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Ocwc global-2010-jrivera-gchacartegui


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Ocwc global-2010-jrivera-gchacartegui

  1. 1. Use of web annotation in an open education environmentJosé Manuel Rivera LópezProduct Manager []Gladys ChacarteguiProject Manager []Learning Technologies Office []Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) []UOC OCW: []
  2. 2. Introduction 01Annotation Use Cases 02Impact in Open Course Ware 03Evaluated Tools 04UOCLet 05New Developments 06Questions 07
  3. 3. office of learning technologiesIntroduction 01 UOC Online institution Founded in 1995. More than 45.000 students Headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) 20 graduate and undergraduate degrees in catalan, spanish and english Our students: people from 25 to 40 years old; second degrees & Masters; work and study simultaneously Continuous evaluation 3
  4. 4. office of learning technologiesIntroduction 01 Students receive their text books before the beginning of the classes Our students use paper at home and web for searching Six different output formats: pdf, HTML, audio, video, mobipocket and epub 4
  5. 5. office of learning technologiesIntroduction 01 5
  6. 6. office of learning technologiesAnnotation Use Cases 02 1 Arrange mistakes 2 Document classification 3 Transcode content 4 Ask questions into the context 5 Help active readers 6 Elaborate collaborative knowledge 6
  7. 7. office of learning technologiesImpact in Open Course Ware 03 Collaborative knowledge allowing a group of people to work together over the same web page. Notes, Questions & Answers in context, everytime, everywhere. Build a personal learning network. Focus on the main learning issues of a particular subject. Not just open content, but offer a tool to adapt it to your necessities and enhance the learning experience. 7
  8. 8. office of learning technologiesEvaluated Tools 04 Diigo *Teachers of “Introduction to mathematics” invited students to use the tool as the only way to ask questions related to the learning content, instead of forums. *They just install it, not after some efforts, and keep sending questions to forums as previously. Wise advices: *Installation is a painful and unnatural process, the tool has to be part of the learning material itself *The tool has to be introduced to students at the very beginning of the course. *Two different logons 8
  9. 9. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 Connected to the Virtual Campus, sharing users and passwords. Allow users to distinguish between the annotations of a teacher and a classmate. To operate on any web browser and web page To allow users to add annotations and comments. All they will appear together in a summary page. To assist instructors in their educational tasks through specific resources, like a help page. Javascript + PHP and a database connected to the Virtual Campus Client is a library in javascript that is injected into the web page currently showed in the browser 9
  10. 10. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 10
  11. 11. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 11
  12. 12. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 12
  13. 13. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 13
  14. 14. office of learning technologiesUOCLet 05 Limited to a few students Main uses: Ask questions and arrange mistakes. Similar number of questions sent to forum. Students have a good impression, but: time and how to use it? 14
  15. 15. office of learning technologiesNew Developments 06 Main goal: Reduce the workload of teachers & Facilitate the use to students *No Installation *Integrated into the Web Material *Fewer clics *More adaptation to use cases found *More attractive and intutive interface 15
  16. 16. office of learning technologiesQuestions? 07 José Manuel Rivera López Product Manager Gladys Chacartegui Project Manager Learning Technologies Office Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) UOC OCW 16