or construct a bespoke support package help, it hasn’t always been easy to bring in just precisely suited to their operation, budgets, the right support, in exactly the right way at schedules and goals. Among the many benefits the right time and at the right price. Which of this flexible way of working, in which our is why we offer a unique portfolio of proven services plug directly into organisations’ innovation services so companies can choose ongoing innovation projects, is that we can exactly what they want, when they want it. build the understanding and trust vital to successful partnerships.02/03
  3. 3. “Advantage must come from the ability to create and then commercialise new products and processes, shifting the technology frontier as fast as rivals can catch up” 66% of average labour Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School productivity growth in the UK between 2000 and 2007 is attributed to innovationMake innovationtheory work for youin practiceWhat an organisation needs from an innovation are experienced in applying innovationpartner depends on the challenges it faces theory to create value for our public andand the way it works. Whatever the direction private sector clients.or duration of your innovation journey, our Our approach to innovation means that we lookteam will work with you to make it direct, cost beyond your products and processes, to yourefficient and commercially effective. people too. Training and coaching form a keyA number of factors make this possible. component of many of our innovation services,First, we are a consultancy, so we cover the embedding the skills and attitudes that enablefull spectrum of business activities that can be organisations to innovate and thrive now –enhanced through innovation. Second, we’re and into the future.also a business intelligence specialist, whichmeans our analysts and specialists10%growth in turnover wasachieved by companiesover the subsequent threeyears after introducing anew product, comparedto 5.8% for non-innovators according toa study by NESTA04/05
  4. 4. “If you give people tools, and they use their natural ability and Our portfolio of innovation services their curiosity they will develop things in ways that will Define and Identify Evaluate and Select – Competitor landscaping – Market surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected” – Market landscaping – Technology Bill Gates, Microsoft – Technology landscaping – Risk evaluation – Value profiling – Voice of customer – Horizon scanning – State of the art – Voice of customer – Time to innovate – Innovation audit – Patent modelling – Cultural audit Explore and Create Execute and Deliver – Technology mapping – Market access planning – Market opportunities – Cost model analysisChoose your bespoke – Consumer insights – Technology brokerage – Horizon scanning – Business modellingpackage of innovation – Ideation – Funding acquisition – Trend analysis – Collaboration value – Invent beyond – Partneringsupport – Technical problem – Licensing solving – Market accessOur portfolio of services reflects the best assemble them in any combination and in anypractices we have developed, adopted and order to give you precisely the tactical insights,evolved over our 60 years of experience and is ideas, guidance and knowledge you need tobased on a four stage innovation cycle: Define drive your business plans.and Identify, Explore and Create, Evaluate and One of the advantages of this flexible approachSelect and Execute and Deliver. Combined, they is that we can work with you to create aform a holistic strategic approach to innovation balanced innovation strategy with a judiciouswhich will support any organisation wishing combination of lower-risk, incrementalto try to future-proof their revenues. Of course, innovation through to more radical, higher riskeveryone starts from a different position, innovation.with different experience, therefore you canAre these the kind of questions you are asking about your business?Define and Identify Evaluate and SelectWhat is likely to happen in my market? How can I be sure I’m doing the right thing?What competitive threats am I facing? Is my innovation meeting market needs?How can I increase my margins? Which idea will have the greatest impact?What direction is technology taking? What are my funding and investment options?Where are the most promising opportunities? How can I mitigate the risk of innovation?Explore and Create Execute and DeliverHow can I generate more new ideas? How do I get my idea to market?How can I solve my technical problems? What business model would be best?What do consumers want? How do I find the right partners?What is there to learn from other sectors? Do we have the right skills and leadership?How can I differentiate my products? How do I construct a new supply chain?06/07
  5. 5. “The best, most solid way out of a crisis in a changing market is through experiment and adaptation. Businesses surf the waves of ‘‘ I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of changing circumstances, and I can’t offhand think of any industries the service it might give whose best players are not constantly engaged in reinvention of others. I find out what the world needs, then one sort or another” Richard Branson, Virgin Group I proceed to invent ’’ Thomas EdisonLet’s work together tobring innovation to lifein your organisationWe have a strong track record of helping can contribute expertise from over 10,000organisations in all sectors innovate scientists, researchers and market informationeffectively. In the last 10 years, we’ve helped specialists to help you achieve your goals.clients develop new market opportunities All that this comprehensive resource has toworth over £2 billion. This experience puts offer is channelled through the expertise ofus firmly at the forefront of commercial our innovation consultants. These specialistsinnovation in globally competitive markets. provide a personalised service, buildingWe would like to share with you the lessons rapport and trust as they manage delivery ofwe have learnt, the expertise we have the services you choose, help you train youraccumulated and the extensive networks staff and advise on issues such as embeddingwe have created. Together, these networks innovation capability into your organisation.of associates and partner organisations‘‘Innovation distinguishesbetween a leader and a follower’’Steve Jobs, Apple08/09
  6. 6. “The most successful innovators have a clear focus on a robust innovation strategy in addition to opening the innovation process to parties outside the company” A T Kearney, US management consultantMake the decision toinnovate with usTell us where your organisation is now andwhere it wants to be. We can help you get there.Call 01664 501 401Email£133bnis the estimated amountof intangible investmentsmade by business ininnovation in 2007, whichis thought to exceed thosemade in physical capital10/11
  7. 7. Pera is one of Europe’s most successfulinnovation and business support organisations,with offices in eight European countries anda global network of specialists.A valued partner to clients across all sectorsfor over 60 years, our Technology, Consultingand Training services inspire and enableorganisations to grow and to transform theirproducts, people and processes beyond theircompetitors’ reach.www.pera.comPera, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0PBPera International is a company limited by guarantee Registered in England 412652