In this edition of rwd magazine the artist


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analysis of front page double page spread and contents page

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In this edition of rwd magazine the artist

  1. 1. Masthead is in bold however the image of the model is placed in front .Cover lines follow the colourscheme and also Wretch 32 isin bold and caps thereforeshowing his importance as theis in the main article and also The image used is a headhe is a new artist breaking and shoulders shot , inthrough order to reveal more of the models personality than just the facial expression. Also the black and white colours used can represent the crossover from grime to mainstream. As grime is In this edition of RWD classed as an undergroundmagazine the artist in this and dark genre the blackcase Wretch 32’s image is represents this as black is ain black and white, this is dark colour. And the whiteextremely relevant due to can represent mainstream his debut album being Also the clothing Wretch 32 is wearing as mainstream music isentitled “black and white”. goes with the colour scheme of the more lighter . This is genre specific as if magazine which is black and white. you dont listen to hismusic you wouldnt know this.
  2. 2. Selling line is at the top showing theMasthead is big therefore it importance of it “ the NO.1 lifestylecan be seen from a distance guide for the young and ambitious “.also the colour scheme iscorresponding through outthe blatant colour schemeis red ,white and black There is one central image which is a head shot of the artist which is “Scorcher”, by using a head In this edition of flavour shot the reader can see more ofScorcher is wearing a chequered the models emotions and it isshirt that corresponds with the focused more on the model. The colour scheme of the magazine image is large therefore it attracts which is red, white and black the customer. In the image the model is looking directly at the camera, as a result of this it direct address and makes it more inviting for the customer to purchase.Features are listed on theright and follow the colourscheme. The puff “world exclusive” is underlined to show the importance and make it seem stand out more.
  3. 3. Masthead font is vibrant and bold, therefore it will attract customers. Also the colour scheme is consistent throughout the front page the main colours are; pink ,yellow, white and black. The image of Keri Hilson is used to attract potentialbuyers as she is idolised up toby females and males find her extremely attractive so who better to have on the frontpage. They have an attractive female on front who women The strap line “don’t hate me” is aspire to be like. genre specific as don’t hate me is a line from when of her songs . There is a chance to win headphones “ win coloud headphones” are in boldThe cover lines show what is and caps locks therefore making itincluded within the magazine and seem more important and also itcorrespond with the colour makes it stand out more. Thescheme. competition offer is used to attract customers.
  4. 4. The model in the contents page is In the following contents page Ciara a successful singer by having herit follows the 3 colour scheme posing in a sexual fashion it adds, these colours are white, blackand grey. The model in thiscontents page is wearing a greyjumper this corresponds withthe colour scheme. This contents page has the page numbers in bold, as a result of this making the page number stand out, as opposed to the rest of the text on the page, this is extremely effective as on a contents page theThe background is quite simplistic main thing is the page its just two plain colours whiteand black which fits in with thetext themes as all the text is eitherwhite or black therefore itcontrasts with the colour
  5. 5. . Underneath the two small photographs is a caption enlisting a small summary from the articles, therefore giving the reader an insight of what to expect in the article, as a result luring them into the article. • There is also an advertorial on the left hand side of the double page spread of the content, in my opinion this consequently disguises it as part of the content page so not to appear too commercial to the audience. As a result of this the reader feels more welcome to the magazine as they’re notThe magazine’s content page consists targets of adverts andof main photograph taking up nearly distractive marketing. Inhalf of the page, with two smaller addition the house style isphotographs on top of it. maintained of a white, blue and pink palette is consistent throughout the front cover, content page and even the costumes of the content page photographs The dominant colour is white which, therefore makes the content page clear and easy to read
  6. 6. The model (Kanye West) is looking directly at the camera this shows direct address .In this contents page ithas themes of a Vibe certainly has a distinctive house front cover of a magazine,for style/brand. Its contents page is usually example it has a large masthead written like "co anda midshot of a famous artist nten (Kanye West). ts" this is effective as soon as you see this you know its a Vibe magazine The clothes that the model is wearing corresponds with Also in the magazine contents page the page thebackground of the magazine and number is a different colour to the description of is brightened up slightly with the red the article, as a result of this making it stand out heart on the photograph , also even more as the page number is extremely editing is done to the colourof important in a contents page. Kanye West he has a grey tint which makes him fit in with the background even more so. Also the colour of the text goes with the colour of the background, the text is written in grey, however its a darker grey therefore making it more visible and easier to read
  7. 7. The palette is also representedthrough the costume of the The whole page on the right is a big imagephotograph therefore making of an established female rapper thisthe article and the photograph instantly attracted the gaze of thecolour co-ordinate. audience to the picture. In addition the posture of the model in the photographs portrays an impression of confidence, sexiness and superiority. In my opinion these characteristics will appeal to the female proportion of the target Within The double page spread the audience, as it enlists most house style is maintained again women’s aspirations therefore showing the magazine can relate through the white, blue and pink to people on a deeper level, colours used, therefore keeping the consequently of this making the magazine of a consistent appearance. magazine more credible to the As a result of this makes the magazine reader. Additionally there is also graffiti as the backdrop for the appear professional whilst still photograph, again appealing to a appealing to a younger younger audience as graffiti is teenage audience. stereotyped as contemporary
  8. 8. Some of the text is written inAlso by having Lupe Fiasco a successful rapper as the model yellow and some is white asit makes it more appealing to possible readers. well this is good as it makes it more visible for the reader. Lupe Fiasco is an intellectual rapper and raps about political subjects , as a result for this image the photographer may have got him to wear glasses for this photoshoot With these double page spread the colours used are colours that work well together for example, black yellow and white. What Lupe Fiasco is wearing corresponds with the colour scheme of the magazine his watch goes with the yellow in the magazine.
  9. 9. in this double page spreadthere is a main image ofDizzee Rascal holding a spraycan this is symbolic to youthsas youths are associated withgraffiti and mischief he islooking over his shoulder • Also by having Dizzee Rascal anshowing he is possibly established Uk rap artist it helps tocausing mischief. sell the product which is this issue of the magazine. Also there is a cliché and a pun "from tags to riches" tags means nickname amongst the youth. Also the statement "from tags to riches" it shows Dizzee Rascals journey from rags to riches.What he is wearing corresponds with the colour pallet ofthe double page spread his jeans go with the colour of thestatement "from tags to riches.”