Analysis of different generic conventions in different genres


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Analysis of different generic conventions in different genres

  1. 1. Analysis of different generic conventions in different genres of magazines.In these two magazines they have utilised various generic conventions to enrich their genre. The rock magazine has a moredramatic approach through it’s boarders around it’s pictures and cover lines. In the “kerrang” magazine they have made their genreclearer to the reader through the use of a range of pictures of artists and people who are relevant to the genre. In addition in one ofthe pictures there is a prop, a guitar. The use of this prop enriches the genre as we associate guitars with the rock genre.Whilst in the “XXL” hip hop magazine they have relied upon the dominance and relevance of the two artists in the main image. Thisis useful as the reader will instinctively associate the two artists with the Hip-hop genre. However, the reader can only associate thetwo artists with the genre if they have a shared understanding and know who the artists are initially. Due to this I would say the“kerrang” magazine enriches its genre the most through its use of a range of pictures and props associated with the rock genre.
  2. 2. Colour Scheme The colour scheme utilised in this magazine is very effective. The baby blue in conjunction with the black background portrays a futuristic approach. This colour scheme is not conventional for hip hop magazines that I have researched, therefore it could be seen as unconventional. However, I think this colour scheme works well as it creates a futuristic approach and it appears that is what the publishers wanted to give the magazine, hence the use of futuristic typography for the main cover line.
  3. 3. Mock-Up 1 This is my first mock up, I have used and placed features under the influence of my research and creativity. Through my research it became apparent that the central image is the main focus of the magazine, however the most successful magazines utilised more than one picture and props to enhance the genre of the magazine, this is why I have chosen to use place another picture on my cover. My masthead will be relatively large as I aspire to create a masthead that represents the hip hop genre through the typography that I will use. Under the influence of my research Hip Hop magazines had a tendency to align all cover lines to the left or the right, due to this I have done the same. Through keeping the cover lines aligned to the left will allow the main cover line and main image to portray dominance. I have chosen to use a strap line as it will allow me to enhance the genre as I will be able to show features of the magazines. In addition all the Hip Hop magazine I researched utilised a strap line or a sky line, some used both.