Vaseline - The Game Changer


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Vaseline - The Game Changer

  1. 1. Marketing Challenge & Cricket is a rage in India and every marketer vies for the best TG Insight advertising spots. Especially advertising during the Indian Premier League (IPL) is costly and brands end up spending more to reach out to the same audience Clutter of advertisers and bad ad placements lead to low SOV. In the end advertisers have to deal with lower returns on their gigantic media investments during the cricket extravaganza. Vaseline’s TG has high affinity towards cricket, entertainment and gaming. Plus the TG loved consuming their favourite content online. Other than investing in conventional (print, TV, outdoor etc.) advertising our bigger blind spot we designed radical cricket content that transcended across digital platforms – mobile and web. Our strategy was to deploy varied digital platforms (display advertising, mobile & gaming) to create buzz.
  2. 2. For Vaseline Men’s Face Wash we had an exclusive approach. Defying norms we took a unique approach on display advertising, game branding and web sponsorship and viral content. Strategy & Creative Approach
  3. 3. Our display campaign wasdesigned to offer content to users on non-cricket sites that got significant traffic from male audiences. For the first time in India we ran banners with live scorecards backed with branded cricket content. Similarly on the display front we cracked an inexpensive web sponsorship with India’s leading portal Sify. The web sponsorship entitled maximum brand presence on the site – across multiple ad units.
  4. 4. Other than paid media platforms (display and sponsorship) we found greatopportunity in the mobile advertising and applications space. Weconceptualized India’s first interactive mobile magazine titled ‘Dressing Room’which had gossip and locker-room secrets of the biggest cricketingpersonalities available for download. But we needed something bigger to seal the deal. And creating the official game of IPL game was our answer. The deal gave us 100% branding SOV and scalability across platforms - mobile devices and web ( At the end of IPL Vaseline created innovations that redefined the mobile, display and gaming platform.
  5. 5. BUT VPJ got dragged into a controversy when retired English cricketer MichaelVaughan defamed an Indiancricketer VVS Laxman with a tweet that questioned his credibility as a sportsman. Millions of Indians were enraged with the Englishmens comment.
  6. 6. “Has Vaseline on the outsideedge saved the day for Laxman?”
  7. 7. YET we found an opportunity in such a situation to land the brand’s “multiple usage” benefits.
  8. 8. We took up media properties on cricket sites, news sites and content aggregator sites that were already carrying content about the controversy and published banners read “Mr. Vaughn Vaseline is not used on cricket bats” as a rebuttal.We even created a Facebook application wherein users put up a VPJ badge by simply uploading the image astheir display picture on Facebook. And voila, we had started a revolution like none other. In the end we had ingeniously used a negative comment to create a positive advertising revolution.
  9. 9. Results & EffectivenessVaseline Men’s Face Wash got 2 times the audience at 1/4th of the cost.- The display campaign reached out to 19.9 million unique users while theSify partnership helped reach 9 million unique visitors consuming 58+ millionpage views.- The official IPL game got Vaseline great mileage with 21, 113, 634 gameplays. The IPL campaign worked well for Vaseline with targeted advertisingand zero spillover.On the other hand the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly banner and viral-cum-guerrilla activity worked wonders for the brand.- We served out over 4.4 million impressions in 12 days a-Achieved 2,14,377 clicks with a CTR of 4.8%.- 91k fans in a short span of 12 days.- 21 thousand Facbook badge application viewers & 2517 published badges.