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Living The Theology Of The Body As A Woman


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Published in: Spiritual
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Living The Theology Of The Body As A Woman

  1. 1. Living the Theology of the Body as a Woman Immaculate Our Lady of Peace Family Conference Mrs. Ashley McGlone
  2. 2. Modesty of the Heart  “Modesty means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden …it encourages patience and moderation in loving relationships. Modesty is decency. Purity requires modesty.” ( CCC, 2521 )  Modesty in Dress  Modesty of the Eyes  Modesty in Speech  Modesty in Expressions  Modesty of the Actions  Modesty of Emotion 2 OLOP Family Conference
  3. 3. Authentic Femininity  Emotional Custody  Modesty  Chastity  Purity  Receptivity  Emotions  Feelings  Proper Order  The Will “Emotions, feelings, and sensual attraction constitute only the “raw material of love.” There exists a tendency to regard them as their finished form. These, “components”, if they are not held together by the correct gravitational pull, may add up not to love, but to its direct opposite.” ( LR, 146) 3 OLOP Family Conference
  4. 4. Receptivity  “Love, to be true, must cost. It must hurt. It must empty us of self.” (Bl. Mother Theresa of Calcutta)  “Only the value of the person can sustain a stable relationship. The other values of sexuality are wasted away by time and are exposed to the danger of disillusion. But this is not the case for the value of the person. When love develops and reaches the person, then it is forever.” (KW, 100) 4 OLOP Family Conference
  5. 5. Heart More Immaculate “The virtuous person tends towards the good with all his sensory and spiritual powers. Human virtues order our passions. Ten Virtues of Our Lady They make possible ease, self-mastery, Profound Humility and joy in leading a morally good life. The virtuous man is he who freely practices Lively Faith the good.” Blind Obedience (CCC 1803-1804) Continual Mental Prayer Mortification in All Things Surpassing Purity Ardent Charity Heroic Patience Divine Wisdom Angelic Sweetness 5 OLOP Family Conference
  6. 6. Living Authentic Femininity  Include:  Avoid:  Daily Mass  Emotional Impurity  Adoration  Immodesty of the Heart  The Rosary  Critical thoughts of spouse  Our Lady’s Virtues  “Critical” friendships  Frequent Confession  The lies of society  True Devotion: Montfort  Counterfeits of:  Theology of the Body for  Femininity & Masculinity Beginners  Love & Marriage  Intro to the Theology of the  Valuing: Body  Attributes  Love & Responsibility  Qualities  Characteristics  Over “the person”. 6 OLOP Family Conference
  7. 7. Our Lady, Queen of All Hearts Pray for us. Help us, we have confidence in thee. Amen. 7 OLOP Family Conference