Kusadasi The Bird Island Turkey


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Turkey is great country with lot wonderful sites to visit.One of Such is Kusadasi , a resort town located in Izmir Area of Turkey which is also called as #TheBirdIsland. Most of European tourists love to be there for their holidays.

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Kusadasi The Bird Island Turkey

  1. 1. Kusadasi -The Bird Island
  2. 2. The Meaning: Kusadasi comes from the Turkish words 'kus'(bird) and Ada (island) combines as Bird Island.Most of locals often shortens the name to Ada. If you dreaming for a unforgettable Holidays in Turkey Kusadasi (The Pigeon Island) coastal resort town is a perfect destination. It offers spectacular mosques,sun drenched beaches and an excellent climate for your vacation and it serves as a good base for several surrounding tourist spots, an ideal place for sightseers.
  3. 3. Geography and Climate: It is located at a distance of 95 km from largest metropolitan center of Izmir area. It is 71 km from the provincial seat of Aydın situated inland. Kusadasi has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, providing a long tourism season.There are about 60,000 residents in kusadasi.The number may increase significantly during the high season from May to October.
  4. 4. Connectivity: Kusadasi area code is (+90) 256 and used by some of nearby inland towns. How to Reach? By Air : There are 2 Major Airports near by Kusadasi.Izmir International Airport (80 kms),Bodrum Airport (130 kms).We can reach both airports either renting a private transport or hiring a cab. By Road : Visitors can reach kusadasi by modern highway from south,north and east sides.Kusadasi connected with bus routes of all major cities and touristic resorts in Turkey.It will be wonderful way to discover Turkey. By Sea: The Kusadasi Port is one of the biggest of Turkey.We can find great value cruise tours from Famous tour operators such as DirectTraveller and visited top cruise ships.
  5. 5. Transportation in Kusadasi: Mini buses(dolmus) are the best way to travel within the city.We can also find private transport like taxis.Taxis are yellow in color with company names on side. Why to visit Kusadasi? Amazing Historical sites. Sandy Beaches. Turkish Food. National Parks. Night Life. Scuba Diving. Excursions. Greece Trips. More Fun & Festivals.
  6. 6. Must visits & Dos in Kusadasi Your vacation cannot be completed if you are not visit the following tourist spots. 1. The ancient city of Ephesus -It is one of the most beatiful ancient cities in the world. A visit to the ruins of the spectacular city of Ephesus will be more joyful. 2.The House of Virgin Mary – one of famous pilgram fro cathelics. 3. Cruise ship watching -sit at the Port and watch the Cruise ships come and go. 4. Explore Pigeon Island and visit the The Archaeological Museum,The Clock Tower, The Asansor,velvet castle . 5.Scuba Diving – Enjoy a fun and safe scuba diving with guidenace from instructors. 6.Artemision Temple – It known as one of seven wonders of antic world. 7. Aphrodisias - A small ancient Greek city in Caria.
  7. 7. 8.Sirince - It is a old Orthodox village 12kms from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi. 9.Kalamaki National Park – The ideal place for excursions,picnics and located in the Dilek Peninsula approx. 30 km South of Kusadasi. 10. Jeep Safari and Horse Safari. 11. Enjoy Delicious Turkish food in local restaurants. 12.Selcuk Town serves with excellent accommodation to the global visitors. 13. Go for a day trip to busy Izmir. 14.Relax in the Sandy Ladies beach. 15. Do a sky drive from Selçuk and have wonderful birds eye views over Ephesus. 16. Visit Crazy gardens with the strange trees and plants. 17. Enjoy Water sports at Aqua Fantasy water park .
  8. 8. Kusadasi Holidays 2014: Leading UK Tour operator DirectTraveller offers exclusive holiday packages to Kusadasi,Turkey such as day tours,itenary. Travel to beautiful locations,historical sites, Relax in sandy beaches, accommodate in well furnished hotels. For Endless Excitement Book your travel deals with DirectTraveller. Our Day tours to Kusadasi starts from £45. For more information about on going Turkey travel deals please visit http://www.directtraveller.com
  9. 9. Contact Us Want more information on North Cyprus, call us on 0844 414 1686 or visit www.directtraveller.com Follow Us
  10. 10. Contact Us Want more information on North Cyprus, call us on 0844 414 1686 or visit www.directtraveller.com Follow Us