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Passive Smoking can also   Cause Lung Cancer     Lung cancer is a type of       lungs. When you inhale cigarettecancer tha...
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Best Cancer Hospital in India | Top Cancer Hospitals in India | Cancer Hospitals | Oncology Hospital in India:


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OMEGA Cancer Cure Institute is the one of Top Cancer Hospitals in India, which offers the full range of cancer treatments and procedures to include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, biological therapy and integrative medicine. With an integrated team of physicians, nurses and healthcare workers. OMEGA Hospital is committed to helping people lead a better, healthy life. As an acute care medical facility with advanced technology and dedicated compassionate staff.

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Best Cancer Hospital in India | Top Cancer Hospitals in India | Cancer Hospitals | Oncology Hospital in India:

  1. 1. Passive Smoking can also Cause Lung Cancer Lung cancer is a type of lungs. When you inhale cigarettecancer that begins in the lungs. smoke, which is full of cancer-Lung cancer is one of the leading causing substancescause of cancer deaths in India, (carcinogens), changes in theamong both men and women. lung tissue begin almostLung cancer claims more lives immediately. At first your bodyeach year than colon, prostate, may be able to repair thisovarian, lymph and breast damage. But with each repeated Dr. Ch. Mohana Vamsycancers combined. People who exposure, normal cells that line Chief Surgical Oncologistsmoke have the greatest risk of your lungs are increasingly Omega Hospitals, Hyderabad.lung cancer. The risk of lung damaged. Over time, the damage healthy tissue. The surgeon maycancer increases with the length causes cells to act abnormally also remove lymph nodes fromof time and number of cigarettes and eventually cancer may the chest in order to check themsmoked. If you quit smoking, develop. Unfortunately, survival for signs of cancer. A respiratoryeven after smoking for many rates for people diagnosed with physiotherapist would guideyears, you can significantly advanced lung cancer are very through breathing exercises toreduce your chances of low. People diagnosed at the aid in recovery. Chemotherapy:developing lung cancer. If you earliest stages have the greatest Chemotherapy uses drugs to killsmoke and want to stop in order chances for a cure. cancer cells. One or moreto reduce your risk of lung A cancer treatment regimen chemotherapy drugs may becancer, make an appointment is chosen based on a number of administered through a veinwith your doctor. Your doctor factors, such as overall health, (intravenously) or taken orally.can recommend strategies for the type and stage of lung cancer, Chemotherapy can be used as aquitting, such as counseling, and patient preferences. There first line treatment for lungmedications and nicotine are broadly two types of lung cancer or as additional treatment after surgery. In some cases,replacement products. cancer: Non-Small Cell lung chemotherapy can be used to Lung cancer typically cancer and Small Cell lung lessen side effects of cancer.doesn’t cause signs and cancer. Options typically include Radiation therapy: It involvessymptoms in its earliest stages. one or more treatments, using high-powered energySigns and symptoms of lung including surgery, beams, such as X-rays, to killcancer typically occur only when chemotherapy, radiation therapy cancer cells. Radiation therapythe disease is advanced. These or targeted drug therapy. can be directed at lung cancermay include a new cough that Treatment options for from outside the body (externaldoesn’t go away; changes in a non-small cell lung cancers beam radiation) or it can be putchronic cough or “smoker’s Stage I :Surgery, sometimes inside needles, seeds or catheterscough”; coughing up blood, even chemotherapy & placed inside the body near thea small amount; shortness of Stage II : Surgery, chemotherapy cancer (brachytherapy).breath; chest pain; wheezing; Stage IIIA : Combined Targeted drug therapy:hoarseness; losing weight chemotherapy and radiation, Targeted therapies are newerwithout trying; bone pain; sometimes surgery based on cancer treatments that work byheadache. Make an appointment results of treatment targeting specific abnormalitieswith your doctor if you have any Stage IIIB : Chemotherapy, in cancer cells. Targeted therapysigns or symptoms that worry sometimes radiation options for treating lung canceryou. Stage IV : Chemotherapy, include Bevacizumab which Smoking causes the targeted drug therapy, clinical stops a tumor from creating amajority of lung cancers — both trials, supportive care. new blood supply; Erlotinib andin smokers and in people Treatment options for small Gefitinib which blocksexposed to secondhand smoke. cell lung cancers : chemicals that signal the cancerBut lung cancer also occurs in Limited : Combined cells to grow and divide.people who never smoked and in chemotherapy and radiation, There’s no sure way to preventthose who never had prolonged sometimes surgery. lung cancer, but you can reduceexposure to secondhand smoke. Extensive : Chemotherapy, your risk if you .... don’t smoke,In these cases, there may be no clinical trials, supportive care. stop smoking, avoid secondhandclear cause of lung cancer. Surgery: During surgery smoke, avoid radon exposure,Smoking causes lung cancer by the surgeon works to remove the avoid carcinogens at work.damaging the cells that line the lung cancer and a margin of For More Details on Cancer Call : 98480 11421