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Sport n' stuff.

Published in: Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Activities in FinlAnd By Aleksander Migacz.
  2. 2. ->ice Hockey ● Ice hockey its Finland national sport. There is a lot of hockey team there. Chlidren starts playing ice hockey very early. Almost every school have own hockey team. Its very enjoyable game. But its kind of hard to learn at first time.
  3. 3. ->Frisbee-GolF ● Frisbee-Golf is similar to regular golf but instead of golf club and ball you use frisbee. There is two kind of frisbee discs. One is for short distance, and other is for the long ones. You start in special point,and then you must get the frisbee to basket. In fewest number of throws as its possible.
  4. 4. ->SUMMER! ● Finnish people like spending warm days in summer cottages. Ussally they are near lakes. Cottages has own sauna, little kitchen and some space to sleep.
  5. 5. ->SAUNA ● Finnish people love sauna. Almost every house has one. Its very healthy and relaxing activity. There is even a sauna competition in Finland. Your goal is stay at sauna as long as you can.
  6. 6. ->ICE SKATING ● A lot of people in Finland are really good at ice skating. Almost in every bigger town you can find an ice skating rink.
  7. 7. ->„Palju”-Finnish jacuzzi● Perfect thing to do after sauna is „palju”. Is kind of small wooden bath. Warm in bath comes from stove.
  8. 8. ->sKi an snOWBOaRD ● North side of Finland is called Lapland. There are mountains with a lot of ski resort. They are very popular, and thats why many of Finns just love snow activities.
  9. 9. THEEND Thank you for watching! Kiitos!
  10. 10. THEEND Thank you for watching! Kiitos!