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This is the final project of the course ANT1 . It's a lesson in science "Where your food comes from?" with the 5th level Primary students.

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Final project

  1. 1. Final Project Olga Maria Flores Tarradas ANT 1 COURSE
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I choose the theme “Where the food comes from?” because with the 5th grade students because we are studying the structure “Where are you from? Where is she /he /it from?”, countries and continents and I think that this topic links with the theme that they are doing in class.
  3. 3. Lesson plan • Tittle of the lesson: Where your food comes from? • Date: 23rd January 2014 • Unit of study: Unit 3 • Level and group: 5th grade Primary • Number of Students : 23
  4. 4. Background information Children are studying countries, the languages that are spoken in this countries. The structure: “Where are you from? Where is he/she/ it from?” What languages do you speak? And here it is introduced “Where your food comes from?”
  5. 5. Learning Objectives • Review the structure : Where are you from? • Where is he/she /it from? • Review some names of different kinds of food : bananas, coffee, cacao… • Learn new countries, the names of people related to the transport of food from one country to other.
  6. 6. Competencies involved • Communication in a foreign language. • Learning to learn. • Competence in knowledge of the physical world and interaction with it. • Social competenece and citizen competence.
  7. 7. Assessment • Asking questions before and after watching the video . • Activities from the video. • Food crossword. • Self evaluation of the activity.
  8. 8. Lesson develpoment Activity title time Description interaction Review flashcards and the question “where are you from? 5’ Watch the video “Fresh from the world” 30` Repeat the T-SS name of the flaschcards with the teacher. Students aks Ss-SS on to each other this question Watch the video and clarify some aspect that are maybe not clear Skills Materials L-S Flashcards L-S L Computer and digital screen
  9. 9. Bloom’s taxonomy • • • • Evaluating Analising Understanding Remembering ICT RESOURCES
  10. 10. PHOTOS OF THE STUDENTS Sorry but I can’t upload the photos of my students.
  11. 11. REFLECTIONS After doing the self-evaluation with my students , there are more than half of the class than understand the video and the other half , two of them don’t understand and the rest understand it more or less. This is the first time that they listen a video like this one, because they are get use to the videos of Find Out . I ‘m going to do this experience with other groups lets try how it works.