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9 Ways To Teach Kids About Money


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9 Ways To Teach Kids About Money

  1. 1. 9 Ways to Teach Kids About Money
  2. 2. As soon as your kids start counting, introduce them to money
  3. 3. Sit with your kid and discuss value of money
  4. 4. Help children learn the differences between needs and wants
  5. 5. Teach how to set a Goal
  6. 6. Introduce children to the value of saving versus spending
  7. 7. When giving children an allowance, give them the money in denominations <ul><li>“ If the amount is Rs. 50 , give them Rs 50-5 denominations money and encourage them to save at least Rs. 10” </li></ul>
  8. 8. Take them to bank and open their own saving account
  9. 9. Keeping good records of money saved, invested or spent
  10. 10. Teach your kid about budgeting
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