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  1. 1. EMERGENT POWER DEVELOPMENT CO. LTD. INSTALLATION OF 35MW GAS-POWERED ELECTRICITY PLANT PROJECT INFORMATION INCEPTION: July 2015 DESCRIPTION: Installation and operation of 15 Nos. 35MW electric plants in Lagos State LOCATION: Various (Depending on allocation from Lagos State Government) COST: $50m each (Total cost=$750m) DURATION: 45 months from project inception. OWNERSHIP: Public-Private Partnership (LASG 15%: Private Investors: 85%) FINANCING: Equity & Debt OFF-TAKERS: Eko DISCO and Ikeja DISCO PROMOTERS: Emergent Power Development Co. Limited PARTNERS: PowerCap Limited (Nigeria), Aldwych Capital Partners (USA), General Electric (USA), Prometheus Renewable Energy Development Solutions Ltd. (Hungary),
  2. 2. KEY ACTIVITY FOCAL POINTS: DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT  Review any existing project documents, collection of project data, analyzing the different power generation options  Establishment and utilization of new legal entity for the preparation of the program (if any)  Preparation and maintenance of new website for existing or new project company  Study the legislations related to the actual projects  Establishment of government relations, networking  Establishment of local private sector relations, networking  Review, modification or preparation of conceptual studies for the different technology options  Optimizing the technology on the basis of the available information, raw materials and the market demand of the different potential end products.  Setting the proper capacity of the plant.  Selecting the optimal site  Securing the necessary volume of fuels, energy sources on long term with contracts, concessions.  Securing the guaranteed operation and maintenance structure during the lifetime of the project.  Securing and negotiations of the Power Purchase Agreements  Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Business Plan  Preparation of Pre-feasibility and Detailed Feasibility Studies for the different project options
  3. 3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT  Setting the project implementation structure and methodology  Setting the method for selecting the suppliers, procurement strategy  Possibilities for Worldwide/EU/Local suppliers  Setting up the Project organization  Licensing, Permitting and Quality Assurance  Preparation EPC bid packages, invitation, specifications  Evaluating the received bids, especially  Checking the bid for completeness of the information requested  Checking the scope and limits of supply of services and interfaces  Evaluating the technical features of the equipment and structures and the adequacy of the services  Evaluating the prices, the completeness of the proposed services  Preparing questionnaires, evaluation reports (including the identification of problem areas) and technical documents.  Proposing for the award of the contract, negotiations and advise during the contract signing process  Preparing the project schedule and controlling deviations from it  Ensuring project definition in the form of project requirements and specifications and controlling changes  Expediting engineering and subcontractor deliveries  Controlling project interfaces inside and outside the organization in charge of the project  Controlling EPC contract compliance, progress  Ensuring timely and proper preparation of licensing documentation and applications as well as adherence to compliance procedures  Providing problem solving leadership and assistance where needed, and establishing a project risk analysis and risk reduction program  Monitoring and controlling costs  Ensuring progress payments and preparing claims for justified price changes  Ensuring quality assurance and control  Providing assistance, proper interfacing and transfer of information within the different actor at the site  Reporting progress, reports to the lenders, owners FUNDING  Setting the most optimal ownership and financing structure  Preparation and submission of licensing or concession documents, bids for individual projects  Preparation of Preliminary or Detailed Investor’s Information Memorandum for individual projects  Distribution of the Information Memorandums, invitation of potential investors, advisory services during the negotiations  Preparation of Grant applications, submission and follow up, supporting during award and utilization  Financial advise during the loan agreements preparation, negotiations