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Olympya Software and Minerva Software


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Summary of Olympya Software & Minerva Software in English and links to products and portuguese presentations

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Olympya Software and Minerva Software

  1. 1. Minerva Software Olympya Software & Minerva Software Dec 2016 Confidential Games & Tools Apps & Tools Links updated on June 2017
  2. 2. Olympya Software Minerva Software Confidential Olympya Focus: Games & Tools Five Olympya projects have been approved by government incentive agencies  CNPq, Educine, Sebrae, Finep and RIOFILME Over the last years, Olympya has developed partnerships with  Three USA and one Israel companies  Brazilian Universities and local companies Minerva is a 70/30 JV, created to focus exclusively on Apps & Tools
  3. 3. Olympya Software Minerva Software Confidential Minerva UTI Gap A Doação SeiOthers Gap Andar Go Confess La Quête Churches SeiMCSA *SeiEnem Education Gap UTI Health Minerva is publishing 3 apps platforms and it represents a a tool for the brazilian market Green stars: Minerva owns the app or it has an agreed deal with the owner Red stars: under development. No stars on hold. *Data base is moving to another solution
  4. 4. Olympya Software Minerva Software Confidential Olympya Bug Reporter MMO Full Match Browser Drible & Gol App Paid Require Investor App Free Vesion “On Resources” App paid Require Investor App Free Version “On Resources” Media Support Churches apps Education apps
  5. 5. SEI Platform Summary Confidential  SEI: Apps Structured Platform to Aid Education  Project aims at creating an education aiding platform which provides an interactive environment, focused, attractive and motivating  Its goal is to promote learning through multiple-choice questions through the usage of Smartphones and Tablets Differentials  Smart Learning Engine that captures the user knowledge weak points.  Selects the next questions to ask  It allows tests to guide the learning and the results can be published bt the students in facebook  Questions will be from official examinations and or newly created  Learning is complemented by mini-lessons inspired by the Khan Academy system that can be watched offline  Gamefication with awards to increase the interest in learning  Social network focused on the platform and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) with awards Apps Global Market US $ 53B in 2012 to $ 143B in 2016
  6. 6. SEI platform segmentation and revenue Confidential SEI for Examinations: Customers and users are individuals  Basic app download is free  Revenue for SEI products is derived from:  Premium functions  Paid media by Google ads and private customers SEI for Institutions - Customers are Businesses and users are Individuals  The Institution purchases the platform use rights  The Institution purchases the tool to develop mini-lessons  The content is created by the institution for its students  The student may or may not pay for download the app  The school can make content cross-license with other institutions  Minerva may operate the app SEI for export – Case by case Partnerships
  7. 7. SEI business opportunities Confidential Schools in Brazil: SEI can modernize education  We may license our platform and they can do their own apps Companies and Schools out of Brazil  We can delivery the full platform in English or others languages and they can implement a variety of products in their countries We are also open to discuss others partnerships models A Doação business opportunity It can be implemented in South America and USA
  8. 8. ConfidentialConfidential Olympya in linkedin Companies Presentations in Portuguese Minerva slideshare Making of Making of Minerva in linkedin Games which will become apps trailler game Soccer Photos Safari Brasilia Tropicalis Making of Olé slideshare in English
  9. 9. ConfidentialConfidential YouTube: mini-lessons Facebook fan page Site Facebook fan page A Doação Facebook fan page Site Apps UTI Gap
  10. 10. ConfidentialConfidential Tools Bug Reporter Unit asset store Slide share Recuperação de depósitos judiciais Segurança- Gerência Engajamento e retenção – apps linkedin Olympya & Minerva partnership to help with scholarships Quero Bolsas
  11. 11. Confidential CONTACT: THANKS FOR YOUR TIME * The more I practice the luckier I am..... Tiger Woods