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Componentes gramaticales omar ortiz 5 b

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Componentes gramaticales omar ortiz 5 b

  1. 1. nouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions,interjections, prefixes, suffixes.Omar Alejandro Ortiz Gaytan 5 “B”
  2. 2. Is a word use to name a person,animalPlace or thing and an abstract idea.
  3. 3. Indicates the action in the sentences.
  4. 4.  Can modify a verb, an adjetive or anotheradverb, a phrase or a clause. We identify the adverbs by the sufix “ly”. Indicates, time manner, place,cause or degreeand answer questions.
  5. 5. We use conjunctions to link word, phrases.Example:call the taxi when you are readyI ate pizza and ice cream
  6. 6. Is a word, added to a sentence to conveyemotion it is not a grammatically related toany another part of the sentence.
  7. 7. A prefix is placed at the beginning of aword to modify or change its meaningPrefix Meaning Examplepost- afterpost-election,post-graduationex- formerex-husband, ex-boss, ex-colleague
  8. 8. A word element that doesnt stand by itselfbut is attached to the end of a word tochange its meaning.In English, one common use of a suffix isto change the intensity of a word. Note, forexample, the difference between "happy,""happier" and "happiest."
  9. 9.  which of the following words is a verb.A)On B) eat C) everywhere which of the following words is not interjection.A)yeah!! B) sleep C) ouch!!which of the following words is a prefixes.A) post-election B)slowly C) run
  10. 10. Thanks for your attention