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Presentación del dpto. de Área Educativa del 2009 y proyectos del 2009

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  • Interdisciplinary approach, accessible technologies, global network, user-centered design. Global network, open source technologies, quality control testing, team updating, horizontal approach
  • 2009 olt

    1. 1. OFFICE OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES2009 PROJECTS REPORT Office of the Vice President for Technology Universitat Oberta de Catalunya learningtechnologies.uoc.edu
    2. 2. 0. UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA (UOC) Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu0UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA •Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain •Fully online university (BAs, MAs, PhD) •Founded 15 years ago as an online university •47.000 students, 500 f-t faculty, 2000 p-t faculty •Faculty as Mentors •Students as Teachers
    3. 3. 1. MISSION OF THE OFFICE OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES (OLT) Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu1UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA “The OLT’s mission is to fulfill the needs to design, develop and deliver an open and high quality UOC virtual environment which enables fruitful and engaging student centered learning experiences.” LLorenç Valverde, Vice-rector for Technology, UOC Magí Almirall, Director of the Office of Learning Technologies
    4. 4. OLT RESPONSABILITIES 2.1 UOC online learning environment improvement and maintenance 2. Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu2UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA 2.2 Exploratory Initiatives 2.3 Dissemination Actions 2.4 Projects
    5. 5. OLT METHODOLOGIES 3. Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu3UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA
    7. 7. TEAM 7. Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu5UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA
    9. 9. 3D SIMULATOR Adding this tool to a virtual classroom automatically creates a 3D world, where users can record a video of their interaction in the 3D world. In the 3D Simulator project, users connect to the 3D world using the SecondLife client, but the server is not SecondLife but OpenSim. Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu7UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools APERTIUM An Open Source Translation Platform adapted to the UOC. Lluís Villarejo, lvillarejo@uoc.edu CONTENT SEARCH ENGINE A content search engine that indexes all the components gathered in UOC virtual classrooms. In addition, this project entails an evaluation in terms of usefulness, functionality and usability. Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu
    10. 10. CRISIS COMMITTE A simulator tool that monitors decision making and shows the global consequences derived from individual decisions. Jordi Casamajó, jcasamajo@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu8UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools E-TRANSFOLIAssessment tool based on competencies. It serves as a student virtual space where the state of the student learning process is reflected in terms of achieved competences and personal CVs. Muriel Garreta, murielgd@uoc.edu FACEBUOC A 5 week course through Facebook, evaluating the educational possibilities of open social learning platforms in the e-learning field. Results Eva Gil, egilrod@uoc.edu
    11. 11. LANGBLOG A tool for practicing orals skills of foreign languages, with posts and replies on audio and video. Demo Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu9UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools LEARNING TOOLS FOLLOW-UPThis tool provides tutors with an integrated environment to receive the students’ activities, grade them and provide individual and group feedback. Web, Demo virtual classrooms Muriel Garreta, murielgd@uoc.edu MY WAY Development and use of software that automatically generates different format files (pdf, html, Epub, Mobipocket, Daisy - audiobook - and karaoke - videobook -) for each of the materials available in a SVN repository. Demo videobook Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu
    12. 12. The RAC tool provides tutors with an integrated environment to receive the students’ activities, grade them and provide individual and group feedback. Demo Muriel Garreta, murielgd@uoc.edu OPENCAST MATTERHORN PROJECTS Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu10UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools RAC (Continuous Assessment Evaluation Tool) RUN TIME SCORMThe RunTime SCORM is a tracking tool for SCORM materials at the UOC, integrated into to the existing infrastructure of the UOC. Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Open source project working within the Opencast Community to develop an end-to-end, open source platform that supports the scheduling, capture, managing, encoding and delivery of educational audio and video content. Web Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu
