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My favourite opening title sequence

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My favourite opening title sequence

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION As the title suggests I’m here to talk about my favourite opening title sequence. Certain aspects like the Genre, codes conventions etc. Will be mentioned in my presentation. The movie I will be presenting is 007 Skyfall
  3. 3. GENRE The Genre of James Bond Skyfall is an action spy film, however since the title sequence is abstract Its not entirely clear but we can pick up from the gun action in it that some form of action is going to be taking place. The most important thing in here is that the theme of any bond is handguns. We would never see James using an assault rifle in a sequence. Over the years the sequences have revolutionized and Skyfall is proof of its evolution.
  4. 4. TITLE There isn’t much to talk about in regards to title since they have done such a good animation that the titles didn't’t need to make a heavy impact. However I will say that they made sure that Daniel Craig is the main character and the character sinking in the water by putting his name next to him as he was sinking. Also I would like to point out that the size of the font and where they place it has a fairly good impact on the sequence and mildly compliments the animation.
  5. 5. CONVENTIONS It’s a paradox really because most things in this sequence have got something to do with the film but simultaneously they don’t. The blood leaking out of the Bond target board connotes pain and suffering, and the fact that he’s originally sinking deeper into the water signifies despair. Again, the theme and style all link to the genre of the film. The enigma codes in here are rather vague in some areas and then very obvious in some aspects. The title convention is basic yet effective because of where its placed within the sequence. The lighting as he’s falling deeper into the water decreases connoting despair and a misfortune. The Title “Skyfall” Is in a worn out white wont but isn’t particularly big on the screen. This may be connoting the main characters state within the film; worn out and tired. The song in the background is sung with passion and compliments the title sequence in its tense atmosphere
  6. 6. INSTITUTION 20th century FOX is this movies institution and although no major editing has been done to it we can tell the movie is serious because they removed the start-up animation for it connoting the magnitude of the film. The senior staff in charge did well to connote this because usually in 23rd century film the strt up animations comes up without fail.
  7. 7. CODES Being in abstract sequence the enigma codes give more away If you know how to read it. For example, when Bond fires the bullet and we see the bullet traveling in slow motion and then eventually hitting the sand dune. It ripples and this connotes death as if it were hitting someone and penetrating their body. At one point the wound in the bond target is zoomed into and then another scene had taken place within the wound, a woman had appeared there with a smug smile, this connotes that women in his life has a portion to do with his suffering.
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE Since it has violence in this I would say this is a 15 plus. Its more for adults since over the years the intensity of the story have also revolutionized; like most films have in the past 20 years. Movies like batman have become more hostile and the narrative has become more detailed. This is exactly what has happened to James bond as soon as Daniel Craig started to play James Bond. People who have previously watched bond films will most likely to be drawn in quicker to the movie rather than people new to the sequel. However the advertising poster of this film sets up the upmost amount of mystery. Doesn't’t give much info but its enough to tell the public that its an action based movie with a sophisticated storyline to it. The Black and white background connotes its sophistication.
  9. 9. WHAT DO I LIKE? I like the fact that in this title sequence, anything can happen due to it being an abstract and this helps engage the viewer. I love abstract sequences and merged with the modern technology of animation it has become that much more impressive. The incredible animation and resolution of the animation makes it look impressively realistic and they have shown that they don’t need a lot of techniques in order for this films title sequence to look the best of all the bond films. Connoting death and emphasizing how much of an important factor it is by using blood forming into a skull; that is just one example.