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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

  3. 3. I Have learnt how to use blogger and with this I have learnt how to share onto blog sites and I have learnt how to embed documents. This is the first time that I have used a website like flickr and I learnt how you annotate pictures online and then share them on blogging websites. Another new website that I learned to use is surveymonkey and on this I learnt how to create a questionnaire how to add an ‘if other please specify’ box and how to analyse the results
  4. 4. Before I started my media course I have never used photoshop before and when we first done a play around on it to test our skills I didn’t know how to do anything and know I have learnt how to use all of the tools that is available which I will go into onto the next slide. Another new website that I haven’t used and in this and to do this I had to upload my word document into issuu and after I had uploaded it I have to sort out the size settings before I could embed this into blogger where I needed to copy the link into the html box in blogger.
  6. 6. The lasso tool – this is where you can select a certain piece of the work you are on and then can directly change that area without changing the rest of the product you are creating. I used this tool when I was editing the brightness on my photos when I didn’t want to effect the background of my product. This Is the magic wand tool and this is used for when you want to edit the background or other objects out of the image, you can do this by clicking on the part you want to remove then pressing deleted when the dotted outline showing you what you are getting rid of, I used this in all of my images on my product. This is the Gradient tool and you use would use this when you have a block of colour which you want to make more interesting so you drag the line and it changes one colour into another. I used this in my information bar at the bottom of my cover page.
  7. 7. This is the horizontal text tool and this is what you use when you need to apply a piece of text to your product, once selected you drag the box to the amount of text and shape you want your writing to go in then you choose your font and size of text. I used this tool for my cover lines because I could get the same size text for each box This is the eraser tool and this is used to get rid of any part of the current layer you are on which you don’t want anymore for example I would use this when I am editing my pictures and the magic wand tool couldn’t pick up everything so I would use this to clean everything up. This is the opacity tool and you can use this on certain items to blend them into the background more and so that they don’t stick out by standing out. I used to opacity tool on my cover line boxes so you could
  8. 8. Blogger Advantages. • Once you have been set up with labels on your profile and this means you can post individual blogs for certain labels and this makes it easy to locate when you/others are looking for it. • Another advantage is that it is a simple to work website where you set up then you click new post and then you send it and straight away onto your blog for everyone to see • Another advantage is that they have many templates or you can upload your own design for you profile meaning that everyone can have their own personalised profile Disadvantages. • One main disadvantage is that the templates they give you for you blog usually aren’t big enough so when you update you blog the most recent is hard to see as hidden behind the labels • Another disadvantage is when you are trying to embed from another website it doesn’t help you out and make it easy for you to do it and this meant that I had to google how to do it wasting time. • my last disadvantage is that that they aren't on many sites to share meaning it takes longer to update the blog.
  9. 9. Flickr Advantages. Disadvantage • The first advantage I found • The main disadvantage that I when using flickr is the ease notice when using flickr is of use because once you are that there is only one thing set up it is relatively simple you can do and that is to upload the picture that annotate but there aren't you want to evaluate and it is many other functions which just as easy to annotate with you can do and this makes it the easy to find drop boxes rather one dimensional and • Another advantage is that vulnerable to other website they are widely recognised that allows you to do more. amongst other website • Another disadvantage I have because when you are for flickr is how looking to share onto other website they have a large list in which you websites you can which is helpful
  10. 10. Photoshop Advantages Disadvantages • To me the main advantage of • The main disadvantages I photoshop is the sheer get from using photoshop amount of things you can to is the fact that if you have do a document for example all no previous experience the tools you can use, the with photoshop then you fonts and how you can directly will struggle with getting to change things which you don’t grips because all tools just like which other software have a name and they don’t allow you to do don’t explain how to use • Another advantage from them so you have to do photoshop is that when you trial and error and this have finished with your wastes a lot of time. product you can save all your • Another problem I found images into all different types with photoshop is that e.g. JPEG this makes it easy when you make a mistake when you want to upload to a you can only go one step website backwards so if you accidentally make a couple of mistakes you have to re do everything