    13. 13. TANDEM Tool that aims to develop technological and pedagogical mechanisms that allow students to interact online with native speakers of foreign languages in order to practice their oral communication skills. Jordi Casamajó, jcasamajo@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu11UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools TALAIAAn observatory devoted to the standardization of Catalan terminology. Web Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu UOC VIDEO PLAYER Platform to manage the needs to broadcast educational contents in video format. Pilot Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu UOC VIRTUAL NOTEBOOKS Application that aims to adapt the format of traditional exercise notebooks into electronic ones. Muriel Garreta, murielgd@uoc.edu
    14. 14. VIDEOBlog for FDP Tool for submitting Final Degree Projects (FDP) that allows uploading and visualizing video registrations directly from a web application using Flash. Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu12UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning tools WIKISpaces MANAGERThis tool consists of incorporating the online wiki application WikiSpaces (www.wikispaces.com) into the UOC Virtual Classrooms. Demo Muriel Garreta, murielgd@uoc.edu WIRIS A handy online scientific calculator service.Demo Jordi Casamajó, jcasamajo@uoc.edu
    15. 15. CAMPUS PROJECT STABLE VERSION The Campus Project Stable Version develops software components that contribute to the better interoperability between the UOC online learning environment and e- learning tools from different Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or sakai. Web, Video Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu13UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA Interoperable Open Source Projects FLUID ENGAGEInternational project that creates a service layer that provides a mesh for existing applications available to museums and cultural institutions. Web Eva de Lera, edelera@uoc.edu FREE TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY (FTA) An European educational initiative which aims to create an advanced virtual campus that offers online courses on free software by using open educational. Web resources. Josep Rivera, jrivera@uoc.edu
    16. 16. MOODLE CLASSROOMS This tool integrates Moodle classrooms into the UOC online learning environment. Francesc Santanach, fsantanach@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu14UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA Interoperable Open Source Projects SUMAThis project develops a set of services for the better interoperability between the LMS and e-learning tools. It contains a set of OKI service implementations and a portfolio of tools for e-learning. This project also explores the possibilities and feasibility of systems based on interoperability in the enterprise. Web Evaristo de Frutos, edefrutos@uoc.edu
    17. 17. E-Book USABILITY PILOTS Testing of the usability of eBooks contextualized for postgraduate courses. Eva Gil, egilrod@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu15UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA Portability-Based Projects edit@edit@ consists of automatically transforming digital contents into innovative formats like audio, daisy, e-book and mobile device formats. Web Eva Gil, egilrod@uoc.edu E-PAPER The e-Paper project entails to jointly develop with Orange a student-oriented prototype of an e-book suitable for studying in virtual universities. Magí Almirall, malmirall@uoc.edu MY WAY Go to Page 9
    18. 18. EDUWAI EduWai entails the development of learning environments accessible for disabled people. The role of the OLT in EDUWAI is to collect requirements from users with disabilities while they interact with virtual environments. Web, Video about OLT Lab of Accessibility Eva Gil, egilrod@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu16UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA Disabled-Access Projects FLUID ENGAGE Go to Page 12 MY WAY Go to Page 9
    19. 19. ENJOY GUIDELINES Set of guidelines to promote the design of virtual learning environments that are more satisfying, rewarding, motivating and exciting. Web Eva de Lera, edelera@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu17UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA Affective Computing TEN EMOTIONS HEURISTICSThe Ten Emotion Heuristics entails the creation of a guide to easily and effectively evaluate the emotional state of users from their facial and bodily reactions during their interaction with online applications and interfaces. Web Eva de Lera, edelera@uoc.edu
    20. 20. MYUOC HOMEPAGE The homepage of the new UOC online learning environment, named MyUOC, was designed to enhance personalization and flexibility. Based on iGoogle’s standards, it acts as a widget container. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to enhance the degree of personalization of MyUOC homepage. Demo Xavi Aracil, xaracil@uoc.edu; Eva Gil, egilrod@uoc.edu Office of Learning Technologies · learningtechnologies.uoc.edu18UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA E-Learning Personalization
    21. 21. learningtechnologies.uoc.edu