Why Linkedin?


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  • professionals are well taken care at their current places of work and not at the point of wanting to jump companies.  Also, individuals seeking new jobs have realized that if their resume stacks up against a pile of hundred applicants, the most likely scenario is that the recruiter may not even read his/her resume. The odds of getting noticed are far more when you come in with a recommendation from someone the recruiter knows and trusts – like a professional they have already placed. When I hire individuals, if the person does not have a profile or have not heard of this networking site, my hiring decision is made!
  • Aface is harder to forget, but a common name can be forgotten (at least, in my case). Nowadays, you can lookup a person's profile on LinkedIN pictures and when you get an email if you have the toolbar installed for MS Outlook, you have access to the full profile, actively remembering exactly how you know the person.
  • If you have a goal of increasing your circle of influence, the first step is to expand your network and this is easy when you can search for a professional's profile and see what you have in common to build rapport.
  • Linkedin groups allow you follow groups that are relevant to your industry. They offer a discussion board for emerging topics, challenges, and discoveries/ best practice information.
  • Why Linkedin?

    1. 1. Why Linkedin?Amanda L. Walker, M.A.Recruiting CoordinatorUniversity of Mississippi Career Center
    2. 2. WHAT IS ?•LinkedIn is, by far, the number onesocial network geared strictly towardsbusiness professionals.•While it is a great place to network,meet people, and find jobs, it is alsoyour electronic resume.•Your LinkedIn profile can go a longway towards giving you an edge inyour job search.•On the same note, it can also kill it ifyou aren’t using it correctly.
    3. 3. TOP TEN REASONS TOUSE 1. Jobs and Hiring 2. Profile Look up (face is easier to remember than a name) 3. Build New Relationships 4. Give and Receive Recommendations 5. Linkedin Groups 6. Answers 7. Search for your connections for a connect 8. Strengthen old relationships 9. Quality of conversations 10. Chance to brand yourself
    4. 4. Jobs and Hiring Recruiters have realized that in the current market with a shortage of talent, you are not going find the best talent by advertising on job boards. Why?
    5. 5. Profile Look Up Have you ever forgot a person that you have met at a conference, a job fair, or at networking event?
    6. 6. Relationships- why build newones? When it comes to nurturing past relationships or building new ones, nothing is more powerful than reading a persons profile and seeing what you have in common to build rapport. Find out what you may have in common.
    7. 7. Recommendations Linkedin offers you a venue to ask professors, colleagues, and friends for recommendations on your past work history, work ethics, or educational work. Linkedin also allows you to give recommendations to those that request them from you.
    8. 8. Linkedin Groups Linkedin allows you to find like-minded people from across the spectrum that share your goals and interests. Why is this important?
    9. 9. Answers… I think this is absolutely one of the best features of Linkedin. ◦ Ask a question and you get some of the best answers from professionals in your network .
    10. 10. Search Redefined Should you network with people you don’t know or only with people you know? ◦ The larger your network, the easier to find someone in your network that can be beneficial to you.
    11. 11. Strengthen YourRelationships It is easy to forget people you have met once or twice, or more often for whatever reason. When such a person in your network moves jobs or gets a promotion, Linkedin sends you a non intrusive update. You can take advantage of this moment, to strengthen old relationships and drop them a note to say "Hi". It’s a great way to strengthen the relationships you already have without a lot
    12. 12. Quality of Conversations If you measure conversions and user time spent on your site, you can see that very few sites direct this quality traffic quality, not even Google. Why? One reason for this high quality is because people read your profile/answers and the ones who come to your site are pre-sold on you and interested in engaging your services/ideas.
    13. 13. Brand yourself! Quick Tips Add a nice, color head shot photo of yourself so people can put a face with your name. If you are in an open job search, use wording like, "Qualified TITLE seeking XX position” in the “Current” box.1. Copy your profile text into Microsoft Word so that the Word spell check can reveal typos that might have. Make necessary corrections on your profile.
    14. 14. Brand yourself! Quick Tips (cont) Seek more LinkedIn recommendations by writing recommendations about people you respect first. Add your resume and samples to your profile using the free Box.net application.
    15. 15. Join ! www.linkedin.com