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A Free Traffic Strategy That I Use To Promote My InfoBarrel Articles


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A free traffic strategy that I use to promote my InfoBarrel Articles. This strategy not only gives you extra traffic but it can give you article a boost in the search engine rankings as well. This traffic strategy can also be applied to other web pages, websites, articles from other sites, pdf files, videos, musics downloads and anything that can be linked to online.

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A Free Traffic Strategy That I Use To Promote My InfoBarrel Articles

  1. 1. A Free Traffic Strategy That I Use To Promote My InfoBarrel Articles By Omar Best From Omar With Love - Email: YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE THIS GUIDE AWAY.You have full giveaway rights to this guide. You can pass it on to your list, your friends or give it awayon your blog and website. You are however not allowed to make any changes to this guide unlessotherwise granted by the author.This guide is based on the experiences of the author and is not indicative of any income claims.
  2. 2. IntroductionMy name is Omar Best and I have been doing business online off and on for almost 10 years. A coupleof months back I was introduced to a article writing website called InfoBarrel. On InfoBarrel you canpublish articles, videos, reviews, and how to guides and share them with the world. You are able togenerate revenue from Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon. Essentially, with InfoBarrel you arebuilding up a long term passive income stream.If you are not already signed up with InfoBarrel here is a link to get started writing for InfoBarrel.So when I first started writing with InfoBarrel the only ways that I promoted my articles were bysharing it through Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and other social media properties. Theproblem is that I could only do that one time.Then after reading a blog post by Kim Roach on BuzzBlogger I realized that there is simple FREEapproach that could bring in traffic to my articles. She introduced me to a free tool called JustRetweet.The way that JustRetweet works is you earn points for tweeting other peoples tweets and they earnpoints for tweeting your tweets. Not only are people able to tweet your messages and links to yourarticles, they are able to like your link on Facebook and promote your link on their Google Pluspage. In addition to that, you can use JustRetweet to increase your twitter followers.By promoting your articles with JustRetweet you are not only able to get extra traffic, but you aregetting exposure to like-minded individuals (more twitter followers) and a increase in your articlesrankings in the search engines. Social media, not backlinking, is now playing a bigger role inwebsite rankings in the search engines. So the more likes and tweets that your article or websitereceives the better it is for your article or website rankings in the search engines.Remember that you can use JustRetweet to promote your website, YouTube video, ebooks, pdfs, oranything that can be linked to online. The guide is just specific to InfoBarrel users.Here is a link to get started with JustRetweet below:
  3. 3. The Process1. InfoBarrel approves my article to be posted live on their site.2. Then I copy the link from my email. If you cannot find the email then just gointo your InfoBarrel account and copy the link.
  4. 4. 3. Then go to or any link shortner to make the link shorter. Rememberyou are limited to 140 characters per tweet or message.4. Then go to JustRetweet so that you can set up the tweet. Remember after yousign up all you have to do is sign in with you twitter account.
  5. 5. 5. Create my tweet and assign how many points members receive for tweeting mymessage, liking my message, or sharing it on Google Plus.
  6. 6. 6. Then press the submit button.This is what your message will look like to members who are going to tweet yourmessage.7. Rinse and Repeat the process.Remember this is not only limited to InfoBarrel articles you can do this will anytype of content or website that you are promoting.
  7. 7. Results From This StrategyI used this strategy to promote my InfoBarrel article A Content Strategy Strategy That Can Get TrafficTo Your Website. In about 10 days I received 42 views. That is not a ton of views I agree but comparedto my other articles which have not been promoted on JustRetweet it is a ton. I usually average 10 inthe same time using regular social media promotion. In addition to the views, my article has beentweeted 25 times and been like 6 times. My article ranked on the first page of Google for the long tailkeyword "a content strategy that can get traffic".I personally know some a guy that have done some serious keyword research using a tool calledMarket Samurai. He says that he ranks between pages 3 and 4 on Google only doing simple promotionso imagine if he were to implement this strategy. His articles are already optimized for certainkeywords to rank in the the search engines so a couple tweets and Facebook likes could get him to thetop page.Here is a screen shot of my article. Look at the number of tweets that the article has received.
  8. 8. Here is a screen shot of my ranking on the first page of Google for the long tailkeyword "a content strategy that can get traffic"
  9. 9. Another screenshot from my Firefox browser. Number 4 in Google.
  10. 10. Hope that the strategy works out for you. Please let me know if you see a changein the amount of traffic that you are receiving or your rankings in the searchengines.You contact me at omarbest@omarrbest.comorOn twitter @omarrbestorOn Omars Facebook PageDont forget to share this with your family and friends on Twitter and Facebook.Click here to share on FacebookClick here to share on Twitter Remember to sign up for InfoBarrel And JustRetweetBelow are the links to sign up for InfoBarrel and JustRetweet.InfoBarrel (Free)JustRetweet (Free)>>>>>>Before you go here are some other resources that I recommend.<<<<<<GVO Web Hosting - All-in-one web hosting service that I have been using since 2008.Traffic Dashboard - This is a product I purchased from Kim Roach, the same lady that introduced me toJustRetweet, that teaches you simple traffic generating techniques. Somehow a lot of the internetmarketing gurus seem to leave out some of the strategies discussed here.Market Samurai - This product is used research high traffic, low competition keywords or keywordphrases. Very easy to use software and recommended by several successful online marketers.